Monday, February 18, 2013

We had *snow* much fun!

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but at 33 years old this is the FIRST time I've visited Winterlude!
(It's sort of a big deal around here)
With only 2 days left to hit it up, and being only a few minutes away visiting my aunt, it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about!

There were some amazing ice/snow sculptures, an ''extreme fun'' zone, live entertainment, slides & games for the kids, and of course... lots of food!!
No winter activity in the nation's capital would be complete without a beavertail!

...because everyone needs a photo with a giant beaver!
It was a great afternoon, the girls had so much fun and were definitely tuckered out!  My niece fell asleep just a few minutes almost as soon as we buckled her in!

I'm not a fan of winter, and not much for outdoor activities when it's so cold outside, but I really did enjoy myself and was glad to experience for the first time with Ruby!

As much fun as we had, I have to say... the best part was warming up to a little fire with my littlest niece!

Linking up with one of my favorite bloggers today!!

How was your weekend!?

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  1. That looks like SO much fun! I'm glad you got to experience it!

  2. I loved looking at these pictures! Especially the one in the huge chair!!! Oh and the giant beaver too. Just so you know, there is a huge Rodeo here in Clovis every year and I have never gone. And it's a big deal and every year I just don't go... So I get it, although it looks like you will be going to Winterlude again!

  3. That looks like so much fun, and your family is adorable!

  4. Ah looks like a lot of fun! You all look so cute in your winter gear!

  5. FUN! You all looks super cute in your winter gear, too!

    Glad you guys had a blast :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  6. Oh My! I would love to go to a place like that! Winter Wonderland....we will never get snow down here & I would love to show Jack one day the beauty of it :)

  7. It looks like it was a great time! And those snow sculptures are amazing.

  8. That looks like a great weekend! And your coat is so cute! I love that print!

  9. looks like fun- winter pictures are always so adorable.

  10. YOUR JACKET. Where's it from? I love!

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