Wednesday, February 13, 2013

''O'' is for Owl

Owl Sweater: Kensie // Blouse: Zellers // Pants: Point Zero // Boots: Zulily

Since there are MANY new faces around here, I thought it would be fun to do an ABCs of Me post... since I've been seeing it everywhere on the blogosphere lately & I think it's a super fun way to get to know someone better!!

Age: 33 years young
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: Doing dishes! And putting away laundry... it never ends!
Drink of choice: Tea
Essential start to your day item: My phone... it has my alarm on it!  ;)
Favorite color: Yellow
Gold or silver: Both
Height: 5'7''
Instrument(s) you play:  Ha!

Job: I work at an insurance company
Kids: Memphis, 7 years old & Ruby, 5 years old
Living arrangements: We (my hubby, the kids & I) rent a 3-bedroom townhouse...
Mom's name: Colleen
Nicknames: Lena B
Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  Kidney stone a few years back... ouch!
Pet Peeve:  Cupboard doors left open
Quote from a movie: ''Nobody puts baby in the corner.'' Classic. Swayze. Swoon...

Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: Younger brother & sister
Time you wake up: Usually around 6:00 a.m.
Underwear: Always
Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts
What makes you run late: My kids
Xrays you've had: Well, they thought they forgot a piece of the epidural needle in my back... so yeah, that was fun.
Yummy food you make: Meatloaf
and later this week, Casual Friday

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  1. I am a first time follower and I am also jealous of that owl sweater. You cant tell on blog how much i love owls but you can on facebook if you're a member. :D i love owls so much but i've yet to have any owl clothing other than a scarf and socks and to me neither of those get noticed b/c it hasnt been cold enough for the scarf and who walks around with just socks on.

    i'm guessing you have a love for owls like I'd do. i'd love for you to me in all places that you can. i've yet to figure out how to link all that. but i have blog of course, facebook, google +, twitter, pinterest and i think that's all.
    but if you're a member to any of those let me know and i'll add you.

  2. Gorgeous jumper!
    I love your boots too :)
    Sarah xx

  3. Dishes? I think a lot of people don't like that chore at all, but my least favorite has always been vacuuming.

  4. I am happily one of those new faces, from the hop!! I am totally loving those elbow patches...yum! And I might just have to steal this ABC game...who can resist?

    noel @ high heeled mama

  5. love the owl and the boots! you rock that :)

  6. The owl sweater is so cute and I love the elbow patch detail! I was hospitalized for kidney stones in August...worst pain ever!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew giveaway!

  7. Love the outfit! And cupboard doors left open drive me nuts, too! I played along on my blog, can never pass up a good chance to talk about myself :O)

  8. Wow - where do I start with my love for this ensemble? The owl, the sweet shoes? The elbow patches? Or the awesome layered shirt under the owl? How about your amazing hair?!

    Well done.:)

  9. LOVE the shirt!!

    I think laundry is the bane of every mom's existence!

  10. love the ABCs and the owl top is super :-) thanks for being part of wardrobe wednesday

  11. Cute A-Z, such a nice quick way to gte to know you :) I love that you match the wall, and I'm distracted by your instruments in the background ;) I'm a new follower from WIWW, thought I've seen you around the traps :)
    Kitty & Buck

  12. I love your sweater! And I really like the yellow with all black. :)

    -Mary @ Style That Moves

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