Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fave Five Posts :: January Recap ::

I think I'll make a habit this year of doing a quick monthly recap... it's a great way to revisit what I did the month before & a great way for my ''newer'' readers to catch up on what's been going on around here!

 At the beginning of the month I opened up a bit more about my husband's battle with depression.

I got a new purse & decided to document what was in it! Who doesn't love getting a peek into someone else's bag... It should be noted there is even MORE junk in it now, nearly a month later!

I wore fake glasses for the first time & my favorite dress in an outfit post.

My 5 year old raised $125 in a campaign geared at researching & helping polar bears.

I wondered if it was okay to shave my head & dress like this at 33.  Then I realized it's me!

Honorable mentions for the Ask Me Anything - Answered! post, and both of my book reviews (Gone Girl & Alice in Zombieland).  Two more goals for the blog this year are to be honest and 100% real and to read more & bring that love of reading to the blog too!!

What was  your favorite post of mine or of yours last month?  Leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out!

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  1. I really liked 'What's My Age Again?' it made me smile. And how great of your daughter to raise that money for polar bears, such a kind hearted little beauty.

    Janine xx
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  2. I have been thinking about wearing fake glasses (I think I actually look decent in glasses) and that yellow dress is beautiful! Thanks for following followed back!

    Summer x

  3. Hey Lena! Thanks for stopping by Gypsy in Jasper today. I'm always stoked to find other Canadian bloggers.

    And, what a fun post to start my Lena B journey on. Now I'm up to date for February!

    (P.S. Your daughter is awesome. What a cool Polar Bear project!)

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