Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's In My Bag!?

I LOVE changing purses (I have a tons of them!) and it's pretty much the only time I sort through all the junk that accumulates in there...
Is it just me or does your purse become a black hole too!?

I grabbed this beauty for $7 the other day & thought it would be fun to document what's in there now.. If I'm brave enough I'll post a follow-up in few weeks! ;)

I've had this purple Roots wallet for years.  I love it!
Of course, I have an extra pair of mittens for those really cold days when it takes the car a bit longer to warm up.  Shoes, because... why wouldn't I have a pair of shoes in my purse?  Seriously, I usually keep these ones at work and change into them there (winter boot season is in full force!), but I brought them home over the holidays and didn't bother to take them out... 

My sister got the the coolest travel mug for Christmas! Looks like a Canon lens!
 I keep my Kobo with me always (currently reading Gone Girl).
A travel-sized sewing kit & a zippered travel pouch (via that contains pretty much every tube of lipstick & lipgloss that I own.  I usually apply lipstick/lipgloss in the morning, then bring it with me to work fully intended on reapplying during the day... never do.
p.s. ELF lipgloss rocks!

I also have a few pairs of earrings, a note from the kids' last checkup with their growth measurements, etc (their appointment was last October... oops).

And of course... my phone. I have it with me always.

What's in your bag!?

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  1. Love that you carry an extra pair of shoes in your bag!


  2. What a cute, cute, cute idea!!! I think I'd looove to use this post idea. That ok with you??

    Girl.. I was looking and looking at that coffee mug...with no idea that it was a mug. Haha!!

  3. I love your bag. My "bag" doesnt exist anymore its Amelia's hahaha! I do like to use it as a camera bag too though. I'm currently in the middle of editing a bag post too!


  4. I switched bags after Christmas too. My parents got me a freitag bag which I may or may not have been subtle in my hints about.

    I was cleaning out my purse and found a small empty bottle of booze (think mini bar size), 5 different kinds of chap stick and 3 pencil. Just silliness.

  5. That mug is the coolest ever...where did your sister get it? I am jealous over how tidy your purse is...confession as to what's usually at the bottom of mine-dirty kleenex...eek!!!

  6. I'm just blown away when I see everyone with such fun and amazing things in their bags! I usually have, my keys, wallet, and a whole bunch of receipts and change that fall in.

  7. Super fun post!!! :) Never seen anybody carrying shoes in their purse! ;) I'm scared to look in mine right now... for sure it's full of hundreds of receipts, maybe one or two sticky unfinished lolli-pops and my son's little toys....

  8. I'm in love with your purse! Where'd you get it?

    And I just laughed about the extra shoes!!! HAHA! it's genius really though

  9. Someday, when I don't have to carry a toddler and her juice and her "lovey", I will carry a purse again. I miss carrying a purse. I miss being cool.

    I love this purse by the way. :)

  10. I have a stockpile of purses just waiting to be used! Instead of switching back and forth, I usually just use one to death and then start on a new one. I love your $7 find!

  11. Cute bag.. and seriously, a gal can never carry around too much lip gloss!

  12. I just finished reading Gone Girl!!! Crazy intense! ;) I am in love with that travel mug! A lens mug?!?! How cool is that!!!

  13. Thanks for the super fun idea!!
    As requested, here's the link to my "What's in My Bag" post:

  14. I love being a voyeur and seeing what other people keep in their bags! :)
    Keeping a pair of flats in your purse is a great idea! I always go out in heels and end up in pain– flats would have saved my poor feet!

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