Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday10 :: the end ::

 I can't believe this is my LAST Tuesday10... well, not forever, I'll definitely be linking up with the new host in the future... but this is the last Tuesday10 hosted here.  It's bittersweet!

I am excited to announce the new host of Tuesday10 is....
***drumroll please***

My Life As Mindy
So head on over there NOW and bookmark her page so you won't miss out on any upcoming Tuesday10 fun!
Mindy has been linking up for awhile and I had a feeling she would jump at the chance to take it over! She's super cool, to boot, I have no doubt she'll be a great hostess!!

Now, back to this week's theme!
I am so excited to welcome Cody of Solemn Sound here today as my final co-host!

 She suggested this week's theme in honor of National Handwriting Day: 
10 Things You Still Handwrite
{reminder: the theme isn't a MUST, just a prompt!} 

 I definitely struggled with this list!
It's so sad that birthday wishes are posted on Facebook walls and big news is shared via text message nowadays.
I remember writing love notes to my husband when we started dating... and secretly passing notes & letters to friends in schools.  I used to keep a diary... I have 4 of 5 of them packed with handwritten stories of my youth.  'sigh'
The times have definitely changed!

I'm excited to see everyone's list.  I wonder if there are many people who still take the time to write letters to friends & family anymore!

Grab a button & link up!

{you don't have to follow the "theme" to link up, it's just a prompt!
Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}

The Rules
Tuesday10 is pretty laid back when it comes to linky. The only rule is to link up a list... of 10 things. Whether you use the prompt or not! It would also be awesome if you visited my co-host & left her a little love!


Thank you for being a HUGE part in this little linky! I've had so much fun!
Be sure to check out Mindy's blog next Tuesday!!

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  1. Thanks for having hosted Tuesday10! I've really enjoyed linking up!

    I still try to write things out by hand as much as possible.

  2. It's the end of an era ::sniff:: - Thanks for hosting, I'm so glad I stumbled across this fun linkup! This week's theme was VERY hard to write - so sad how hard it was to come up with things I still write by hand!

  3. We have some similar items on our lists. Though I forgot about appointments on the calendar - though it's the same calendar I use for my blog planner, and I did have that on my list, so...

    Farewell Lena's Tuesday 10! It's been fun. :)

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