Monday, January 14, 2013

January Sponsor Giveaway

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?

Mine was great... we upgraded from a 27'' clunker TV to a 35'' clunker TV... go us!  We've almost joined this decade!  ;)
I spent Saturday in my pajamas and started a new book.
I noticed someone pinned a pic of me to their ''hairstyles'' board on Pinterest and it totally made my day!  I'm very easily flattered... 
All in all, I really can't complain, I haven't had a quiet weekend like that in ages! I'll take it!

Without further ado, welcome to this month's sponsor giveaway!
I am blessed to have some really remarkable bloggers, shop owners & women on my sidebar... what a way to start off the new year!
They are talented, inspiring, witty, gorgeous... and very generous!

A few of them are here today & are offering ONE of you the chance to win it all!

I'm not going to lie... I get a little jealous when I put these giveaways together because I'd LOVE to WIN it myself!

ModaMama  Blog  Facebook

Whispering Sweet Nothings  Blog  Twitter

Live.Laugh.L0ve  Blog  Bloglovin

Royal Daughter Designs  Instagram  Pinterest

Zombie Supply Company  Facebook  Blog

Not too shabby, eh?
Giveaway is open to everyone!
Entries are monitored... if you have any problems with the rafflecopter, let me know!
Good luck!!

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  1. I have commented on the Zombie Supply Company Facebook page - Kirsty Fox

  2. I am following @heatherrockstew and have commented on her twitter page - @bloomingfox

  3. If only one of the mandatory entries wasn't an instagram follow. I'm still stuck in the 20th century with my phone, or I could be on the instagram bandwagon, too. Unfortunately, I'm still unsmart when it comes to phones. :(

  4. I went and saw Shane, and she had a great post about beauty!

  5. Sorry I am also with Amy and I am sure many others! I am not able to follow with Instagram. I would love to follow Royal Daughter on Instagram and thereby be able to get the other entries done, but am not able to. Is there anyway you can help us out? Thanks

  6. Of course I LOVE Amanda... and I've commented on tons of her posts.
    Loving her ROOTED post... you can see my comment here:

  7. I'm following Rock Stew now! Her blog name drew me in... her barf bag list hooked me. Ha!!

  8. I'm following The Tactical Hippie now.

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