Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Don't Play The Ukulele

this shot was almost too lame NOT to share!

I can't play the ukulele... but I can use one as a prop in a fashion post like nobody's business!

This particular ukulele was gifted to my husband from his boss... it's a vintage Silvertone, circa the early 50's.  It's pretty special.  Even if I can't play it.

As I mentioned last week, I'm thinking of hosting a weekly (or bi-weekly) linkup that will revolve around ''celebrating our size.''  So far, what I'm thinking... is that we link up any fashion-related post, and share our sizes, share what works best on our sizes and where we can shop for the clothes that fit our bodies best... whether you're a size 2 or 22... it will be a fun place for women to celebrate the bodies they were given!   Sound fun?  Still working on the kinks, so keep your eyes peeled!!

I threw this outfit together in a bit of a mad dash, but I like it!
The lace top is Joe Fresh (clearance, $5) and is an XL.
The bright pink corduroy skirt & polka dot tights are both from Old Navy, size L.
The shoes are my favorite black pumps, Steve Madden.
I managed to find some cute pink studs that matched, but looking back at these photos, I wish I would have had time to grab a ring or a cute necklace too!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Be sure to come back tomorrow, I'm going to be answering YOUR questions!
Don't forget to check out ModaMama... I'm giving away a large ad space! 

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  1. Love the tights, you look marvellous :) x

  2. The tights are my favorite part, for sure! And the ukelele is definitely a fun prop, who cares if you can't actually play it?

  3. What a fun look! I love the pink and the surprise of the black under the lace!

    I think your link up idea is wonderful!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Do the link up! And p.s. that lacy top suits you. So girlie and classy. Happy Wednesday!

  5. I love your tights---and I saw this link and thought you played the ukulele! Tricked! :)

    I love the linkup idea--do you need help promoting? I love this idea, what can I help with?

  6. You are so precious!! I love that lace top! And your color combo with the pink and navy rocks. You're just amazing! :)

  7. Gorgeous! I love lace and paired with the hot pink it is just so fabulous!

  8. Link-ups are a great idea! It's a fun way to see other people's blogs. That's how I found you! ;)

    I love that lace top and I can't believe you got it for so cheap! Great deals!!

    xo - Sheila

  9. this outfit is so pretty! I love the lacey looking top with the pink skirt! The polka dot tights are a perfect way to finish it off!

    This is such a fun blog, I'm happy to have found it! Excited to follow along!

  10. LOL ~ you rock that girl! The polka dot tights are money in the bank!
    Too cute...


  11. haha.. what a pretty 'poser' you make tho! LOVE that lace top... but, I'm predictable like that! ;o)

    needle and nest design

  12. Such a colorful and lovely outfit!

    I think your linkup idea is really wonderful as well!

  13. I love your lace top!! They're so dainty ♥ I also love your skirt! Such a stunning shade of pink :)

  14. of course, you look adorable.. and that sounds like a super fun link up. to be honest sometimes i feel paranoid about my size. mainly because whenever i gain weight and mention it, everyone rolls their eyes at me and basically looks down at me because i dared to mention it. but im petite and i can't really help that. lol. and im like any other girl who has self image issues now and then.. this is something I have never written about, but i think i might one day, because it relates to a lot. looking forward to hearing more on this. =) i miss you. i haven't been blog hopping nearly as much as I should. =)

  15. Let me know if you are every looking for a co-host for this. ;)

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