Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Got Fashion?

On of my goals for 2013 was to bring more fashion to the blog.
Seeing as there are a million & one fashion linkups on Wednesdays this should be easy.
But I forgot to take a photo.
Scratch that.
I actually made a point of putting together a few cute outfits over the past few days with every intention of taking a picture... I just didn't have the TIME to take a photo.


So, no fashion post today.

Instead you get a whiny post by me.
Whining about there not being enough time in the day to take a photo (or two) of myself. 

Just kidding!

Of course, it would have been fun to put together a WIWW post... but instead, I spent time with my kids, got a few things done around the house AND edited a family photo session I shot on the weekend! 

What I did have the chance to do ''fashion-wise'' was put it out there that I was toying with the idea of a ''celebrate your size'' linkup OR series.  I'm technically considered plus-size... and although I want to get in better shape & lose a few pounds, I still think it's important to love the body I have.

Dress via ModCloth, size Large
Whether you're a size 2, or a size 18... I'd like to create some sort of space in the blogosphere where we can link up our tips & tricks on styling & dressing our very different shapes.  There are TONS of looks on Pinterest I want to re-create... but I can't because it just wouldn't work with my body shape.  So I tweak it a little to fit me.  We could share where we shop for clothing &which brands work best for us.

What do you think?  My thoughts are still a little all over the place, so bear with me! It's a work in progress... but I'd love a little feedback!

 Also, don't forget that I have 2 lovely giveaways happening right now!  The handmade dress giveaway ends tonight & you still have a few days to win a lovely ear warmer!!

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  1. You are always looking fabulous and I'm with you! I'm making my health a priority this year because its time but regardless I will never be dressing my body with a size 2. we need more inspiration for all sizes and I think this is a great idea

  2. I think your series sounds like a great idea. May I suggest something? How about running it on a Friday?? Fashion Friday is big all around the web and you and the people writing specific articles linking to you would both benefit from some extra traffic and hype.

    Just an idea. Please feel free to ignore me. No hard feeling if you do.

    I always admire your style. You wear the cutest dresses!


  3. That dress is too cute! Great cut and style and looks amazing on you! I love the idea for a weekly fashion talk. :O) I'm game!

  4. I love this idea! The thought of YOU being considered plus size is just asinine to me. Goes to show how very skewed the worlds idea of perfection is. I've never felt comfortable posting WIWW posts, because I'm not skinny like 99.9% of the people who link up. Your idea makes me happy and I'd be completely comfortable posting knowing that you've got us big girls in mind too! xoxo

  5. Hey there! I know how it is when you have a cute outfit but no time to take a picture - doesn't help that our sun goes away at 5.. booo. Also, love the idea of sharing tips on dressing for different sizes. I consider myself a "curvy" girl so it takes some effort and strategizing when shopping/dressing myself.

  6. Great Idea Lena, I am clueless about fashion. I can't even manage to shop for myself ... for some reason I'm unable to see what would be good on me. However, I can look at someone else and know exactly what would suit them. I guess the image that I have of myself is all wrong.

  7. I agree it's important to be happy with the size you are. The grass is always greener. I'm envious of the, shall we say, lady lumps that women such as you have 'cause I'm still waiting for puberty to hit.

    It's bound to happen eventually right?




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