Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fake Frames & Yellow Jell-O

Curry Me Away Dress via ModCloth // Shoes via Lulu's // Hipster Frames via Claire's

 "Hey kids... what rhymes with yellow?"
Memphis: "Fellow!!"
Ruby: "JELL-O! Yummmmm...."

That kid is always thinking about food!!  I swear!  Especially of the sweet variety!
Anyone else feel like their kids might eat them out of house & home soon!?

As soon as we get in the door after work/school/daycare, it's
"Can we have a before supper snack?"
Then after supper, they want an after supper snack, a before bath snack & an after bath snack!  Of course!  'sigh'

We've been keeping lots of fruits & veggies ready to go, and that usually satisfies them...
for a while.

I hate saying no, but there comes a point when enough is enough.  I want to make sure they grow up with healthy eating habits, so the plan is to allow them dessert after supper (which is usually apple slices or something like that since I can't don't bake) and then 1 little snack before bed.  I'm considering getting a lock for the fridge too... it isn't going to be easy!

What is your "snack" plan?  Whether you have kids or not, I'm interested to find out who snacks after supper, how often & what do you snack on?  Healthy tips welcomed!!

Oh, and yeah... those frames are totally fake?  Did I pull them off!?
true story: I've wanted glasses since I was a little girl, but have been blessed with pretty rockin' eyesight... is it okay to fake it? 

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  1. Your dress is adorable! I'm a big snacker, too, and I have been since childhood. I just get hungry between meals! My go-to snack is popcorn from my air popper. I'm pretty sure it couldn't be that all depends on whether I put butter and salt on it or not and how much I use!

  2. It is totally ok to fake it! I do it all the time with my $10 nonprescription glasses. Speaking of which, I think I'll wear them today! Haha, Happy Wednesday!

  3. I am glad that my kid is not the only one who is constantly asking for snacks...she could seriously eat snacks all day long. She will have had a snack at daycare, finishing when I pick her up, we get home (5 mins away) and shes like can i have a we're eating, then after supper, she has dessert then 20 mins later, its time for a snack!

  4. you are adorable! loving the whole outfit! xo annalizbeth

  5. First off, I have always been the someone who liked glasses too! Faked them a lot in high school. And my sister was always annoyed of me because she HAD to wear glasses and hated it! LOL

    I still do the fake thing every now and then. :)

    Second, my kids only get a snack ONE time during the day. And that is around 3:30 (once the older kids are home from school). Its a "tide you over till dinner" snack! LOL I am pretty strict on this, but just because I come from a family who is all overweight. I know what bad habit snacking can do.

    Every once in a while I allow my kids a sweet dessert after dinner (like ice cream or pie if we happen to have it) but its not very often (love your idea of fruit for dessert!). Other than that they are not allowed to eat after dinner. Late night snacking, Ive always read, is unhealthy. And the worst time to eat... (totally not judging you!) Just because we are usually not active in the evening, so you dont/cant burn off the extra calories that you consume.

    Of course the fact that your snacks are healthy fruits or veggies could be a different story. Either way I totally know what you mean... My kids (my youngest mostly) is always asking to snack! Drives me crazy, cause I know he cant really be hungry, he just wants to eat. (graham crackers is his choice lately!) But as I said I'm strict about it, and just tell him no he can wait till lunch... I know all too well the power "not hungry but just want to eat" can have over a person! My weight loss journey has really shown that to me. lol

  6. My kids are the same way!! They'll even come downstairs after they're sent to bed asking if they can have a snack when they wake up. I just sit there starring at them in disbelief at this point but I say, "yes, silly. That's breakfast! Now go to sleep"
    ha. Kids are silly.

  7. as a Kid I always ate an after school snack...which was usually something unhealthy (my parents weren't home yet so I could eat what I wanted lol) and then supper and a bowl of cereal before bed....I still do the cereal thing....

  8. My daughter is the same way.

    I brought it up with her Pediatrician and he said she probably is just extremely hungry since she's going through a growth spurt and is thin.

    So I let her snack pretty much whenever. She does better eating many small meals through the day like an Apple, some peanut butter crackers and a glass of milk, than 3 large meals.

    I'm the same way. I hate huge meals. I will have a small snack in the morning and usually a salad with no dressing and some chicken for dinner.

    and that usually fills me up. So I'll make sure to have a few more snacks like a handful of almonds, or a pear and some cheese. Throughout the day.

    We're not huge on sweets. So we will snack on nuts and fruit and cheese or yogurt.

  9. Cole is not a big snacker yet and I'm hoping it stays this way. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and have always been a snacker, until recently. I have stopped snacking entirely between meals and I no longer have anything to eat after 7 p.m. If I feel the need to have something sweet I have a piece of dark chili chocolate (mmmmmm) and a cup of tea or a big glass of water. It's such a hard habit to I want chocolate...frig.

    I love those glasses on you! Unfortunately I have terrible eye sight and have had to wear glasses/contacts since grade 5. Boo! :(

    Hope your day is great!

  10. hello Lena! The fake glasses are cute but I wouldn't wear them. I have to wear correction, so I just fling them off when a pic is about to snap and hey the sony can't tell the difference. My husband's grandmother used to say, "ya can't fool a Kodak". Well, where are the Kodak's now?

  11. I love the color and the collar on that dress! :)

    I'm not usually a huge snacker, unless the boy is late getting home from work and I'm waiting on him to do dinner. Then I'll grab chips or crackers or yogurt.

    The puppy will take snacks and treats anytime, anywhere. She'd eat herself sick.

  12. You look super. Love the dress. I wear real glasses, hate them at times, ha! Kids are funny. Mine would eat all the time too :) xx

  13. Love love love your dress! Thanks so much for sharing this at my link party :)

    I am a terrible snacker. It's definitely my weakness.

    Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings

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