Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cassie has some BIG NEWS!!!

I am so excited to have Cassie back on the blog!
For those of you who aren't aware... besides being a talented blogger & mama, Cassie offers her services as a virtual assistant... and she helped me out for a few months & I cannot recommend her enough!

She is beyond capable & extremely trustworthy.  I love her to pieces!!

I am honored that she chose this space to let you guys all on a little secret!
Cassie has some terribly exciting news to share... I'll let her take it away now...


Hey ladies! I’m Cassie and I blog over at Live.Laugh.L0ve. I have always been horrible at introducing myself in a post – so if you wanna know more about me go ahead and pop on over and start reading my bloggy blog. :)

I first want to thank Lena for letting me take over her beautiful space here on the interwebs & thank you all for reading this little guest post today. Guest posts can be awkward so I’m just going to jump right on into it then.

Can you keep a secret? ;) Well, I apparently can’t so, because Lena and I share a very, very common interest and I’m almost 100 percent positive you people love one of herinterest. I am going to spill my secret today! {Are you in suspense yet?} You see I have this passion when it comes to photography. I have always had it and I’m pretty sure I got it from my dad who is also very passionate about photography.

Let’s put it this way, I learned how to properly use the camera on my PHONE so I could take pretty pictures because I didn't have a real camera. Well…..

That all changed on Christmas Eve when I received a camera as one of my presents! Imagine my giddiness when I ripped open the paper and this box holding the camera below, was staring back at me. I was literally fighting back tears. Ever sense I received it {best Christmas present ever by the way} I have been learning every setting I could. Researching photography and how to use photoshop cs6.

All because.. really if you haven’t figured it out by now.. I’m going to turn my passion into a dream of mine. A photography business is starting. I haven’t opened up a website yet and I’m not rushing that. Right now I’m snapping away pictures for family and enjoying every moment of it. When I am ready the business will launch. Up until now even though I mentioned starting a business, no one on the Internet knew what it was.

Well.. SURPRISE!! Secret is out now and I couldn't be more thrilled then to share it on my sweet friend Lena’s blog, who has the same love for photography as I do and to share it with all of you!

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  1. So very exciting! CONGRATS Cassie on your new adventure!!!! I'm sure you will rock it! Love ya both! XOXOXO

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  3. That anon should shut up and let people enjoy being creative. There is nothing wrong with creativity. You go Cass!

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