Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Jacket: Roxy // Boots: Sorel
First of all, if you're looking for Tuesday10, I won't be hosting it anymore...
check out Life As Mindy from now on!!  She totally rocks!

So, yeah... the weather has been crazy cold lately!
Minus 40 with the windchill last week!  It's made for some really long days.  The kids can't go out, and being cooped up inside all day leads to a very wild evening... 
We all go a little stir crazy!

The weather has warmed up since... but I'm still TOTALLY over it! Bring on, Spring! Puh-lease!!
I'm tired of big bulky jackets and clunky boots.

I miss the days when I just need to grab my purse, slip on a cute pair of shoes & away we go!

I'll probably regret asking this... but how is the weather where you are?

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  1. Today it was -51 out. But we are warm the rest of the week. High of -8 tomorrow.


  2. 50s-70s in Texas. But seriously we've had a cold winter up until a week ago. (you know for us) which means like 20s and 30s. Pretty sure I hated every second of it. I don't even know how to fathom -40???

  3. Come to Brazil! It's summer right now. :)

  4. I love your new haircut! I'm trying to grow mine so I can do something with it.... so hard

    Hope the weather is getting better. It's gotten so warm here (10 - 12 / 50 - 52) it's strange ... but with the warmth came the rain and I would prefer the cold to the never ending rain.

  5. The weather hasn't been too cold here in Virginia. It's about 40 degrees out which isn't too bad. Love the haircut.


  6. Our weather in WI is all over the place. today is is raining and in the 50s. last week it was -27 windchill. I love those wintery pics by the way. your jacket rocks.

  7. GIIIIIRRRLLLL!!! WOW I am LOVING the new do! You rock it so amazingly!! I dont think i would be brave enough to cut my hair that short (currently trying to grow it longer! haha) But wow, I love it. You look great! Very rocker-ish! ♥


  8. It's even been cold here in Arizona, so don't feel too bad! I'm ready for it to warm up too!
    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  9. You are totally rocking your hair ... Love it!


  10. Great photos and ensemble, Lena. I love the contract of your orange tones against the blue toned snow. Very well done.

  11. First of all,LOVE your blog!Hate to tell you but in NZ right now we're having 29 degree weather! (celsiuis,no idea in farenheit).Its hot enough to get the pool out lol.Love your outfit by the way :)

  12. Well, it's been around 57 degrees fahrenheit (or 14 Celsius) here in Athens, Greece. Not too cold and no snow (Thank God!)! But there's still a lot of winter ahaed of us!

  13. I am so tired of coats and snow boots, too! Definitely ready for dresses and ballet flats and not shivering all the time!

  14. Oh man! That's cold. I can't remember the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit but I know that's COLD!!

    You look adorable though :)

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