Monday, December 31, 2012

Dressember 2012 :: Final Recap ::

A month of dresses! 
I can't believe I made it!  With no repeats, nonetheless!

Here is a quick recap of Week 4:

and then yesterday...

and today!

These are just a few that didn't make the cut this year!

With it being Christmas holidays & all, Ruby fell off the wagon just a wee bit.
Most outfits consisted of pajamas or "play" clothes this past week... but she did manage to put on a dress almost every day this month!! She LOVED it!

You can recap the rest of the month here:


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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Style... NYE

So... If I were going out to a rockin' NYE bash (which I'm not) and I could wear anything I wanted... THIS would be it!

Really? What says BRING IT ON, 2013 better than a cute glitter dress, feathery high heals, simple yet edgy accessories and an Alexander McQueen clutch that costs more than my car did!?

Instead I'll probably hanging out in something like this...

Night In

Actually, that last outfit looks pretty appealing nowadays. Ha!
I think I'll pull out 200 Cigarettes and watch that.
How will you be ringing in the new year?

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

7 Things Challenge 2013

 In 2013, I want to

LEARN HOW to knit
START exercising
STOP using auto settings on my camera
FIND the perfect shade of red lipstick
TRY to make homemade beans
BE MORE creative

take the 7 Things Challenge here & link up your 7 Things below!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

I Hate Cheese, But I Love Awards

So, I'm notoriously bad at reciprocating or even mentioning when other fabulous bloggers nominate me for fun blogger awards such as this.
Awards of all kinds are bouncing around the blogosphere & I've been blessed to receive a few... but I never seem to have a chance to blog about them.

I thought this one was super cool, and I was very honored to receive it from the lovely (as in GORGEOUS & super sweet!!) Maria of Agape Love Designs & Photography, so I'm playing along!  Thanks, Maria!!!

The Rules of the Award are:

1. Thanks the person who nominated you
2. Present this award to 7 other bloggers
3. Post 7 random facts about yourself

The 7 bloggers I'm nominating for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

1. Brooke of Positively Messy
3. Cassie of Live.Laugh.L0ve
4. Sandra of Lara's Vintage
5. Mary of Trusty Chucks
7. Megan of AbsoluteMommy

7 Random Facts About Me:

1. I prefer to watch TV/movies with the subtitles turned on
2. I eat toast for breakfast
3. I don't like cheese. At all.
4. My feet grew a whole shoe size after having my kids (I'm now a 9)
5. I had a nail biting habit my entire life... I quit just a few weeks before my wedding.
6. I waited until I was 32 to get my nose pierced.
7. Chewing gum helps me fall asleep

 BONUS random fact about me... I've posted pics of me in this dress in that last 3 posts... because I'm OBSESSED with it...

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Clean Up Good, Eh?

Another Christmas has come and gone... and 2012 was a fabulous one!
The kids are at such an awesome age... they're old enough to appreciate it, and still young enough to believe in the magic of it all!

Although they didn't get everything that was on their lists, they were thrilled with what they did get.  They didn't turn their nose up to a single gift... they truly LOVED everything... from the $1-store stuff to their "big" gift!
(Memphis got an android tablet & Ruby got a dollhouse!)

Christmas gives me an excuse to dress them up a bit and snap a few pics too... I even got in front of the camera and got a couple nice family shots as well...

Of course, the day didn't start with them looking quite so put together!

Our day actually started just before 7am... which is better than I thought!  The kids were so excited the night before, and they're both early risers, I thought for sure we'd be woken by 5am... 
so, thanks for that, kids!

I was totally awake at 5:30 and almost woke them up!

The rest of the day was spent with family.  More food, presents and good times!!
I hope everyone enjoyed some beautiful time with their families as well!

My dress: ModCloth
Memphis' sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Ruby's dress: Penelope Mack  Ruby's pajamas: Hatley


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wear :: Christmas Day ::

Dress: Too Much Fun Dress in Airplanes by Emily and Fin via ModCloth
Tights: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Old Navy

I've been anxious to wear this dress FOREVER!  I ordered it once, in the wrong size... but ordered it again and early this week.  PERFECT for Christmas day! 

linking up here & here

True Story:
Santa brought Memphis a teeny airplane model, super cheap... but Memphis and Daddy spent over an hour Christmas morning putting it together... TOGETHER.  They wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect.  I love seeing them do stuff like that!  Melt my heart!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

All They Want For Christmas...

This year Ruby asked for a new dollhouse, a stroller for her babies, a new Barbie movie and just yesterday mentioned she wants a relaxing table to get massages on. Ha!

Memphis would like a bear hunting set (totally random, and I'm not even sure what it means), video games, an mp3 player and a laptop.  Yeah, he's 7.  Is that normal to think he's actually going to get his own laptop!?

They are both very excited for tonight!  Ruby made reindeer food & donuts for the elves at daycare, so we'll be setting those out along with the traditional milk & cookies for Santa.  I can't wait to see their little faces in the morning!!

I can't guarantee Santa is bringing them everything on their list... but I'm sure they'll be tickled on Christmas morning!

Happy holidays from our family to yours!
Be safe & enjoy this most special time of year!

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AND I've hidden a code somewhere on the blog for a FREE 200x200 ad space! First person to find it & claim it, wins!!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is a new hair dryer on your wishlist?

I'm really not one to spend a lot of money, or even thought, on a new hair dryer.
I buy a cheap one, use it until it dies or becomes a fire hazard... then go out and by the next cheapest one.

When the kind folks at offered to send me their Hana Hair Dryer to review, I jumped at the opportunity since the one I was currently using was dying a very slow and painful death.  It was taking FOREVER to dry the little hair I had, and I found my hair was super dry & frizzy.

When I received my Hana Hair Dryer in the mail I decided to set it aside for a few days until I had the proper time to really test it out and review it properly.  I'm kicking myself now for even waiting a day to try it out.  I LOVE IT!

Having never used a salon or professional hair dryer before, I had no idea what I was missing out on!
I shower & wash my hair every day, and I really, really, really should have been using a better quality hair dryer, I've already noticed a HUGE difference!
The HANAair dries my hair quickly and it still feels healthy & shiny afterwards.  No frizz!
And it's comfortable and easy to use too! 
Misikko products would make wonderful gifts, for any last minute shoppers out there!!

Although I was sent this product to review, all thoughts are my own.
I have no problem recommending this to anyone looking for a high-quality, professional hair dryer.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dressember 2012 - Week 3

3 weeks into the Dressember challenge and haven't repeated a dress yet!
I am optimistic that I will get through the entire month with 31 unique looks!

Ruby, on the other hand, spent one day in her nightie (snow day)... and entire day in her pajamas.  BUT to be fair, it was PJ day at school!!

Check out week 1 & week 2!

Are you doing the challenge too?  Comment and let me know where I can follow along!
Joanna over at ModaMama has a weekly linkup too, be sure to check it out!


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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Chaos Blog Hop

It's Friday!
I'm excited to be co-hosting a fun linkup today... I hope you'll take a moment and hop around!
It's a great opportunity to meet some new people and discover some rockin' blogs!

Have a great weekend!


Hi everyone! Woohoo, it's Friday again! 
WOW week 18 already!?
Thank you to everyone who links up each week!
Don't forget to follow some blogs!

Don't forget to enter my group GIVEAWAY!!! 
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This is a link up for bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blogs and meet new friends! 

1. Follow both hosts (The first two links below on each link up) 
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3. Grab the button and put it on your blog somewhere to be seen.
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4. Don't just add your blog hoping to get followers, join in the fun and visit a few blogs.
5. Tweet about this hop Tweet 

If you would like to co-host one of the weeks let us know.

Okay, Lets get this chaos started! 

Your Hosts:
Kerry @ Ohsoamelia
Lotte @ Bericebaby
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Copycat Linkup

Totally stoked to be co-hosting this week's Copycat Linkup with Carly & Mary!
I'm hoping to bring more fashion to the blog and this is soooo the inspiration I needed!

The whole point of Copycat Linkup is to find an outfit, either on Pinterest or in a magazine... and replicate it! Ta-da!  Easy peasy, right?
Well.... I actually had a hard time narrowing down which look I wanted to copy...
So I hit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with this photo and a plea to help me decide which one I should choose...

Numbers 2, 4 & 5 were pretty popular...
and ultimately I went with...

I went with the mustard pants!
I didn't have a navy blazer, so I used my black one.
I didn't have a stripes sweater or blouse, so I used a cardigan. 
I even did the bangles as accessories!!
Go me!

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and will be definitely coming back week after week!
Link up with us!!

The rules:

1) Follow your hosts -- Texas Lovebirds and Trusty Chucks
2)Everyone likes comments!  Please visit at least one other blog and leave a comment.
3) Link to a spcific post about copycat style.  Linkups not following this rule will be deleted.
4) Please link back to the linkup post or grab a button!  Let your readers know what's going on.
5) If you'll be sharing your post on social media, we'd love for you to use the hastag #copycatlinkup

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