Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Rhymes With Orange?

dress: Old Navy  boots: Payless

Happy Halloween!
I can't wait to bring the kids trick or treatin' tonight!

The pumpkins are carved {thanks hubby!} and the costumes are hanging in the closet.  The kids are so excited... especially my little sugar freak Ruby!

Did you guys link up your awesome costumes for yesterday's Tuesday10?
No?  What are you waiting for... I've already gathered a ton of ideas for next year!  It'd be fun to do something "family-themed" before the kids get too old and won't think it's cool anymore...
KISS?  Wizard of Oz?  
The ideas are swirling... and I have exactly 365 days to come up with something really cute & clever!

Wishing you all the spookiest of days!  Be safe tonight!

oh! have I mentioned how much Ruby loves candy?
Last week the hubs brought the kids for their yearly dental checkup... 
Ruby's sitting in the dentist chair saying
"I hate toothpaste!  I hate brushing my teeth!  I LOVE CANDY!"
The hubs was like "Shhh! Ruby! Now is not the time! You LOVE brushing your teeth.... remember!?"

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Welcome back to Tuesday10!
{or simply WELCOME if you're new here!}

I am so excited to welcome Natalie here today as my co-host!
She blogs over at When Shutters Click & is one of my weekly co-hosts over at lena b photography... happy to have her visiting me HERE today!

In the spirit of the spookiest holiday out there, she suggested this week's theme:
10 Costumes You've Worn
{reminder: the theme isn't a MUST, just a prompt!}  

I love today's theme, but of course... all the costumes I've worn have either gone un-documented OR the proof is all in the photo albums at my parent's place... SO today I WILL share 10 costumes I've worn... but I'm going to use the pinterest-perfect versions I find online instead....

Just use your imagination and picture a little blonde haired cutie wearing these costumes, m'kay?

{I have rarely dressed up since I've been too old to trick or treat... Halloween wasn't ever my favorite holiday but I have to admit that it's gotten a lot more fun since the kids have arrived!}


{my mom made me a wig from a mop}

{my mom totally made me go as a boy vampire too... 'sigh'}

{keep in mind my costume was worn over a big, blue snowsuit!}

{except mine included a "bald" wig and a green tarp}

{this is VERY similar... except my outfit was grey and I had a long white beard!}





So, that's basically it.
I'm not "great" at doing Halloween... but I PROMISE I'll dig out some REAL photos for next Halloween!

I can't wait to see what you guys have worn!!

Now... it's your turn!
Grab a button & link up!
{you don't have to follow the "theme" to link up, it's just a prompt!
Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}


 Upcoming Themes

Nov 6th - TBA
Nov 16th - "Birthday Theme"
Nov 20th - "10 Random Acts of Kindness"
Nov 27th - Favorite Holiday movies

Dec 4th -"10 Favorite Christmas Songs"
Dec 11th & 18 - TBA  
Want to be a co-host? 
If you have a theme suggestion, don't be shy! 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Love :: my first newborn session ::

I realize many of you don't follow my photo blog {and that's fine!!}... but I a couple weekends ago, I had my very first newborn session & it was!

I was blessed with a beautiful & VERY cooperative baby and I thought I would share a few of my favorite pics from the shoot!!

I spent my Sunday editing these pretty pics... what did you do this weekend?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Foxy Lady

I'm all over anything foxy lately...
I own that ring pictured above & I adore it.
A quick Etsy or Pinterest search is all I need to satisfied my new obsession.


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Mom Connection Series #2

I am always wondering how other moms handle certain issues or dilemmas,
so each week we are going to tackle the questions of motherhood.

Join us every Saturday for this NEW series!

Next week we will discuss
How do you get your kids to clean up and pick up their toys?

If you have some thoughts or advice on next week's topic please email

Cassie at

We would love for you to be part of The Mom Connection!

Now on to this week's topic!
Do you ration your kids' Halloween/holiday candy?
If so, how?

Here is what a few of us had to say:

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Welcome! I'm Julie over at Naptime Review. I am a mom of 2 wild, crazy and beautiful girls. My oldest is almost 4 and my baby just turned 1. This is how I handle Halloween candy:

So far, I have been lucky when it comes to sugar overload around Halloween. The baby doesn't know better and the 3 year old is more of a "collector" than an eater. I think she still has some Easter candy in a purse somewhere. I definitely believe in rationing the amount of candy a young child should have. I can see my daughter go from normal to crazy in seconds when we are out to a restaurant and she orders chocolate milk made with chocolate syrup. I can see major meltdowns after spending the weekend with Grandma where she was spoiled with chocolate and S'mores all night long. 

This year, I will put some regulations on the amount of sugar consumed. I believe in fun but with moderation. My friend gave me this awesome idea years ago. I think I might use it one day. It's called the "Switch Witch". She comes around on Halloween. After the children are done trick-o-treating they put their collection by their bedroom door before they go to bed. While they are sleeping the "Switch Witch" comes and exchanges ALL that candy and sugar for a desired toy. Then Daddy and the "Switch Witch" sit on the couch and indulge in Reece Pieces and Snicker bars all night long. Ha!

 So, I am going to try to monitor the amount of junk that goes into my children's mouths this holiday. I want my children to have fun but also learn choices that will benefit them in the future. I have just started to pay more attention to labels and I think it is only right to be cautious this Halloween as well. I am also purchasing healthier choices for our neighborhood guests to enjoy. I just got some Utz cheeseballs and Pretzels and Annie's Homegrown Halloween Snacks at Target. My husband asked if we were getting a "Tofu Turkey" for Thanksgiving. He is so funny!
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Hi! I'm Cassie from Two In Diapers, and I'm a mommy to three sweet babies, ages 4, 3, and 18 months.

 Hooooboy... Halloween candy. Everyone knows that it's really for the moms, right?? ;)

 Well, I was hoping not to have to be the only one to admit that I don't ration Halloween/holiday candy as much as I should, but here's the thing.

 We really don't usually keep sweets at our house, period. Besides the fact that I don't want my kids eating junk all the time, I have the worst sweet tooth in the whole world, and my husband doesn't eat any sweets whatsoever. This means that any sweets in our house usually end up being eaten by moi. So, while I have complete control over the situation, I just don't buy dessert or candy.

 As a result, when holiday candy makes its way into our home, it's a big exciting ordeal! I do keep it up on top of the fridge and out of reach, but I will admit to handing it out a piece at a time randomly throughout the day. Luckily for me, my littles usually forget that it exists within a couple of days, which gives me the chance to... um... throw it away. Yeah... that's what I do. ;)
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Hey Y’all! My name is Roni from The Home Payge.  I am a Mommy of two kiddos. Teagan (my girl) is 5 years old, and my baby Parker is going on 3! They both drive me absolutely crazy and I love every minute of it, even if I’m hiding in the closet with a glass of wine!

Halloween brings a whole other level of crazy in our home. Not just Halloween, but all major Holidays in general. It’s as if the kids KNOW that something special and fun is about to happen and they literally turn into Thing 1 and Thing 2 and bounce off the walls like little Dr. Seuss characters.

During Halloween, I try to minimize the “bouncing” as much as possible. I do not really “ration” candy, but I do pick through it and give them what I choose for them to have. I keep them away from the tacky, gummy, sticky stuff. It’s just NOT good for their teeth and no matter how much you brush, it never comes off entirely. So anything that isn't tacky and sticky, they can enjoy! And Mommy and Daddy get the rest! I KNOW I am not the ONLY one that invades the kids candy, right?

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Hi! My name is Debs from Learn with Play at home. I am a mum of 2 kids aged 12 months and almost 4 years. I don't actually have any Halloween celebrations where I live in Australia, but if we did, I would definitely ration my kids' Halloween and this is why. 

I am a firm believer in everything in moderation and that includes celebrations and at holiday time. With my 3 year old we have always talked about foods as either an "Anytime food" (most vegetables), "Everyday foods" (like bread, fruit etc) and "Sometimes food" (cookies, cakes, candy etc).

She is very understanding and responsive to this. Like most kids, she loves "treats" and sweet foods but she also loves and is more than happy to snack on cucumber, lettuce leaves and frozen peas. Whenever we get a "treat bag" to take home from a party, I'm happy for her to choose one of the treats to eat now (they've usually eaten tons at parties and celebrations anyway) and then we put the bag away. If she remembers about the candy in the bag the next day, she usually asks for one and so long as she's been well behaved and it's a reasonable time of the day, it's generally fine if she has it. Often, she forgets about it. Out of sight, out of mind and I feel no concern, as her parent, in not reminding her.

I believe that as a parent of young children that it's my responsibility to teach my children a healthy and balanced attitude towards food, eating and their bodies.

We also talk a lot about "energy in and energy out." All foods contain energy. Some more than others. Our bodies require a certain amount of energy depending on our age, weight and energy levels. My daughter knows that on days she is going to/has burnt a lot more energy, I am happier about her eating some higher energy foods. Hopefully, if we continue with this approach as a whole family then both my children will grow up with, (at the very least) a good understanding on how food and our bodies are related and hopefully a healthy attitude to carry on with in the years where I'm not in control of what goes into their bodies.

(You can see some of the ways that I make healthy food a bit more fun for my kids here)

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My name is Lena from Lena B, Actually {formerly Mom2MemphisAndRuby}. I am a mom of 2 awesome kids, Memphis & Ruby!

 I do ration my kids' Halloween, and this is how/why: Okay, so Halloween only comes once a year and it's a FUN holiday... luckily, Memphis isn't much of a junk food lover and isn't overly anxious to get through his haul once a night of trick or treating is over. Ruby, however, has a HUGE sweet tooth and would probably make herself sick if we didn't ration her Halloween candy! Basically, my kids are still young and we only go around 1 block... so it's not like they have 5 bags of candy to go through... phew! We come home, take off our costumes and sit through to sort & inspect their goodies. There is some trading involved, of course... and usually it is sorted by chocolate, hard candy, chips, etc. They are allowed a few pieces a night until all the candy is gone... (no hard candy for either! I'm super paranoid about someone choking!!) I've noticed after the first 2 nights, there aren't as many requests for sweets... I think they get over the hype of it pretty quickly!

Just for good measure... here's Ruby excited about her loot from last year!

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Your Turn:

 Do YOU ration your children's Halloween candy
or let them have more freedom?
Do you have any tips or advice?
 Love to hear from you!

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