Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hellocotton Blog Hop

We're back!!
Laura {Our Reflection}, Megan {AbosluteMommy}
and I are back with another awesome Hellocotton LinkUp!
It's been a while, eh!?

For anyone not familiar with Hellocotton yet, you have no idea what you're missing!
Hellocotton allows you to follow for free the most talented women bloggers out there. It is the easiest way to discover the latest on trends and to take on a daily dose of inspiration. Hellocotton also allows you to comment, vote and share it all with your friends.
Hellocotton brings together all inspiring blogs of the moment. All you friends (people you follow) messages and articles are uploaded in real time to your homepage. This way, you don't miss a thing. Scroll the "Headlines" to make sure you checked out the most popular publications. Hellocotton is a goldmine, therefore essential.
Create a Hellocotton account, if you haven't already, then come back  here and link up!

The Rules

1. Follow your hosts
{they are the first 3 in the linky and they WILL return the favor!}

2. Follow at least 3 new blogs via Hellocotton
{or more!! and don't be shy, introducing yourself is a wonderful way to make new friends!}

3. Spread the word!
{the more the merrier!  grab the button & add it to your blog, tweet or Facebook about the linkup!  this is not necessary, but would kindly appreciated!!}

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Hellocotton!


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

blah, blah, fashion, blah, blah

1 pair of shoes... 4 new looks

Polka Dots On Top
wild side

Just for fun, I'd thought I'd share a few of my most recent polyvore sets... you like?
Wouldn't it be amazing to actually put all these looks together by simply reaching into our closets!? A girl can dream, eh!?

My fave are those studded loafers at the top!! I need want a pair so bad!
What's your current fashion crush?

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Think Before You Judge

This little guy is Memphis.
If you're a longtime follower, you already know him, but if you aren't...

What you may not know from looking at this photo is that he is autistic.

It doesn't define WHO he is... but the diagnosis does help us understand him better.
We are lucky that Memphis is high functioning and extremely communicative.
And smart.  Boy, is he ever!

But he has a hard time socializing... and school hasn't been easy.   He craves routines and needs to know exactly what is going to happen at all times.  It can be emotionally draining and extremely frustrating.  He can have an outburst at any given moment for any given reason.  As well as we know him, he can still be remarkably unpredictable.

No matter where we are or what is happening, when he has one of this outbursts, my one & only thought is how can I make it okay?  For him.
NEVER do I think of what people might be thinking.

How many times have I seen a similar scene and just thought to myself "Geez, some parents really cannot control their children!?"  Let's be honest, I'm sure we've all thought it at some point.

Now, more than ever, I try not to judge.
Now that I know & see what I do every day as a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I am hyper sensitive to the outbursts and tantrums I see when I'm out.  I can see the pain on other parents' faces and I feel it.  It's not that they're embarrassed... they're helpless.  I've been there and it sucks. 

I'm not here to preach.  I'm certainly in to position to educate anyone on all the ins & outs of autism, as I am still learning.  This diagnosis is still very new and everyday is a new adventure.

Please, next time you're out and you see a little boy holding his ears, throwing things, screaming and seemingly on a totally other planet... he might be on the spectrum.  Take a minute to think of what he must be going through and how heartbreaking this scene is to his parents.

Any other parents with children on the spectrum?
How do you deal when you're kids are having particular bad moment in public?

October is Autism Awareness Month in Canada

1 in 88 children are diagnosed autistic.
Chances are you know one... and if you didn't before, then you do now!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

All About Bedwetting

Time for another confession, folks. 
 Ruby is a bed-wetter.

Oh gosh, I just had to cringe when I wrote that... hopefully she won't read this post as a teenager.  I fear the wrath of her teenage hormones!

In all seriousness, though, it's a problem.
NOTHING we do seems to help.
She goes to the bathroom before bed and we limit the amount of drinks she has after supper.

She'll be 5 in December, and I can probably count on 2 hands the amount of times she HASN'T wet the bed.  We've tried "big girl panties" at night, and that just leads to her being embarrassed & worried she'll get in trouble... not mention the amount of laundry that follows such an incident.

Her father was a bed-wetter too.  Apparently until he was about 12 years old.
Eesh, I hope he's not reading the blog today... 
According to the infographic below, a child stands a 44% change of being a bed-wetter if ONE parent was.  So, I guess the odds aren't really in her favor.

We JUST had a checkup and I totally spazzed & forgot to mention this to her doctor. It's such a common part of our lives now that I don't think too much about it.  Except for when we forget to buy more pull-ups.

Have any of you gone through this with your little ones?

Should I be concerned?
The chart says only about 3% of children wet the bed due to a medical condition...


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orange you glad I wore this sweater?

sweater: Joe Fresh
denim jacket & rockstar skinny cords: Old Navy
boots: Payless
purse: Claire's

"You look good mama! Even if your sweater is orange..." - the hubs
Gee, thanks? I guess?

Orange happens to be one of my fave colors... and what better way to start off the new season, right!?

On Monday, I wore a really cute blouse and froze my tush off at work all day!  I didn't want to make the same mistake twice, and I'd been dying to wear my new orange sweater, so I get all dolled up and cozy in my cords & tall boots... and the day got soooooo warm!  I was literally ROASTING at my desk.

That sort of thing always happens to me!  I wish the weather would just stay warm OR cold. Just pick one already, Mother Nature!

linking up here & here

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Welcome back to Tuesday10!
{or simply Welcome! if you're new here!}


Very happy to have Jennifer of Mummy Huh here today as my co-host!
Be sure to visit her blog & show her some love!!

Mommy Huh

She suggested this week's theme...
10 Things You Wish You Knew
10 Years Ago
{reminder: the theme isn't a MUST, just a prompt!}

Isn't it crazy how fast a decade goes... I was 22 years young 10 years ago...
It doesn't FEEL like 10 years ago, though!

I wish I knew then...

How good I looked!  I was so self-conscious of my body, but I was in great shape & I really healthy too!  I should have been more proud of that!

That I wouldn't be able to "eat like that" forever.

That I shouldn't accept every credit card offer that came in the mail... Eesh!

That I WOULD eventually come back to the small town I swore I would NEVER come back to.

I should have invested in a photography course and a good camera.

That I would have 2 beautiful & healthy babies, and I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant or any complications during my pregnancy... I was such a major worrier!

That the hubs & I would have lots of ups & downs (maybe more downs)... but that we'd make it through stronger and better for it.

I would have a kid with special needs.  Would have been nice to have a little warning so I could have been better prepared!

That going to the bathroom alone would become a major luxury.

That I would feel so much unconditional love for & from my children.  Nothing {nothing!} could have prepared me for the love my heart holds for them!

 And now a few words of wisdom for the next 10 years: 

Now... it's your turn!
Grab a button & link up!
{you don't have to follow the "theme" to link up, it's just a prompt!
Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}
 Upcoming Themes


Oct 2 - "10 Geeky Facts About Yourself"
Oct 9th - "10 Favorite E-Cards"
Oct 16th - "Pet Peeves/ Things That Drive You Crazy
Oct 23rd - TBA 
Oct 30th - 10 Costumes You've Worn


Nov 6th - TBA
Nov 16th - "Birthday Theme"
Nov 20th - "10 Random Acts of Kindness"
Nov 27th - TBA 


Dec 4th -"10 Favorite Christmas Songs"
Dec 11th & 18 - TBA  
Want to be a co-host? 
If you have a theme suggestion, don't be shy! 
If I choose your theme, you get to be my co-host that week!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Curently :: My Photography ::

This is what I've been up to over at lena b photography!
Just thought I'd share some of my favorite shots from the past little while!
I'm having so much fun with my camera lately... I'm linking up with lots of different photo challenges and really pushing myself to learn my camera better and to try new things!  It's such an amazingly rewarding hobby! 

I'm booked to do some maternity shots of my cousin next weekend... keep your eyes peeled for those!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The day I watched 3 movies in a row... and they weren't cartoons

adj. la·zi·er, la·zi·est
1. Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.
2. Slow-moving; sluggish

That about sums me up this weekend.
I had a "girl's" day with my sister on Saturday that involved nothing but shopping, watching movies and eating.  It was heavenly.
A small part of me feels like the whole weekend was a bust since I'm not used to not accomplishing anything! Ha! But, I'm not complaining!

I watched 3 movies in one night! Okay, we probably started the first one around 3ish and were fast asleep by 10:00 p.m., but still! That's amazing.  I haven't spent a completely selfish and useless day like that in forever!

You're probably dying to know what we watched, eh?

 The "dads" in this movie really brought the funny!
I laughed so much... but I also teared up a few times too.
It was hilarious and touching and just an all around entertaining flick!

Snow White and The Huntsman & Cabin In the Woods were also pretty awesome, in their own right.  

I was fully prepared to NOT like this movie... especially after the whole Kristen & The Director Scandal... BUT, I thought it was a pretty cool spin on the classic fairytale and the cinematography was amazing.

And lastly, Cabin in the Woods.
If you're a Joss Whedon fan and appreciate the hotness that is Chris Hemsworth {also in SWATH, I swear we didn't do that on purpose, but it was awesome!}... then you'll love it.  I'm on the fence about this one.  So NOT what I was expecting.  I thought it was going to be a run-of-the-mill zombie flick.  Nope.  I'd have to watch it again to appreciate it, I think.

Have you see any of these?  Thoughts?

Don't forget to enter my Sweet September Sponsor Giveaway and head on over to my photo blog for this week's Perspectives Photo Challenge!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet September Sponsor Giveaway!!

I don't know why, really, but it's been a really ling time since I've done an official "sponsor giveaway."
September can be a little dreary with saying goodbye to Summer and all... so my rockin' sponsors have teamed up to bring you some pretty sweet prizes!!

Aren't they adorable?
And pretty generous too!! 
There will be ONE WINNER... and this is what's up for grabs:

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Giveaway ends next Thursday at midnight...
a winner will be announced on Friday, September 28th!
Good luck!
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