Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spending Freeze

So, I've decided that August will be a no-spending month....
Meaning that I will buy NOTHING unless it's a necessity.
Sad, eh?

The only thing I will be purchasing this month is groceries and the basic back to school necessities for Memphis.  If this weather keeps up, I won't have to worry about Fall clothes just yet! Phew!  ;)  I have treated myself to a few cute things this summer, so you can't feel too bad for me, right?

Our budget has really suffered over the past few months.  Every time it seems we can ''relax'' money-wise, something happens!! Am I the only one who NEVER gets a break?  I seriously need to win the lottery... for reals.

Anyhoo, I'm sharing this on the blog today so that I can be held accountable for any unnecessary purchases!  If you see me tweet or IG about something new... it better be something that was purchased pre-spending freeze... you can totally call me on it!!

Sadly, this means I won't be purchasing any new ad space in August either. So if you'd like to swap, let me know!  And if you want to BUY an ad from me that would be totes awesome too, of course!  ;)

Happy last day of July!! 

Enter today for your chance to win a $50 shop credit to Kiki La'Rue!!

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Kiki La'Rue :: review + giveaway ::

When I was approached by Kiki La'Rue to do a review of any item from their store, I was excited... and totally overwhelmed!!
How would I be able to choose just one thing! Their shop is fabulous... and affordable!

After going back & forth on a few items, they sent me this lovely summer dress!!

LOVE it!
So cute and totally me!

Ordering from them was easy, and they were always there to answer any questions I had.
I have since ordered a few more items and I love them just as much!

These are the next two things on my wishlist...

Now... to the really fun part!

Kiki La'Rue is giving one lucky reader
a $50 Gift Certificate to their shop!!

Giveaway will end Friday, August 3rd and is open to everyone!
Good luck!

If you can't wait to see if you won {and I seriously wouldn't blame you!}, you can use code MOM2M&R for free shipping... even to Canada!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lady BEHIND the Mugs!

Okay, I have to admit...
I LOVE getting new mugs.
And I'm weirdly obsessed with a particular blogger who makes the coolest ones ever!
She actually made me a personalized mug and it was adorable... but I dropped it and I'm heartbroken.
{I will be ordering a new one!}

Today, I introduce you to the lady behind the mugs!!


Hi M2M&R Readers! I am Gracie B from Betwixxt {shop & blog}. I am here today to tell you a little bit about little ole me what I do. I am a really nerdy, gamer girl who loves fashion, food and thriftin and who dreamed that one day she would either grow up to be a fashion designer or the wife of Danny Zuko. 

I have always loved making art. But there is definitely a reason that the phrase “Starving Artist” exists. I mean ramen is not great for you if your having it from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Right? So I looked for a way to make my art and love of all things pretty and nerdy more practical. So as an experiment I made a few custom coffee mugs and with one sale after another coffee mugs began to take over my life. 

My Ron Swanson tribute mug really just started because it entertained me to do one. I made it for myself and used it for about a month before I decided to photograph them and produce them. It to date is my most popular. It has also led to the custom portrait mugs like the one I did for my fabulous host Mrs. Lena

I really am a huge nerd. I love, like LOVE, Dr. Who. Kind of obsessed really. So it has been so fun to make many variations of Dr. Who mugs. The Dalek’s in Love is really my favorite.

A client who was getting married asked if I had anything custom I could do for bridesmaids. This was when that little girl in me got very excited. I could do fashion sketches! And So I did. 

There are so many new things that are coming up from my shop. New art prints, Pin back buttons, new sets of coasters and of course all new mug designs. Get all the sneak peeks by following me on my blog or keeping a close eye on the shop. I am so grateful to be in this business where handmade artists are appreciated. Its very humbling to get photos from clients of them using one of my mugs. 

Thank you Lena for letting me take over momentarily.
And to thank you guys for reading here is a coupon code for 15% off anything in my shop LOVELYLENA 

Watcha' waiting for!?
Head over & say hey to Gracie...
And let me know if you order a mug from her... they're totes awesome, I promise!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We All Scream For Ice Cream

It's summer... and that means

 A few of my lovely sponsors are here today sharing their fave flavors!
{once we've made you hungry enough,
be sure to head over to their blogs & shops to say hi!}

Aunie Sauce is the blog about that girl who is a bunch of "not's." Not a domesticated wife, not a mama to any adorable babies, not a cook of any fabulous recipes, and not a DIY-er who creates fabulous things.

Hi! I'm Paige and I blog at Eloping Stethoscope where I talk about my life as a newlywed and as a nursing student! On my blog you'll find stories about nursing school, our newlywed adventures, any DIY/crafts that I try (Whether its a fail or not), new recipes as well as some book and movies reviews and general silliness thrown in! Stop by and stay awhile! I love meeting new people!
Blog  Facebook  Twitter  Shop

Hi, I'm julie. I blog over at The Funny Thing Of It Is. I like to crack jokes, be sarcastic... probably because I have 3 kids and if I dont laugh alot, I will cry alot. Don't get me wrong, I do a fair share of that too. But even thought I make alot of jokes at myself, I LOVE people big time. I love to encourage and make sure you all know how valuable and beautiful you are. I take from my experiences in to be real. Sometimes its funny. But alot of times, its not so funny. Either way, I don't shy away from baring my soul. Come visit me =)

 I'm wife to an amazing hubby and mami to three incredible kiddos! We live in NYC and I blog about God, Family, Intentional Living, Real Foods, Whole Body Healing and everything in between. I'd love to have you come by and say hi! 

They're not the only ones with a sweet tooth...
Ruby likes it too!

I still can't believe July is over!
A big thank you to all the  rockin' blogs & shops on my sidebar this month!

Don't forget to visit my swap buddies too...
their buttons may be small,  but their blogs are mighty! ;)

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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Post About The Time My Phone Died

On June 28th, 2012 something very bad happened.
My phone died. Or it was dying.
I don't know what happened exactly, but during a text session with the hubs, the screen went black and the phone just started vibrating and it wouldn't stop.

I took the battery out & left it out overnight.
I actuallly dreamed about it throughout the night (addicted, much!?).
The next morning, nothing.

I called my service provider, but they couldn't do anything to help me. So I called the company that manufactured the phone.
They sent me a Purolator waybill.
Gee, thanks.

Because I live in a small town, I missed the pick up deadline for Purolator and had to wait until the following week to send my phone out.
Yeah, this happened RIGHT before Canada Day LONG weekend. Grrrrreat.
Oh, and I could have gotten a loaner, but I'd have to travel more than an hour to the city to get one... no thanks.

I missed my phone a lot during those 3(almost4) weeks...
It got easier, sure.
BUT it was really weird not being able to tweet, update my FB status or share updates on Instagram when my sister was in the hospital having her baby. I mean, hello!? MAJOR life moments here weren't being properly networked! ;)

NEARLY four weeks later, on Tuesay, July 24th my phone was returned me... finally!
To be honest, I almost forgot how to work the darn thing!

This is my first IG photo taken an hour or so after the phone was delivered to be at my office... with a dead battery! Could they not have recharged it for me first!?

Since then, I've slowly got back into tweeting more and checking my emails in a more timely fashion and, of course, taking pics!  Here is my Friday photo dump... a whole 3 days worth of shots!

I am happy to say I survived a month without my smart phone. Think you could do it?

linking up here and here and here

p.s. don't forget to stop by my other blog for a fun photo challenge... there may or may not be a pretty sweet giveaway involved too... ;)

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A is for Amy... and Awesome

Hello, friends!
My name is Amy from the Charming and you may remember me from this post.  Today I wanted to personally introduce myself, as well as give you an easy DIY.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and though I am eager to discover a new culture and scenery, I love Georgia.  Right now, I am in nursing school somewhat full-time, but I have been doing photography for about five years now and I love it -- as I'm sure many of you also do!

I just recently got married to my best friend.  In fact, he's incredibly supportive of my part-time photography, blog designing, and blogging -- he loves that I do them all. 

In December we adopted a puppy, who was the biggest impulse buy ever for two cat-lovers.  That's right, we are not dog people.  We have two cats whom we absolutely love because they are low-key and are awesome cuddlers.  But who can resist the face of a puppy wanting to be rescued?

So, anyways.  That sums up my life right now.  I'm off for the summer, which I haven't done since I was in high school.  But, boy, I have been (and will continue to be) busy!  Stop by and say hello!  I love meeting fellow bloggers!  

Thank you, Lena, for having me today!
I hope all of you have a charming rest of your day!
Love, AMS.


Isn't she the cutest!?
I'm so happy I met & connected with her this month!

Please visit Amy on Twitter too so you can keep up with this busy gal!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Copycat Closet :: Summer Boots ::

How fun is this linkup!?
A photo is sent out of a ''look'' that you have to put together by ''shopping your closet!''
It's a great way to gain a little inspiration and learn to love your clothes all over again!

I couldn't NOT take part this week... I absolutely love my boots! 
And boots with summer dresses!? Totes adorable!

These were the photos  for the inspiration of this week's challenge...

And this is what I managed to put together!!

This is more of a ''date night'' type look as opposed to an everyday look, BUT I think it's fun & flirty!

Since I have shorter hair now and have no idea how to style it yet, I simply pulled one side up with a beautiful clip and I was good to go!
I might NEVER have thought to pair these pieces together before today's Copycat Closet challenge!
Visit The Grant Life & Ma Nouvelle Mode to sign up!

Dress: H&M (ebay steal)
Boots: Madden Girl
Ma Nouvelle Mode

A big thank you to Memphis & Ruby for helping Mommy out with today's photoshoot... ♥

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Thursday Mommy-Brain Mixer with Two In Diapers

Friends, I think we have a new reason to celebrate Thursdays!

I love link-ups and blog hops, don't you? Many times during the week I find myself searching for something social going on in the blog world, and Thursdays just seem a little drab! So...

I've decided to start a new party!
If you haven't noticed, one of my favorite things to do here at Two In Diapers is to share stories about motherhood and my littles. One of my favorite things about sharing these stories is your comments with stories of your own children!


At the Mommy-Brain Mixer, we will be linking up our writings about anything and everything motherhood!

We want to see funny posts, serious posts, sweet & sappy stories, mommy-brain episodes, memories from when your older children were younger, thoughts & lessons learned, and anything related to motherhood or little people. You know that post you wrote yesterday about your teething baby? Or that hilarious post you wrote about your 2nd grader's school play? Those are perfect, so link 'em up! 

The Mommy-Brain Mixer is the perfect place to find some great new blogs to follow, make some wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy some entertaining new reads!
Let's get to it, friends!
1.Follow Two In Diapers via GFC
{the first link below}

2. Follow your co-hosts via GFC
This week's lovely co-hosts {the first 3 on the linky} are:

Courtney & Julie from The Chirping Moms
Jennifer from Mommy Huh

3. Link up your mommy post!

4. Make sure to visit some of the blogs in the link-up and maybe even follow them!
{and comments are always loved} 

5. Tweet about the Mommy-Brain Mixer to help spread the word!

6. Grab this adorable button and place it somewhere on your blog!


If you are interested in co-hosting the next Mommy-Brain Mixer, send me an email at twoindiapers@gmail.com!


To make things even more fun, my friend Mar, over at Raising Bean, is hosting a sister link-up for you to join, too! 

Head over there after you're finished here and link up your recipes, DIY, arts&crafts, and sensory activities, if you did it {or attempted it}!


So excited to be co-hosting this week!
I can't wait to visit each & everyone one that links up... us Mommies need to stick together fo 'sho! 

You can find my post in the link up, but I also wanted to share this little "Ruby-ism" with you today...

Ruby: "Mommy, do you know what you call bugs that eat houses?"
Me: "Yes."
Ruby: "No! I want to tell you... they're called Ter-MO-Mites!"

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