Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet & Tweet Twitter Hop

Happy to be co-hosting the Meet & Tweet this week... I'm loving Twitter more & more, lately.
It's a wonderful resource for bloggers, but also a super convenient & funky way to keep up with all your friends!

Here's how this Meet & Tweet works...


This week's co-hosts are:
Kimberly from A Night Owls Blog
Jeanne from Life in Cleavland
Brighton from Simple Brighton
Meredith from All Dressed Up

The Rules
1. Mandatory you follow your hosts
{They are the first 7 in the linky.}

2. Follow at least 5 new people via Twitter
{Or more! Introduce yourself... Its a great way to make new friends!}

3. Spread the word!
The more the merrier! Grab a button and add it to
your blog, Tweet or Facebook about the link up.
Our Reflection
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One lucky link up person will WIN a FREE
solo guest post on Our Reflection blog!
Drum roll please....
Last weeks Meet & Tweet winner is Aimee from By Aimee & Co.

Please link up your Twitter account, not your blog.
Want to be a future co-host?
Only requirement is your become an Our Reflection sponsor.
Email laura at


Quick shout out to Laura for being so amazing, and organizing this every week!
She's one of the best!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cotton Candy

Last weekend, the daycare threw a BBQ/ Fun Day and the kids had a blast!
There were pony rides, bouncy houses, cotton candy, hot-dogs, music, games, a bake sale... 
and it was a GORGEOUS day.

My sister came along with her daughter and her nephew... so we had our hands full, especially since the kids had WAY too much cotton candy! We were up to our elbows in sticky, hyper kids!!  It was so worth it to see the smiles on their faces that day, though!!

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DIY Dare & a T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

I've been thinking about something for a while...
and I think now is a good time to throw it out there!

I'm DARING you to suggest a DIY for me to do.
Sounds simple enough, right?
Not for me!
I'm all thumbs & not naturally crafty in the least!
BUT I do want to TRY!

I'm thinking once {maybe twice} a month, I will attempt a DIY suggested by a reader and showcase it on the blog.  At the beginning, please be gentle with me {ha!}, I'm looking for EASY tutorials to build my confidence... 

To give you an example of my abilities, here's an example of a tutorial I did for  T-Shirt Necklace a few months ago!

I'm one of "those" people.
The kind of person who loves checking out all things "crafty" and thinks to herself "I could TOTALLY do that!" ... but NEVER does.
I feel like I don't have that crafty gene, or something.

I do believe some of us are born DIYers... and the rest of us {me!} were born to support handmade!!

I mentioned my lack of craftiness on Facebook once {or twice}, and a good blog buddy sent me a simple DIY she thought even I could make! So, I gave it a shot!
This is what happened

I followed THIS tutorial
{please check it out if you want to make one of her own...her tute is so much better!!}

I started with 2 old tees.
I cut the bottom off each so I could start with a clean edge.
Then I cut a few 2-3" strands of each color.
I pulled & twisted until they turned into more of a "noodle" shape.
Cut a few more pieces, mine were abou 2"x12" for the "ties" and...
VoilĂ !

I think for my FIRST attempt, it came out pretty good!!
{Big thank you to my little sis and her baby bump for modelling it for me!!}

I'll still definitely buy most of my DIY, that's a given...
But I'm looking forward to being challenge to try something new!

I can't wait to see what you gals are going to throw at me!!

linking up over at Bear Rabbit Bear today!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday 10

Welcome to this week's Tuesday10!
Before we get into things, I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a break from hosting these posts in JULY... only because it's Summer, and it promises to be a busy month for all of us, I'm sure!
But I'll be back in August {hopefully!}... and I might even throw in a Tuesday10 here or there if I have the chance, so keep your eyes peeled!!

In the meantime, here's a reminder of the upcoming themes that will bring us to the end of June!

Upcoming Tuesday10 "Themes" Are:
June 5
10 Favorite Books
June 12
10 Favorite Things from the 90's
June 19
10 Reasons Why You Love "__________"


Jade from Constant Chatter  is my co-host this week!
Be sure to show her a little love!

This week we are sharing our... 
10 Favorite Possessions

You know... that "Stuff" we could never bear to part with.
Big or small.
Pricey or cheap.
I think we all hold certain things very dear to our hearts!

My grandmother's engagement ring

My high school yearbooks

Family photo albums

A "wedding" barbie my paternal grandmother gave me when I was just a little girl.  She had a friend sew the dress... it's beautiful {photo below}

My "wolf dog" stuffed animal I've had since I was 1.  It's Memphis' now and he loves it!
Funny thing is apparently I called it "Wolf Dog" because I didn't know if it was a wolf or a dog. Clever, eh?

My Canon T3... or as I like to call it my "big girl camera"

The "love letters" I've kept since the hubs and I started dating... yes, "letters"... this was WAY before Facebook & Twitter, people!  We didn't even have computers of our own back then!!

My Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD collection

My wedding band

Memphis and Ruby's baby books

Now... it's your turn!
Grab a button & link up!
{you don't have to follow the "theme" to link up, it's just a prompt!
Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}


Upcoming Tuesday10 "Themes" Are:
June 5
10 Favorite Books
June 12
10 Favorite Things from the 90's
June 19
10 Reasons Why You Love "__________"

If you have a theme suggestion, don't be shy! 
If I choose your theme, you get to be my co-host that week!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinky Bling

This weekend I decided to pull out my new Salon Hansen Salon Nail Effects strips!
The original plan was to do all my nails with them... but at the last minute I decided to do my pinky as an accent nail, and the rest in Over The Edge by Essie!
 follow me on instagram @mom2mandr

I totally love how it came out!!
Kinda sassy, eh?

Definitely not a "Spring" type look... but the weather is a little dark & dreary here today, so it's pefect!  Linking up again this week with Glitter and Gloss & Just

I'm also hosting a super fun Monday Meet & Mingle Facebook Hop today too, check it out!


Also hoping to meet some new bloggy buddies here:

Covered in Grace

Have an awesome day, peeps!!

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Facebook Hop


It's the last Monday of the month, and I thought it would be fun to re-introduce my large sponsors:

Laura of Our Reflection
Megan of AbsoluteMommy
Heidi of Row House 14

We are here today hosting a Meet & Mingle Facebook Hop!
Just a fun way to start the week, and if we're lucky... make some new Facebook friends!

The Rules are easy peasy!

{1} Follow your hosts, listed above and/or the first 5 links in the list!
{2} Link up your blog or shop's Facebook Page
{3} Hop around and have fun!

Visit as many pages as you can, and don't be shy to introduce yourself!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday "Small" Sponsor Shoutout

May is coming to an end, and there are a few lovely ladies I haven't officially introduced to you... yet.
Last, but certainly not least, today I feature my "small" sponsors...
They are every bit as special to me as my the larger ads... the fact that they support me, and believe in this little blog means the world to me!

I hope you will take a moment to visit them, stop by to say hi and let them know I sent you!

I've asked them to describe their blog in 5 words to make it easy for you to get a feeling about what they are all about!  Enjoy!


 Kimberly at A Night Owl Blog
crafting  photography  thrifting  pinterest  recipes

Diane of MamalDiane
recipes  gardening  grandchildren  frugal  caregiver
  Salena of A Little Piece of Me
life  marriage  parenting  faith  love 

Please also take a minute to visit
Katie at Party of Four
Heather at RockStew
Leigh-Ellen at Little Waterlily Big Pond
Grace at Betwixxt

Let it be known that I have a pretty amazing sidebar this month... from the largest ads, to the swaps {check them out too!!}, I am definitely a very lucky gal!!  

If you are interested in sponsoring Mom2MemphisAndRuby in June, I think there are a few small ad spaces left... use promo code JUNEBUG for $2 off the price of a small June ad!!

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Dirty Secret Saturday linky party


Welcome to another edition of Dirty Secret Saturday. 
This is a linky party just for you.  To get all those secrets off your chest. 
It can be funny, it can be heartbreaking, it can be real. 
It just has to be all yours.  We want all the dirt. 
All that we ask in return is you give us some bloggy love,
and share this button on your post. 
Then let all your friends via Twitter and Facebook know,
we are partying it up over here!

Your hosts are:
Me, Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby
So sit back, relax, and link up all your recent or not so recent secrets! 
Before I get started with my own dirty secret, I know for a fact that a few of my sponsors are spilling the beans today too!  Here are a few teasers from their posts...
"No one pulling down the shirt or lifting up my shirt, or poking me on my butt, or on my boobs, or hitting my glasses off my face, or head butting me.  You get the idea.  No I'm not talking about my husband.  I welcome these from him. ;)  hahaha!" 
"I have a novel idea!!"
"Get me a paper bag I'm going to throw up break down." 
"I love Robert Pattinson"
 Can you guess which sponsor is spilling which dirty secret?
Visit Beth, Leigh-Ellen, Salena and Lindsay to find out!

Now, for my secret...

May 2012 has been overwhelming for us… for me.
I think I'm in denial. Or shock?  I don't know.

Memphis was diagnosed recently as autistic… and ever since I heard the words I was expecting to hear… it doesn't seem real. Like it's all a mistake & he's really okay!

I feel lost in my feelings about the whole thing. I've only cried once… I mean, in the grand scheme of things, the diagnosis doesn't change him or how we feel about him, right? And there are FAR worse things he could ''have.'' I might seem calm & accepting… but I'm not.  I keep wondering why, and what it all means.  With this diagnosis it means he'll get the extra help he needs to be successful in school & in life… but I want it all to just go away.  Kids have it hard enough already.

This isn't a pity party.
Venting a little and knowing it's okay to be upset with all this FEELS GOOD.

I know a lot of you are probably going through struggles none of us know about... and I just want you to know that you're not alone.   It's no secret what we've gone through with Memphis, but I am admitting, publicly, that I just haven't figured it all out yet... and I'm still reeling from this diagnosis.

Oh, and if you want a really juicy secret… let it be known I bought 3 pairs of control-top ''granny panties'' last weekend and I LOVE THEM!


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Friday, May 25, 2012

What's In My Bag

I love a good linky, and this one is too cute to pass up!
Head on over to Glitter and Gloss and show us what's in YOUR bag!

This my "A Dash of Fab" purse that I LOVE!
I have a lot of bags, but this one is the perfect mix of fun & sophisticated... and perfect for the season!

I'm surprised at how tidy my bag is!
I have 2 pair of sunglasses... because I never know which pair I'll want to wear.
A couple EOS lipglosses, cuz you can never have too many of those...
A nail file, notebook & pen, my wallet/keys
and a ring {also A Dash of Fab} and a necklace I recently won & received in the mail today from Krafty Kash!

Of course, I never go anywhere without my cell, either. So that's always in there!

That's it... pretty lame, haha!
But, in my defense, it's a little purse and it's hard to put too much junk in there!  ;)

Next time I do one of these, I'll make sure it's when I'm using one of my bigger bags!!

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Meet Megan @AbsoluteMommy {large sponsor intro & givewaway}

Megan is absolutely one of the most special people I've met blogging!
She's amazing, guys... if you're not already a fan, head on over asap and get to know her better! She doesn't disappoint!  She's here today with a recipe... and she's generously giving away a $15 Michael's Gift Card! Who doesn't love Michael's!? 
{I'm not that crafty, but even I love that store!!}


  Hello friends and readers of Mom2Memphis and Ruby.  I'm Megan from AbsoluteMommy.
I feel like I'm a regular here.  It's because I adore Lena.  I even referred to her casually in conversation the other night with my hubby.  "Yeah, well my friend Lena...", and he was like, "Who's Lena", and I was like, "Uh, Lena, from the blog.  Duh".  So yeah, in my head, me and Lena are besties.  And why not we talk like every day, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Ok, so now I sound like a stalker.  But she always answers so that's something right?
Anyway, if you don't know me, then here is the recap;  I'm a stay at home mom in Fresno, CA.  I'm on a 100% grain free, sugar free, and caffeine free diet (Booooo!), I have 2 girls, and one awesome and hysterical husband.  I write about my girls, my non existent fashion, my health (hence, the diet), and lots and lots of pop culture.  I'm currently having a love affair with Twitter, I wasn't crazy about Fifty Shades of Grey, and I'm in mourning as all my favorite TV shows are currently on summer vay-cay.  For more about me and my journey to rediscover Megan who is now exclusively mom, check me out here.

Me and the Hubbs.
Caitlin and Mackenzie
So since I'm here, I'm going to share a little something.  I may not be able to eat cake, but I can make cake.  From scratch.  I know what you are thinking.  Here comes this "mommy" blogger, straight off Pinterest, with her Martha Stewart Kitchen, and her cute little apron... Well you're wrong.  I don't bake anything that requires things like sifting, piping, or making any kind of essence of anything.  It's just not my thing.  If it ain't easy, mama don't make it.  So imagine my surprise when this scratch cake, change my life, and almost convinced my husband that he needed to re-marry me.  Seriously, after one bite he gave a look I hadn't seen in years.  It's like he fell in love with me all over again. 
Meet The Peanut Butter Monster Cupcake (originally found here)

These were a hit! And they were the easiest!
And Meet his cute sister, Mac's 2nd Birthday Cake

Big sis Caitlin provided the sprinkle work. It's pretty genius if you ask me. And we didn't light all the candles. I promise!
Now both the cupcakes and the frostings are from scratch.  And I promise you will only need a hand mixer.  I swear.  I don't own one of those fancy schmancy Kitchen Aids.  Because if I were going to invest that kind of money, I'd probably say "WTH" and buy an iPad.  See, I'm not a baker, I just play one on my blog...

Ok, let's get down to biz:
From Scratch Amaze-balls Chocolate Cake (original recipe found here**)
2 1/4 cups flour
1/4 cup cocoa (I used Hershey's Baking Cocoa powder)
2 cups sugar
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups water
2/3 cup oil ( I used standard vegetable)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBS vinegar (yes, vinegar, I used white)

In a bowl whisk together dry ingredients and set aside.  In another bowl mix all wet ingredients together.  Then combine the two and whisk until you have no lumps.  I swear NO MIXER needed.  Pour batter into a prepared pan (mine was a lg Pyrex) or cupcake pan with liners.  Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes for a cake or 22-25 minutes for cupcakes.

Peanut Butter Wowzer Frosting (original recipe for basic butter cream here**)
original recipe for the peanut butter frosting found here
3 sticks butter softened
1 lb. powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup. peanut butter (I used Planters All Natural)
Now, you will need a hand mixer to beat the butter and peanut butter together.  Then add your vanilla, then slowly add your powdered sugar until you like the consistency.  I actually went out and bought piping bags and frosting tips when I made these for the hubby's birthday in January.  The piping wasn't so bad once you get the hang of it but it's not necessary.
Also the cherry on top, isn't really a cherry, it's a peanut butter cup.  And it's delicious!

As a side note, if you just want some basic frosting, leave out the peanut butter and you will have a cake or cupcakes similar to Mac's 2nd Birthday Cake.  Which I let big sister Caitlin cover in the sprinkles of her choice.  I felt it was a nice touch. 

So what do you think?  Are you going to get your inner Betty Crocker on and bake from scratch?  I promise friends, if I can do it, while my 2 girls run and scream about My Little Ponies, anyone can.  

And if you are worried about things like cupcake liners, cake pans, or piping bags, I can help. 

I'm going to go ahead and motivate you to try this cake out with a $15 gift card to Michael's, so you can get your bake on!


 Ah! Megan always makes me feel like I can do anything!
Heck, I might even attempt this one... if not, I'll definitely my sure my mom gets the recipe! ;)

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Dirty Secret Saturday!
Feel free to link up ANY  honest post, and maybe get something off your chest!
You can see examples of my past dirty secrets here, here & here!

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