Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday BLOG HOP

Welcome to our Dirty Secret Saturday!!

co-host a monthly "tell all" type blog hop on the last Saturday of everyone month and we'd be super stoked if you joined us today!

None of us are perfect... and even though many of our blog idols come across being as pretty close to perfect as perfect you can get, we all have our moments.
We think it's important to share the other side of ourselves sometimes too and believe it's a wonderful way to connect with each other.

Feel free to dig deep, or just share an embarrassing or funny story!
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My secret?

I don't sleep with my husband.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I mean I literally do not SLEEP next to him. 

My husband has probably spent more nights on the couch than not over the past few years, but he is absolutely NOT in the doghouse.
We love each other very much and we do find lots of other ways {and places} to be intimate.

You see, the side of the bed next to me is usually taken by another guy...

He has NEVER liked to sleep alone.
Even as a baby.
We co-slept for a long time and it worked for us.

But my husband is a big guy and he tends to stay up a wee bit later than I do.
{he's a night owl, and I'm an early bird!}

Over time, we just got used to not sleeping in the same bed.
By the time I go to bed, I go there to sleep.
There probably wouldn't be any hanky panky happening right then anyway... ;)

I know some of you are familiar with Memphis' story... and although he's had some good nights here & there... with the anxiety he has about sleeping & the dark, the safest place for him is next to me, in my bed.

It assures that the entire family gets a good night's rest.

We're okay with it.
I don't like talking about it because I fear most people would get the wrong impression and I don't feel like having to justify myself or my family's choice.

Plus... the hubs SNORES like crazy!!

I do look forward to the day when I can share a bed more frequently with my husband, of course. I certainly hope Memphis will transition to his own room & bed sooner rather than later... but for now, this is how we roll!!  

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Friday, March 30, 2012

blouse in bloom

Spring, to me, means pretty & bright new prints!

Winter always leaves me feeling... heavy, and Spring always brightens up my wardrobe!
I love color and the longer days & warmer temps are definitely a reason to wear something fun.

I picked up this blouse a week or so ago & I've already worn it twice...
That's a big deal... I try not to overdo a new piece, but I couldn't resist!

Linking up with Laura for this week's photo challenge:

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

also linking up with Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 2 Hair, Dry Shampoo & a Messy Bun... can I do it?

Inspired by this adorable "high messy bun" tutorial by the lovely Melissa at Pineapple Lily,
I tweeted...

and got several lovely tweets back saying I should totally go for it!  "tease, tease, tease!!"
This one from Brooke even suggests using dry shampoo and "day 2" hair...

I've NEVER done "day 2 hair"... the rare days I do go without washing it, well... it ain't pretty and I definitely do NOT leave the house, let alone rock a super cute high bun!
And dry shampoo?
I did pick up a bottle, but I'm afraid to try it!
It's just sitting in a cute little basket in my bathroom just waiting to be used!
{are there brands that are better than others? review welcomed!!}

I'm not a "hair" girl... I don't even own a straight iron
{actually, I do... it's lost in a junk drawer somewhere, I think!!}
My hair is long enough now that I really SHOULD be doing more with it... 

So, I'm wondering... even with thin, super straight hair AND bangs, can I really rock day 2 hair... and will it look right in a messy high bun!?

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruby, for a day

Ever wonder what it would be like to switch places with one of your kids for a day?
I thought it would be a fun to imagine a day as my little girl... 

My day would start with Mommy waking me up really early {you see, 7:00 is a totally reasonable time to be out of bed on the weekends, but during the week!? What is this crazy lady thinking!?}
She usually turns off my night light, opens the curtains and says something like "mornin' sunshine!" or "wakey, wakey, eggs & bakey!"... that last one always make me giggle a little, but it's not enough to actually make me get out of bed!  I usually wait until she comes over and tickles me a little.  Got to make her work for it!  ;)

Before even going downstairs, I get dressed.  If Mommy has picked out anything that is NOT a dress, I get a little cranky.  Depending on Mommy's mood, sometimes I get my way... but mostly she wins. I wish I only had dresses, though.  Hundreds of them! Sparkly & twirly ones are the best!!  But my mom keeps buying me these things called "skinnies" that she says are comfy AND cute.  I'm not sure sure.  As long as we can compromise and I can wear something pretty in my hair, I'll wear the darn things!
Breakfast.  Can I have ice cream? Ha!  I wish!
And what? She expects me to eat BEFORE we need to leave?
But I wanna watch Spongebob... 'sigh'
Mommy drops me off at daycare early enough.  Instead of walking me to my room, she lets me stand on her feet and we turn into a two-headed robot... I love doing that!  I always give Mommy a big hug & kiss before she leaves {oh! I always try to make her feel a little guilty about going to work too... I do that sooooo well!!}
Truth is, I totally love daycare.  All my friends are there and I hardly get any time-outs anymore!  They have the best food too!  I hate naptime, though.  They tell me I only have to "rest" not actually sleep, but I don't wanna.  Total bummer.
Mommy picks me up after she's done work at her office and I tell her all about my day before we get home... I know once I get home, I'll forget because I'm usually pretty excited to see my big brother Memphis by then!

Daddy makes supper because Mommy is a crappy cook. Oops, don't tell Mommy I said "crap," okay?  "Crap" is a bad word so I shouldn't say "crap."  "Crap" is bad.  {I totally like repeating words I'm not supposed to say! ha!}
After supper, I get to play a little before bath & bedtime.  At some point, I'll usually get into Mommy's shoes or nail polish or jewelry... without her permission.  I don't care if I get in trouble, I just can't wait to  be a real grown-up lady someday!!
Speaking of bedtime... I'm such a big girl now.  I used to hate going to bed by myself... it was scary.
But now, Mommy lets me pick out a few stuffed animals to sleep with and a book that she'll read to me.  It's really nice!  She kisses my forehead and puts extra kisses in my hands.  I tuck those under my pillow when she leaves so I know that I'm not alone.  I think I'll dream about unicorns & mermaids tonight.  They're my favorites!

Rough life, eh?
Ah, to be young again...

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 10


Welcome to Tuesday 10...

Jen from Queen Bee's Hive is my co-host this week!
Be sure to show her a little love! ♥

Thanks to her wonderful theme suggestion, we're talking

It's such a wonderful time of year... everything is fresh, and bright & new!!
I can't wait to see what colors are inspiring you guys this season!

I've decided to share  
10 Ways to Wear my Newest Color Crush...
This Spring, I'm all about

a maxi dress
a cute gold & mint necklace
an embellished scarf
a mint bowling bag!!
a pair of wedges (my go to shoe!)
a pair of flast (a girl can never have too many!)
mint nail polish
a funky bracelet (is there anything cute that mint & baby pink!?)

Grab a button & link up!
{you don't have to follow the "theme" to link up, it's just a prompt!
Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}


Upcoming Tuesday10 "Themes" Are:
April 3
10 things you'd want with you on a deserted island
April 10
10 fave Easter moments
April 17
10 embarrassing movies you LOVE
April 24
10 beauty products you can't live without

If you have a theme suggestion, don't be shy!
If I choose your theme, you get to be my co-host that week!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

a pinteresting post

I did it.
I deleted most of my Pinterest boards this morning.
It's something that has been on my "to do list" for awhile now, so I was happy to accomplish that task before I even showered this morning!! I was on a roll!
{I still need to do a good FB "friend" sweep... I haven't gotten to that yet!}

To be honest, it was bittersweet.
I loved Pinterest.
I was smitten from the beginning!
We've all heard the recent controversy, and although Pinterest has responded with amended terms & policies, I'm really not good with "fine print."  The whole thing is really started to freak me out, and the only thing I know for sure is that I do NOT want to get sued!  And I definitely wouldn't want my photos/ideas pinned without being credited either.  Not fair. Not cool.

After a little reflection, I realized that I don't even visit Pinterest as much as I used to.
All those DIYs & recipes I pinned... guest what!?  I never made them! Ha!
It's been ages since I actually "repinned" anything I've seen n there either.
Bascially it was turning into just one more way to waste time on the web... :(

If you want to "follow" me somewhere... Facebook, Twitter,  Hellocotton & Bloglovin' are social networking tools I absolutely LOVE! {you can find all my links on my sidebar!}
I think these are great resources for my little blog!
{Google+ and Linky Followers, on the other hand, are on their way out for me too, I think...}

If you were paying attention, you probably noticed I mentioned deleting "most" of my boards.  I did keep one.  I like to pin the Polyvore sets I create when I'm bored {see! another way I waste time online!!} and I find they are easier to import into a blog post & work with when I pin them first.  I don't *think* I could get sued for these, right?  And I like to sometimes pin the giveaways I enter... it's a good way to keep track of them!

all that's left!

For now, my account is still active.  If any mega changes happen and I feel it's safe to return, I won't have to start all over.  Plus, I can still follow my faves and get some good ideas WITHOUT breaking any laws or stepping on any toes!  Let's be careful of our pins, and give credit where credit is due!

What is everyone else doing?
Anything similar to Pinterest out there?

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

i love my online friends... a hop!

How could I not join up with a hop with such a cute name!
Since I really, really, really do LOVE my online buddies, I thought it would be fun to linkup this week!

Go visit The Things We Find Inside & Holly's House to partake in the fun!!

The Things We Find Inside

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Today was one of those days I felt like I should be wearing straight-jacket or maybe holed up in a little padded room somewhere!  But I survived!
It's almost time to get the kids ready for bed... phew!
{there must be something in the air, they were WILD today!! ha!}

Don't forget to check out my "closet sale"
I started Spring cleaning and have decided to part with a few pretty pieces I've never worn!
My loss... your gain!  ;)

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May the odds...

... be ever in your favor.

I saw the movie last night, and it did NOT disappoint!

It's been a while since I read The Hunger Games, but I'm pretty sure the movie followed the book as best it could.  I took a little issue with how Katniss gets her mockingjay pin in the movie {that doesn't happen that way in the book, right?}, but other than that, I think the cast was perfect and the set & the effects were exactly right.

I wish I could say more, but I don't want to ruin the fun for any fans that haven't seen it yet or for anyone who {gasp!} hasn't read the books!

Here are some fashion sets I put together inspired by the movie!

In the District

Girl on Fire

Have you seen the movie?
Did you LOVE it?

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shop My Closet

I've gone through my closet and  picked out a few really pretty items that deserve a better home!
{it's my first sweep, there could be MUCH more to come!}

All items have never been worn {or worn only once}
Like new condition
Prices are in Canadian dollars and INCLUDE shipping to Canada & the US
If you you are interested in several items, I will make you a deal!
All sales final
Please comment and/or send me an email if you are
a) interested or
b) have any questions!!


Coral dress
Dee & Ray
{bought at ShopRuche}
size L

Lime dress
Dee & Ray
{bought at ShopRuche}
size L {fits more like M}


Blue, exposed zipper dress
Amercian Eagle
Size 12

H&M Skirt
Size 12

Gap Skirt
Size 12

"Off the shoulder" white blouse
Size 12

That's it for now! 
I haven't even pulled out my Spring/Summer stuff yet!

Happy Shopping!!

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Something Sweet

I absolutely adore Laura over at Our Reflection, and look forward every week to taking part in her photo challenge!!
This week's theme is "Something Sweet" and although I'm a little late to the party {already some wonderful submissions!} I just knew I had the perfect shot to add to the party!

Ruby LOVES candy.
She's got a wicked sweet tooth, so I knew she'd love to "model" for me this week!
{hey, she got candy out of it, didn't she!?}

I chose to edit it to look an old photo.
This could TOTALLY have a been a picture of me... 30ish years ago!
Kid + Candy... well, that's been a sweet spot for all of us, has it not!?

Are you linking up?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

please allow me to (re)introduce... myself.

I am shy. Friendly.
Proud.  Self-conscious.
I take a lot of photos.  Of my kids, of random things.  There is so much beauty in this world.
I love movies, popcorn.
Being a mom is the greatest. I live for my kids.
I love tattoos.  Every Spring I get the "itch" to get more.  If I wouldn't feel so guilty about spending all that cash on myself, I think my next piece would be a half sleeve... or a huge gypsy head on my upper thigh!
I stick up for the little guy.  I don't like bullies.
I value everything I have.
I know that hard work pays off.
Karma is real.
Dandelions are awesome!
I hate snow.
I love color.
I hate clutter.
I have a small obsession with shoes. And nail polish.
My favorite band is The Beatles.
I'm also a "Belieber." I have "Bieber Fever."
I let my kids sleep in our bed, if they want.
I've been known to let them have ice cream for breakfast.
I prefer to buy something already made, over trying to make it myself.
I've been with the same guy for exactly half my life! ♥
I'm a good friend.  Loyal.
I drive an old van.
I think bellbottoms are cool.
I'm totally tone-deaf.
I'm a natural blonde.
I love thrifting.

Nice to meet you!
Please tell me a little about yourself!

Don't forget to follow on Facebook & Twitter!
{always lots of fun, random things happening on there!}

Giveaway ends tomorrow!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dirty Puddle

It's that time of year again...
Too warm for winter boots, not quite ''shoe'' weather...

boots: Walmart

And with the warmer weather, and melting snow come...
And we've got a HUGE one in the ditch across the street.

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend, and that particular puddle was a big hit!
It was still a bit chilly on Saturday, so the kids didn't get too close... but this little boy was very happy!

 The weather really warmed up on Sunday, and by Tuesday afternoon... while I was still at work, I received a text from my husband with these photo attachments!

Shirt: Dickies, Jeans: Old Navy
Get him out there!!
Although, I was totally a bit disgusted at the thought of him rolling around in THAT(!), it warmed my heart to see him so happy.  And I DO remember what it was like to a be a kid... and we let him be.
We totally let him roll around in a puddle.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is What I Wore on a Hot Day in March

We've been having CRAZY warm weather here in Western Quebec... I'm NOT complaining, but I'm so not ready!  Just 2 week ago we were freezing our butts off at -23C... and yesterday was at least +23C.  There are rumors we'll hit +36 with the humidex today!
We totes skipped Spring!!

On Sunday, I grabbed the only short sleeved shirt that was clean... threw on a pair of comfy jeans & my chucks & I was ready to go!

{all photos courtesy of Memphis... my mini shutterbug!!}

Linking up all over the place today!

pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

Don't forget to check out Chickadette's crazy, cool guest post from earlier today!!

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