Friday, December 14, 2012

The Marvelous Malo talks TV!

Hello Lena's readers!
My name is Malo, I'm a 20- something teacher living in France, and I blog over at Life Feels Good in Portbail Beach. Lena has given me the pleasure of taking over her blog today! Thank you so much!

If you regularly read my blog, you should know that I adore watching TV series. As long as I can remember, I have always watched them. The first one I was addicted to was Beverly Hills, 90210. I was like 6 and already identifying myself to Kelly Taylor and her girlfriends... omg. I would dream of going to LA, shopping, going to the Peach Pit and drinking milkshakes made by my boyfriend Brandon. I grew up with the show and its characters, and never missed one single episode.

Oops... sorry for the bad editing!

By the time I was a teenage girl, I was into a famous Australian TV series, Heartbreak High. Do you know it ? The themes are quite the same as in Beverly Hills, 90210 : teen rebellion, love, drugs, alcohol... but situated in Sydney's multiracial suburbs. Exit Brandon, give way to good-looking Drazic ! When the show ended, I burst into tears... I still wish they'd make a sequel.

My latest obsession is one of the best shows ever, The Walking Dead. Obsession is not even the strongest word to describe how silly I am about this show. I have always been attracted to zombie films, they scare me but I can't help watching them. There is something really fascinating in people's survival during the Zombie apocalypse... don't you think so ? I remember watching the first episode of The Walking Dead early 2011 and instantly knew that it would be a success. I just couldn't wait to see the entire season so I watched the 6 episodes in a row on the Internet. And then, I had to wait months before season 2... No, please ! I can't believe we have to wait until February to see the 2nd part of season 3... this is going to be very long ! What am I going to do now on Monday mornings ?

Yeah, I'm lucky enough to have my Mondays off but I have a 'strict' schedule. Mornings are dedicated to my favorite TV series of the moment. My fiancĂ© Ludo and pretty much everyone around me think I'm crazy, but I need to watch them ! Here's the schedule right now... First, I watch The Walking Dead and Talking Dead, but now I guess I'll have to find a replacement until February. Then, Homeland. I used to love it but I really can't stand Dana Brody anymore. Once Upon A Time and New Girl follow. I limit myself to these four at the moment because I know I could spend my entire day and weekend watching TV series. I am clearly a child of television.

What are you currently watching ? Is there a new TV show I should watch ?

Thanks for reading and come to say hi sometime !


haha! I'm still giggling over that 90210 photo!
I'm hooked on The Walking Dead too and can't wait until February...
in the meantime I'm watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and it's awesome!!

What are you watching lately?

Don't forget to stop by Malo's blog and say hi!!

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  1. lol thats cute you edited yourself in genious!

  2. Beverly Hills 90210 is my favorite show of all time!

  3. HAHAHA, it took me forever to realize that you had edited yourself in in that Beverly Hills photo! I saw that you wrote, "Sorry, bad editing", but couldn't figure out in what way you had edited it... then when I did realize it, I was like THAT IS GENIUS.
    This whole post made me laugh and smile, thank you.
    PS: I used to love Beverly Hills 90210, and am a big fan of The Walking Dead, too.

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