Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Did I Accomplish :: 32 while 32 ::

Around this time last year, I decided to do a "32 While 32" list.
I thought I put together a pretty fine list, really.  Nothing overly ambitious... or so I thought. 

I actually forgot about it.  Oops. Let's blame it on getting older, m'kay?
I'm celebrating my 33rd birthday next Monday, November 12th,
{HUGE GIVEAWAY happening here, mark your calendars!!}
I thought it would be fun to take a peek at the list again and share what I've done!

1. Donate blood 
#1 thing on every list I make... and still haven't done.

2. Pierce my nose
Done! About 3 days after I posted my list, actually! Ha!

3. Get a 'matching' tattoo with the hubs
Still not done! Hopefully this year!

4. Lose 20 lbs.
Unfortunately, no. I've probably gained a few instead. Boo.  :(

5. Reach 500 followers on my blog
Done! It was a fabulous milestone!!

6. Plan a surprise party for someone
Not yet...

7. Get a passport (I had one, but I let it expired! oops!)
Nope, still not done!

8. Completely change my hairstyle
Yes! First I went blonde, then I did a bob... then a pixie!!

9. Spend an entire day in bed watching movies
Yeah, sorta! There was that day I had the flu... and the TV was on all day, and I was in bed, so...

10. Take a photography course
Yes! I actually took 2!

11. Complete a 500 piece puzzle
Ha! No!

12. Go shopping in New York
Not yet! This year, I hope!!

13. Have our family portrait taken
Sadly, no.  I have a hard time getting all 4 of us IN FRONT of the camera!

14. Learn to knit
Not yet

15. Get a cell phone
Yes! How did I live so long without it!

16. Take the kids on a train
Didn't get around to that this year, unfortunately!

17. Sew myself a skirt

18. Visit a 'psychic'

19. Have a yard sale

20. Ask my boss for a raise
No... but I did get a teeny one at the beginning of the year!

21. Go on a trip with my sister
She was basically pregnant the whole time, so we didn't venture too far!

22. Get a plant, and don't KILL it
Yeah, I did have one... for awhile.  ;)

23. Get another kitty
We have sorta semi-adopted this adorable stray that roams around here. He's the cutest ever!

24. Be in a parade

25. Get a laptop
Yes! Again, how did I live so long without one!?

26. Plant a garden
Yes, we had a little one. It did well... we had an extraordinary amount of tomatoes and green peppers this summer!

27. Make my own fudge
Nah... I'll leave that to my grandma!

28. Learn to say ‘’I love you’’ in, at least, 10 different languages (and teach the kids!)
Totally forgot about this one! Didn't do it, but hopefully I will this year!

29. Try a completely new recipe and host a little dinner at my place

30. Go bowling

31. See a 3D movie
Still never seen a 3D movie... how lame is that?

32. Donate to a good cause
Yep!  I've made several donations throughout the year!

By my calculations, I completed 12 of my 32... that's better than I thought!
What do you think, should I make another list? Should I carrry any of these forward?
What do YOU think should be on my 33 while 33 list?

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  1. I like this idea and might try to come up with a list before January to start the year off.

    I have a big Life List of things I want to do, but a lot of the smaller things get away from me because I never write them down.

    If I do end up starting it in January I'll link back to you!

  2. I'd skip the 3D movie. Avatar might have been worth it. Anything else? Nah.

    Next year, aim for 3.3 items. That way, you're bound to succeed.

  3. I say there is still time for some of those before 2013. I think you should add "trip to CA" to your next list :0)

  4. This reminds me I need to get on my list lol! At least now you can reuse some goals and not have to try to think of 33 new ones ;)

  5. You should definitely make another list! I think they're so fun and actually encourage you to mark things off. We're doing a 1 year 20 wishes project right now actually if you want to add your list for a little bloggie encouragement! ;)

  6. I think you could cross a few more off in the next 4 days :) I love these lists, I just started my 101 in 1001, it's fun!

  7. Also, I think visiting Canada should be on the list. I would be happy to be your tour guide :) Great job on completing 12, and Happy Birthday!

  8. Jeg elsker deg (yai elsker dai) I love you, in Norwegian thought I would help you along with that one as it is such a beautiful idea :)

  9. Carry some of the ones over then make new ones!!

    This is a great idea!

  10. Cool list ~ and you can just carry over the ones you didn't accomplish for next year.

    Happy early birthday!! Woop! Woop!


  11. Love the idea!!

    Everyone should donate blood.
    I've been trying to get everyone to donate since my sister has had to have numerous blood and platelet transfusions.


  12. Carry the ones you still want to do over and add more! :). Also rhis would be a great new years link up where everyone creates their 2013 list! Just saying in case you need a cohost or anything ;)

  13. Hey, that's not too bad! Definitely make another list, and just have fun with it and don't stress about trying to complete everything. Keep the things you still want to do and throw out the ones that you aren't interested in anymore.

    And then link up your list here! ;)

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