Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Welcome back to Tuesday10!
{or simply WELCOME if you're new here!}

I am so excited to welcome Angee of October Morning here today as my co-host!

Angee suggested this week's theme: 
Favorite Holiday Movies
{reminder: the theme isn't a MUST, just a prompt!}  

It's a great time of year for fabulous movies! There are some in my list that are "obvious" Christmas classics, others are just some I watch every year for sentimental reasons!
In no particular order... these are my favorite holiday movies!

Olive, The Other Reindeer
 Home Alone

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Troop Beverly Hills
{this one of those "sentimental" ones I was talking about! I used to stay up late Christmas Eve to watch this one... in hopes staying up late would help me sleep in the next day... Never did!}

Christmas With The Kranks

It's a Wonderful Life

200 Cigarettes

Edward Scissorhands

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I can't wait to see what everyone links up this week!

 Now... it's your turn!
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Any & every Tuesday10 list is welcomed!!}

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 Upcoming Themes

Dec 4th -"10 Favorite Christmas Songs"
Dec 11th & 18 - TBA  
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that likes Christmas with the Kranks. It's so cheesy but I can't stop myself from watching it every time it's on tv.

  3. I love christmas movies!
    ps. I think you might have forgotten to add the 'link up button'

  4. Elf is totally on my list of all time favorite movies! I think of it pretty much every time I use syrup :)

  5. Oh! I just thought of a possible 10 on Tuesday theme - maybe something like "10 favorite holiday treats". I have been excited for all the eggnog, candy canes, and frosted gingerbread cookies that come with the holidays :) Just a thought!

  6. You know what? I've never seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. How can that be?!?! I must try to catch it this holiday season! Eee, I can't wait to watch some Christmas movies!!

  7. Troop Beverly Hills! Horribly wonderful movie!!


  8. I've never seen a few of these. I used to love Troop Beverly Hills, though. :)

  9. I loved Troop Beverly Hills, and Christmas with the Kranks. Can't believe I forgot those two! :-)

  10. I love Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer and Christmas with the Kranks!

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