Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lots of treats...not so many tricks!

And that's just the way they liked it!
After a miserable, cold & rainy day, mother nature gave us a break and the kids were able to go out trick or treating without having to worry about getting all soggy!

It was the first time we've done more than a block... we were out nearly 2 hours! 
They had a blast!
Memphis was so good at remembering to say "Trick or Treat" and a pleasant "Thank you! Happy Halloween!!" at every house he went! 

Ruby made to sure tell everyone she was wearing "makeup" not a mask... you know, in case they couldn't tell...
She even asked a few "What do you think of my makeup!?"  She was so proud!

All in all a spooktacular Halloween has come & gone!
Hope you had a great night with your little goblins too!

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  1. They look trick or treating :) x

  2. Hahaha oh goodness, Memphis is terrifying! And how cute for Ruby telling everyone she's wearing makeup. Such CUTE kids Lena!

  3. I love her asking people what they thought of her makeup. Awesome! They both look great.

  4. I totally had to scroll quickly past the clown outfit! I am such a baby!

  5. Your kids' costumes are awesome, Lena!! They sound like my favourite kind of trick-or-treaters - polite and chatty. haha! I love the ones who want to tell me all about their costumes and make-up. I had a few last night tell me my jack-o-lantern was awesome. Made my night! :) Hope Memphis & Ruby had a blast and got lotsa loot!!

  6. They looked awesome!
    Glad you had a blast

  7. Oh man what great costumes!! Love the makeup!!

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