Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Photo Tutorial by The Crafty Woman

I stumbled upon this awesome photography tutorial by The Crafty Woman and asked her to share it with my readers today!
I'm so happy she said yes!

As much as I love photography, I'm horrible at explaining what I do!
Coincidentally, she uses the exact same camera & lens that I do!
Christine's post below is  perfect for anyone just beginning... it's easy to follow & understand... and seriously, how cute are her kiddies!?

 Canon Rebel T3,  18-55mm lens, 4.0 f-stop, 50 shutter speed, Auto ISO
Natural light from window (Light fabric curtain)
Distance from tree: ~3 feet

Canon Rebel T3, 50 mm lens, 1.8 f-stop, 15 shutter speed, Auto ISO
Natural light from window (light, sheer white curtain).
Distance from tree: ~6 feet.
(No tripod, though I'd recommend one.)

So this is a super quick tutorial:
Note: Most of these I used a Canon 50mm fixed lens.
Fixed meaning you can't adjust the zoom.

The 50mm lens is a great lens, gets clear images and can get a low f-stop, 
you just have to move back and adjust your self to fill your frame rather than zoom in and out with the lens.  
 Canon Rebel T3, 50mm lens, 1.8 f-stop, 50 shutter speed, Auto ISO
Natural light from window with light curtains.
Distance from tree: ~4 feet.

Closer vs. Farther
Canon Rebel T3, 50mm lens, 1.8 f-stop,  60 shutter speed, Auto ISO
Again natural light from window.
Distance from tree: ~5ft.

For the white background:
I positioned the chair just inches from the window and a few feet from the tree.
The light weight fabric allowed light in without it casting harsh shadows. 
the bigger the blur!
(Like the one above.)
(Make sure your f-stop is set at the lowest.)

the smaller the blur!
(Like the one below.) 

Remember the basics:
Low shutter speed=more light

Low f-stop=more blur in back/foreground

A lower shutter speed can be tricky when it gets below 30.
A tripod can help keep it steady and try to have your subject hold still.
If you aren't familiar with your manual settings:
I suggest looking here.
She has some great explanations and tutorials! 

Canon Rebel T3, 50mm lens, 1.8 f-stop,  60 shutter speed,, Auto ISO
Again natural light from window.
Distance from tree: ~6 inches.



(The two above where without curtains, hence the harsh light.)

These are easy, quick photos to capture at home.
You can see the difference the dark vs. white tree makes in the over all appearance, as well as the distance.  
It is so fun to play with and figure out the distance. 

To save your sanity, practice with an object before going for it with the kiddos!   

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  1. I loooove bokeh so much and wish I had more natural light in my house (stupid not having enough windows!).

  2. Like Ashley, I wish I had more natural light in the apartment. Great tips!

    I'm a new follower, discovered your blog through My So Called Chaos :)


  3. Love her object at the end! ;) My sister could totally use this post! Except she has a newborn so it might be a little trickier!

  4. What a great that's what that means :)

    I just saw my Nikon in a whole new light!


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