Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Questions, 2 Kids

Memphis' shirt: Dogwood & pants: Old Navy
Ruby's dress: Joe Fresh & tights: The Children's Place

1.  Why do you like being a kid?
Memphis:  Because of all the fun stuff we get to do!
Ruby:  Kids are really fun because we get to play with toys.

2.  What is your happiest memory?
Memphis:  I can't choose one, all my memories are happy!! Make sure to put an exclamation mark, Mommy!
Ruby:  Going to the fair!!

3.  What do you like to do for fun?
Memphis:   Fishing, play games & math.  But really there's thousands more things I like to do.
Ruby:  I like to skate, and go to the fair.

4.  What was the nicest thing you ever did for someone else?
Memphis:  That happened today! There's was lots of kids in Ms. L's class that were being bad so I helped her keep an eye on them. I told them to be good.
Ruby:  When Addi cries, I help her get not crying. Like if she scrapes her knee, I'll kiss it to make it better.

5.  What is the thing you love most about your sister/brother?
Memphis:  I dunno. She's annoying to me right now.
Ruby:  I like his shirts... cuz they're funny.

6.  What do you think you'll be doing 10 years from now?
Memphis:  I'll be 17... I'll have my license & have lots of fun fishing & hunting.
Ruby:  I think I'll have a job.

7.  What do you think makes a person good-looking?
Memphis:  Her hair & face.
Ruby:  His hairdo.

8. What do you think your mom & dad do for jobs?
 Memphis:  Mommy talks to people that are getting new houses & Daddy is a chef.
Ruby:  Mommy works in an office & daddy works in a restaurant.

9.  What is the grosses thing you can imagine?
Memphis:  Dead stuff... like dead deers.  And kissing.
Ruby:  Poop.

10.  What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
Memphis:  Go swimming at Auntie Amanda's.
Ruby:  Just spend time with them.

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  1. Your husband is a chef? How fun!
    your kids are so creative with their answers...this post was such a great idea!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!
    I made this thing for Maddy to do for for Fathers Day, I basically wrote out questions and she wrote the answers she wanted...the one that makes me laugh is:
    Q: What does Daddy do that makes you laugh?
    Maddys answer: When he farts!

  3. These are great! I'm so going to ask the kids these questions tonight

  4. LOL! So cute - what a good idea!

  5. They are the cutest! And Memphis is such a little man, so insitghtful! I love that he knows that at 17 he will be driving!!

  6. this is pretty cute! I can't wait until I can do this and my kiddo will answer the question lol

  7. Your kids are adorable and funny too! Thanks for stopping by from WIWW. Following you too! :)

  8. SO cute! kid interviews are the best :)

  9. super cute kids, super cute blog, super Lena B, actually !!

  10. Kids are fun because they get to play with toys and not have to go to work or they don't have huge responsibilities. LOL! How cute! :) They both look adorable! :)

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