Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I Sponsor


 Sorry! This post actually has NOTHING TO DO with The Hunger Games...
BUT now that I've got your attention....

With a brand-spanking new month upon us, we are welcoming our new sponsors and/or sponsoring a new blog... or maybe we're trying to fill those last few open spots.  Regardless, sponsoring is probably on all of our minds.

I wish I could afford to sponsor a hundred blogs... seriously.
And it's not only to ''get my name out there'' or to ''advertise my brand.''
Even though, technically speaking, that is the reasoning behind sponsoring or choosing to advertsie on a particular blog... it's not the real reason I do it.

There are tons of informational posts out there about what to look for when sponsoring a blog.  How to get the most bang for your buck, etc. The truth is, I don't have a shop or a business that needs exposure to grow. I blog for fun, as a hobby. I'm not selling anything. I live in a small town and it's a fun little thing I do just for me. I advertise ''me.'' That's it.

So why do I sponsor? Why do I fork over my hard earned money, you ask?

I sponsor to support.

I don't really care if you have 200 followers or 2000... if I like you, believe in you and want to make sure you know I appreciate you... then you got me!  Unfortunately, though... I don't own a money tree and I haven't won the lottery lately, so I can't support as many bloggers as I wish I could.

I try to spread the love, and support new blogs when I can. I know the $10, $15 or $20 I pay to purchase an ad either goes towards them being able to purchase their own ads on bigger blogs for more exposure... or maybe it helps with their bills? I honestly don't care what they do with the money. Blogging is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. It takes a lot of work. So whether you're a little blogger, or big blogger, chances are you've put a bit of yourself (blood, sweat & tears) into your blog and that's good enough for me!

I try to return the favor by offering reasonably priced sponsor options for anyone interested in hanging out here too. I recently hired a virtual assitant that helps me promote my sponsors the way I've always wished I could. I cannot thank my sponsors enough for taking a chance by supporting ME, so I'll do whatever I can to support YOU.

This post kinda just popped into my head today while I was thinking about who to sponsor this month... with a new name change just around the corner, and all!!  ;)

I'm curious about how you choose who to sponsor. Is it a numbers game, is it an emotional decision? Do you stick with the same blogs all the time, switch it up? Have you had an amazing positive experience? What made it so great? If you had a bad one... what could have been done differently to make your sponsor experience better?

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  1. Kudos for the Hunger Games reference and for sponsoring from a good heart.

  2. All of your questions at the end of this post are ones that I have been wanting to know the answers to for awhile now!

    How you choose who to sponsor? Really, I don't have the money to be spending on a ton of sponsorships each month, so I usually go for people who offer swaps. I have to enjoy reading the blog though. If I don't enjoy a blog that I'm going to be a sponsor on, I don't see the point.

    Do you stick with the same blogs all the time, switch it up?
    I've never understood this one. Do people want you to keep coming back? Do they want to change up the people who are sponsoring them? I just don't get it. I've only been on the same blog two months in a row. Never longer.

    I've never really had a significantly positive or negative experience. I can say that I've gotten to know some people that I probably wouldn't have if it weren't for finding them on Passionfruit ads Twitter.

    I hope this helps! :]

    Oh! and also, I feel more inclined to to actually pay for an ad when at least a portion of the money is going to charity. Makes me feel like I did something worthwhile with the money that I shouldn't have spent in the first place.

  3. I was actually planning on writing something like this in the near future! This is exactly how I feel about sponsorship. As bloggers we are a network of people who are working hard and it's important that we show support for one another. So important!

  4. Good post! And yes, the hunger games photo totally got my attention, haha!
    I love to Sponsor to support the blogs/people I love, but yes, money does't grow on trees...if I happen to shell out the big dough for bigger spots to gain exposure to my Etsy shop or blog though, I better see results (views} or I'm not going to spend it's so hard to choose who and when to sponsor though...I guess it's completely a personal decision!

  5. Love this. and I love your heart. I have like zero dollars to spend on sponsorships as bad as I want to support the ppl who have befriended and supported me. now and then I will get an extra $10 or something. I've been blogging 9 months and I just sponsored my 2nd blog this wk just because I happened to have $10 and I felt impulsively inclined to support and be a friend rather than spend it on food. haha. And that was the only reason. I love what you said here, and so agree with everything...

  6. GREAT Post! I'm always so confused on this sponsor stuff. I'm just starting to take mine a little more seriously.

  7. Thank-You for writing this, I totally agree. I sponsor to support to. And most of the time, I get turned down. Again, thank-you for writing this.

  8. I try to sponsor blogs back who have sponsored me. I have an ongoing list, and sadly it takes awhile to get through it! But, I try to get back on blogs that have either won space or chosen to sponsor me. I only sponsor blogs I love-not because I feel like I have to. One thing I've tried is to be genuine from the second I started my site. If I don't genuinely like a blog, i won't follow it just to get an entry to a giveaway, or to link up. In fact, that's sort of a turn off for me. Granted, I do it, but the only "required" entry for a giveaway is name/email. If you don't want to follow my site, then don't. Same with sponsoring. I think you have to be genuine from the beginning.

  9. Really great post, and thank you for writing it! I dont know how to get more sponsors. I try, and I have huge sales but people just don't come around. I love your blog! :)

  10. Love this. I haven't gotten too, too much into the sponsor game yet. I am planning on really working into it before the end of the year. Thank you for linking up!

  11. I am kind of half-and-half: I like to sponsor smaller blogs to show support and offer my help to them. Their ads are less expensive but reach a smaller audience of course. Then I like to sponsor larger blogs, especially those that include co-hosting a hop or something that will bring me new followers. Sometimes I sponsor the same blog more than once, but I wait a few months in between, because I've probably already reached most of their readers.
    As for my blog, well, there are blogs out there about the same size as mine who are getting a lot more sponsors and whose ads are much more expensive than mine. Not sure what I'm doing wrong- I feel like my ads are well-priced!

  12. I tend to switch it up, and I tend to sponsor blogs I love. :) If I find one I love after awhile, I'll sponsor. Every now and again if a blog I'm familiar with has a special, I might sponsor then... but really, it's gotta be something I would read and enjoy myself. ;)

  13. Great topic to touch on... I think that some people get scared to advertise or don't know where to start.

    Some even get completely turned off buy buying more expensive ads. Thing is when you have more expensive ads and are purchasing $400+ ads on other huge blogs, it all trinkles down to help everyone out! Which in turn is sponsoring to support =)

    I think for smaller blogs that may not have the resources to do this right away they should consider swapping. It builds up community, helps others out and gets you in the routine of learning how to manage ads.

    And although a total shamless plug since I work there- everyone should be using for all their ad selling/swapping needs =)


  14. I don't have any sponsors. I am a brand new blogger (without buttons) and I want someone to sponsor, I just haven't figured out how or whys yet. I am thinking about making a few buttons and doing a button swap...but Im going to wait and see.

    Thanks for sharing,

  15. For me, blogging is a hobby. I don't make money on it, I'm not blogging for business. I haven't had a lot of spare money in the past year, so I've largely stuck to swaps when it comes to advertising. I'd like to be able to buy paid ads from people, and once I have a steady income I may do that... but really my motivation is more to support bloggers who are writing things that resonate with me monetarily than it is for my own gain. If I get traffic from it, that's great. If I don't, it's no big deal.

    Swapping has been my way to do this while I couldn't afford to buy... and sometimes I'll put up someone's button even if I don't swap with them, just because I believe in their content that much.

  16. For me, it depends on a lot of different factors. First, I typically like early 20s lifestyle blogs or newlywed blogs because that's what I am. Not only do I appeal to readers of that blog but I tend to make better friendships with those girls. As far as from a business stand point, the amount of contact I have with the person majorly affects whether I will sponsor them.

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