Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Rhymes With Orange?

dress: Old Navy  boots: Payless

Happy Halloween!
I can't wait to bring the kids trick or treatin' tonight!

The pumpkins are carved {thanks hubby!} and the costumes are hanging in the closet.  The kids are so excited... especially my little sugar freak Ruby!

Did you guys link up your awesome costumes for yesterday's Tuesday10?
No?  What are you waiting for... I've already gathered a ton of ideas for next year!  It'd be fun to do something "family-themed" before the kids get too old and won't think it's cool anymore...
KISS?  Wizard of Oz?  
The ideas are swirling... and I have exactly 365 days to come up with something really cute & clever!

Wishing you all the spookiest of days!  Be safe tonight!

oh! have I mentioned how much Ruby loves candy?
Last week the hubs brought the kids for their yearly dental checkup... 
Ruby's sitting in the dentist chair saying
"I hate toothpaste!  I hate brushing my teeth!  I LOVE CANDY!"
The hubs was like "Shhh! Ruby! Now is not the time! You LOVE brushing your teeth.... remember!?"

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  1. I wish my hubby was into the idea of family costumes! He just shot it down without even considering it. Boo.

    Im thinking Rainbow Bright and Twink =)

  2. Have fun tonight! Hope Ruby gets loads of candy!

  3. Those boots are the best--I love a good zipper. Have fun tonight! And good luck with Ruby...ha!

  4. what a cute outfit! love the color of your dress!

  5. Pretty color!

  6. Cute outfit! I need some cute tights... Glad to hear Ruby's honest. ;)

  7. I love bright colors!!! You confidently take so many fashion risks--and make them look supa cute.

  8. Love the colored dress. Tonight trick or treat was very cold and wet, but the kids still had a great time. Thanks for coming by, following.


  9. Is that your house? LOVE the yellow walls! And you rock that orange dress!

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