Sunday, October 7, 2012


My baby turned 7 today.
I can't belive it's already been that long since he made me a mommy.
His mommy.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. 
My water broke at 6:00 a.m.  and nearly 18 hours later at 11:24 p.m., with the sounds of Elvis in the background he came to us... and changed our lives forever. 

A tiny 8lbs 5oz {compared to his sister that was born 2 years later at nearly 10lbs} of pure perfection.  Cutest kid I had ever seen!

This year he shared his birthday with our Thanksgiving festivies... just like he did 7 years ago.  He was born the Friday before Thanksgiving, and I have to say the pumpkin pie they served in the hospital was've.ever.had.
I've always wondered about that.  Was it because I was just so happy that everything tasted better once he was finally in my arms!?

Poor kid's balloons kept popping!
It was almost comical.

We keep telling him that turning 7 on the 7th means it'll be his lucky year!
Fingers crossed our promises come true... he deserves only good things!

Happy birthday, little buddy!!

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  1. Oh happy birthday to the handsome boy! You are such a good mom and u obviously love your kids lots. My elder daughter is 7 this year too its crazy how time flies x

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful son!

  3. Absolutely awesome photos! I have to agree about the hospital food- my 1st meal after having my little Bean was AH-MA-ZING. And I'm not sure if it's because it was actually delicious or because I was starving.

    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mommy Moments :)
    Peacoats and Plaid

  4. Ahh, the photo of your hubby and kids is fantastic, can you photoshop yourself in there?! I remember having some really awesome food in the hospital with Vanessa. She was my second, so I could focus totally on the bliss with no worries to distract me!

  5. Your going to have beautiful photos to look back on, your photos are always amazing

  6. Happy birthday to him!
    That fish cake is so adorable :)

  7. Happy Birthday Memphis!!
    You take such great photos!
    Love the one with the popped balloons.
    PS: I think the pumpkin pie was magical and tasted great because you were so smitten.

  8. Bless him! A big happy birthday to him, I hope all his wishes come true, precious boy :) xxx

  9. Happy birthday to Memphis! Hope he had a great time, he's just so cute and lovely ^^ xx

  10. Awww Happy Birthday Memphis! :D

  11. Happy Birthday to your big man! I love the hunting/fishing theme running through his birthday. I think its great that he's interested in that kind of stuff. It reminds me of my dad :) Great photos too by the way, they're beautiful!

  12. Happy belated birthday to Memphis! :)

  13. Great photos! Stopping by from Mom Musings... Happy Thanksgiving! I'm in Canada too, and preparing for a big thanksgiving feast. Happy Birthday to your little guy too:)

  14. Happy Birthday to Memphis! Poor kid... the balloon pic cracks me up!

  15. Happy birthday to M! Those photos are great.

  16. What a fun cake. Loved the photos, Lena! I don't think I've ever seen your husband here on the blog since I've been a reader. Here's hoping you find some pumpkin pie that's just as good (or better) than the hospital's this year.


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