Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ruby to the Rescue

denim jacket: old navy  dress: sears  boots: joe fresh 

Can I just take a minute to tell you how cool Ruby is?
On Tuesday, almost the entire household came down with a horribly disgusting stomach bug.  Only Ruby was spared this time {although she actually had it Saturday night}...

She was the sweetest thing ever.
I was too sick to do anything, so I just asked her to get dressed for the day and play quietly... well, Miss Ruby pulled out the fanciest dress in her closet and spent the day playing barbies, coloring and checking in on us. She even brought me a cool cloth for my head and told me when she thought I was running a fever!

I couldn't have asked for a better behaved, more considerate child that day.
I was so proud of her.
I think it comes pretty naturally to her to want to "take care" of someone... she'll be a great mommy someday!!

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  1. That girl has got style! ;) what a sweetheart.

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  3. Aaah! That is so sweet!

    And seriously, your kid has great style, she must get it from her mom

  4. love her outfit. great hues. and how sweet of her to be such the caretaker.

  5. She's got great style! And what a sweetheart. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  6. What a sweetheart!! And man, that girl is stylin'!!!

  7. It's not just her style that I love. Look at her attitude!! What a pose! I'm sure she gets her kindness from her mama. Glad you're all feeling better!!

  8. Such a sweet girl. I too love jean jackets.

  9. She sounds like such the little Momma! So sweet. Love all her stripes here and model pose! Yeah fall coziness.

  10. OK, dude, I wish I looked as cool as Ruby does! Wow, she's got style!! :)

    Sounds like a little sweetheart too - hope everyone is starting to feel better!

  11. Aw! What a sweetheart! Hope you're ALL feeling better!!!

  12. Seriously, I die looking at your kids. They are so precious!

    Hm, sounds like a possible future nurse? :P
    Seriously though, that's so sweet of her!

  13. Well hey there - fellow Canadian blogger mama - small styler! Nice to 'meet' you and your sweet, stylin' girl here. Hope your crew is all feeling loads better now!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  14. you're raising a beautiful little girl.
    you can see the confidence you're instilling in her to express her personal style already.
    she's a lucky little girl

  15. What a sweetheart, that Ruby! You're right, she'll make one fine mother, and will be dressed to the nines to do it. I think she's channeling 1950's housewife ;) Hope you're all feeling much better, Lena.

  16. What a sweet girl! So nice to have someone try and take care of you when you are sick! I love her style. Thanks for linking up!


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