Saturday, October 6, 2012

k + t = three

For those that don't follow my photo blog, I wanted to share a maternity/belly shoot I did LAST weekend for my "little" cousin!  I used to babysit her!
Geez, there's nothing that makes you feel older than taking photos of a kid you used to babysit who is having a kid of her own now!  'sigh'

Doesn't she look gorgeous?!
Her baby is due on November 4th... part of me hopes she goes a little overdue so I can share a birthday with her little one! ha!

For those of us in Canada, it's a nice long weekend!
Tomorrow is Memphis' birthday too, so it promises to be very busy!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. They are adorable! Your pictures are great!
    You have probably answered this a million times..
    But, I'm a new reader..
    What kind of camera do you use? And usually which lens?
    I've always taken pictures but my hubby bought me a nice camera and 2 lenses for my wedding gift.

  2. Very good pics - they are an adorable couple.

  3. I love them, especially the shot with the sonogram in the back pocket!! Great idea!

  4. These are amazing! you did an awesome job :)

  5. Good photos! :D
    And aw congratulations to the mommy and daddy to be!

  6. great job with the photos!! too cute. following you now. stop by if you'd like.

  7. Stopping by from the "Weekend Blog Walk" - new follower :)



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