Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday :: My Mini Me ::

Remember being little and wanting to be just like your mommy?

My heart feels so full when Ruby plays dressup with my clothes... 
it reminds of how I felt at that age. 
Dressing up & pretending to be a mom, or a school teacher or an office worker. 
Getting all dolled up in old nightgowns, robes & dresses that belonged to my mother & even my grandmother.

Ruby is such a sweet girl.
She tells me she loves me all the time.
That I'm a princess. 
Real melt your heart kind of stuff.

We talk.
I forget she's only 4.
She's my best friend.
She can borrow my clothes anytime.

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  1. We are now at that stage where Cat can just about fit into my clothes and it's driving me insane! I have to go look for my t-shirt in her drawer ... she is dying to grow up and I while I want her to enjoy being little.
    But I guess when you are ten the last thing you want to be is little

  2. Awwww~dorable! Isn't it such a precious time with these little people with large personalities?!
    Is that your coral birdie shirt?
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

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  4. How sweet! I really like the second photo & especially the fact that Ruby's such a mama loving girl. Enjoy your little dress-up doll.

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