Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coffee Talk :: Ink, Bangs, Job, Friends & Twitter vs. FB ::

1. Let's talk about it. Do you have tattoos? How many??
Yes, I LOVE tattoos!! I have 5... but 4 of them are small little "lame" ones that I don't care about.  Got them when I was young.  My favorite is the "big" one on my left leg that I got to honor my children.
It's pretty old school, which I love!
The process hurt... just a little!  

I'd like to get a camera tattoo next!

2.  Let's talk about hair styles: Bangs, do you have them, or trying to grown them? What about side bangs?
I did have "bangs" for a while...

then I went pixie... so I still have "bangs" but they're more side-swept now!

3.  Let's talk about work: Without getting specific with a company name, what do you do?  What did you want to be when you grew up when you were young?
I work in the "prevention" department at a local insurance company.  Prevention consists of detailed inspections of homes we insure to make sure we are taking on good risks, blah, blah, blah.  I don't even have the excitement of being on the road... I'm the paperwork gal!  ;)

When I was younger I wanted to be a mommy!  Or a doctor... 
I'm glad I'm not a doctor, I couldn't handle it emotionally... I hate seeing people sick!

4.  Let's talk about friends:  Do you find it easier or more difficult to meet new friends as an adult?  do you have what you'd consider 'blog friends'?  What about IRL (in real life) friends?
Um, yeah... I think it's a bit harder to make friends as an adult.  We're not all as carefree & easy going & up for anything like we were when we were younger. A lot of "adult friends" are actually parents of my kids' friends!  
I have built some amazing friendships with other blogger and certainly consider them "real" friends!
I have a small group of close friends... IRL.  
My best friend has been the same since the 10th grade and my hubby & my sister are also my besties... is that lame!?  lol

The bestest best friends ever:

5. Let's talk about social media:  Android or iPhone? Twitter or Facebook?
I have an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 lte) and I LOVE it!  I was too cheap to pay up front for an iPhone... but I'm happy with it!  I like the page layout of Facebook, but it's a pain.  Too many rule changes, and changes in general.  Blech!! Twitter is an awesome resource for bloggers... LOVE it!

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

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  1. I had my hair pixie cut before and I loved it! I must find that photo and upload it one day!!

    Hey, I am seriously honored that you linked up with me this week!

  2. BAHAHAH OMG I am lol (seriously) at work on 'sherbert' you just made my day with this hilariousness!

    and your tattoo in honor of your daughters is sooo gorgeous. I love the old-school/pin up style.

    Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

  3. I really liked these questions. They're a little different from the normal. Your tattoo on your leg is beautiful. I'm so jealous :) I have one but I'm planning on more even of I have to wait till I'm 60. I'll already be all wrinkly by then so who cares right? Hahaha

  4. Great questions ... love your tattoo and I've linked up

  5. If I ever got a tattoo (which will probably never happen) I'd go old school design, too. I actually really like yours!

    Also, both the pixie cut and long with straight bangs look great on you.

    (Sherbert - lol)

  6. LOVE the bangs picture. i get serious bangs envy but then i'm too big of wuss to do anything about it.

  7. great questions. love your tattoo. i have three right now and want a few more, and what one of them to look kind of old school and beat up. we will see how that goes.

  8. Love your tattoo of your children's names! And

  9. You look adorable with the chunky bangs! I love the pixie cut too...but the bangs are awesome!

  10. Hooray for tattoos! I have 6, but my big one is on my back. Your M&R tattoo is sick. I love old school tattoos. It it flash style coloring or traditional? And bangs? Yes please. I had them before and keep debating whether or not to go back. I'm so indecisive. Work you say...I take phone calls about phones. I wish we could afford for me to be a stay-at-home mom/blogger again. When I was little(r) I wanted to have a farmhouse/little farm and when my kids grew up I was going to make the house a B&B and be the chef. Android...there's pro and cons for both OS's, make your camp.

    Super fun questions, I love learning more about you.

  11. Beautiful tattoo. Just beautiful.

  12. I like your pixie cut ...
    Cool questions too..different from the norm.


  13. I love your pixie hair!! It looks great on you :) And that tattoo - amazingg!

  14. I talked about tattoos on my blog today too! I don't have any yet, but I'm planning some!
    I've always wanted to cut my hair really short, but I'm way too scared to do it. I just barely grew my bangs out and my hair is longer than's just too scary!

  15. Off topic, but in your pic of your bangs...that bird dress rocks!!! So cute!

  16. Love your tattoo!
    And this link up! Thanks for linking up because I've been looking for new link ups I wanted to participate in! Yay!

  17. Lena I<3 YOUR NEW TATTOO!
    Now I want to go get more ink... I don't know it's been a while since my last session, I may cry :)
    {i've become a big ol' baby}
    And I love twitter! @Mrs_AOK

  18. I love the outfit you wore when you had your tattoo!

    I wanted to be a mom too when I was younger. I still want it now. So hopefully, I'll be one someday.

    Since you love Twitter, I followed you there! You can check me out at @rushforbagels :)

  19. love the tattoo, love your hair!i love it shorter but you look so different compared to the longer darker hair.

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