Thursday, September 20, 2012

Updates AND A Super Awesome Sale

I wasn't sure what to post about today.
I still have so much on my mind & I don't know where to start!

We seem to have an abundance of appointments this week... today we meet with Memphis' old & new case worker to transfer this file & then with our family doctor for a regular checkup... then tomorrow we meet with a new child psychiatrist.  Lot of new faces to deal with again this year, it's definitely an adjustment period for all of us.

I've talked with the principal and Memphis' aide and he is still struggling in the classroom.
Academically, he's off the charts... but the pace of grade 1 seems a little too slow for him AND his anxiety levels are off the chart.  So the focus right now is to help him stay in the classroom as long as possible... yesterday's goal was 10 minutes.  10 MINUTES!?  It breaks my heart... he's so smart, school should be "his thing."  'sigh'

Last Friday, however, was his best day ever. I think his aide thought we had switched up his meds or something... she had never seen him so calm.  We had done nothing different, though... it was just a really "good" day.  Those don't happen very often!  So we definitely appreciate them when they do.

In other news, Ruby still plans on being Justin Bieber's girlfriend someday.  Nothing I can say will change her mind.  4 going on 14 for sure.

And the really BIG news today....

Do you love Old Navy Rockstar jeans & cords as much as I do!?
Then you're in luck!  These babies are on sale for $19!!  I'm IN LOVE with the yellow color below!

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  1. Oh Lena, I can't even IMAGINE how Memphis' anxiety every day must break your heart! I know when i drop my kids off at the church nursery and they cry i get anxiety and i feel so badly. I can't even imagine what poor Memphis goes through and you as his Mama. Prayers to you my friend!

  2. O my so many changes in such a short time can be tough, good luck, hope it goes better than expected.

  3. Aw poor kid! I'm a teacher, and had a similar situation last year with a kid! He did adjust, and did really well after a month or so! Does he have a behavior plan? Prompting boards to remind him how to deal with anxiety and stress? And place in the room he can go to calm down but still be in class??

    Oh man, I could go off about this for hours! Email me if youd like some suggestions for what did work and help? I worked with a behavioral specialist and she was amazing!


  4. Thinking of you lady during this crazy week! Good luck with everything!

  5. Hopefully as time goes on, Memphis will continue to have more "good days"...Thinking of ya!

    "In other news, Ruby still plans on being Justin Bieber's girlfriend someday." - LOVE it. Ruby's my kinda kid! ;)

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