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Mommy Huh

She suggested this week's theme...
10 Things You Wish You Knew
10 Years Ago
{reminder: the theme isn't a MUST, just a prompt!}

Isn't it crazy how fast a decade goes... I was 22 years young 10 years ago...
It doesn't FEEL like 10 years ago, though!

I wish I knew then...

How good I looked!  I was so self-conscious of my body, but I was in great shape & I really healthy too!  I should have been more proud of that!

That I wouldn't be able to "eat like that" forever.

That I shouldn't accept every credit card offer that came in the mail... Eesh!

That I WOULD eventually come back to the small town I swore I would NEVER come back to.

I should have invested in a photography course and a good camera.

That I would have 2 beautiful & healthy babies, and I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant or any complications during my pregnancy... I was such a major worrier!

That the hubs & I would have lots of ups & downs (maybe more downs)... but that we'd make it through stronger and better for it.

I would have a kid with special needs.  Would have been nice to have a little warning so I could have been better prepared!

That going to the bathroom alone would become a major luxury.

That I would feel so much unconditional love for & from my children.  Nothing {nothing!} could have prepared me for the love my heart holds for them!

 And now a few words of wisdom for the next 10 years: 

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  1. I alway look forward to Tuesday and getting to read your lists :) This week was no exception - great advice! The one about credit cards...someone should start a billboard campaign about not taking every one of them that shows up in the mail! And I love your words of wisdom for the next 10 years :) Thanks for hosting! Happy Tuesday!

  2. GREAT post idea!!!
    Definitely some advice I wish I knew when I was younger ;)

    Thanks for hosting!!

    Happy Top 10!

  3. I really liked how you aim toward the future after having "looked back" with positive perspective. Especially enjoyed the one about not re-reading the last chapter of life.

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