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Tuesday 10 :: school memories ::

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I loved the idea of this week's theme... but school seems SO LONG AGO for me... I graduated high school in '97... yeah, I'm old.
Here goes nothing!

10.  Snow White School Play - third grade
I was chosen to play "The Evil Queen"... and I remember being a little sad about that because I wanted to be "pretty" in the play, and I thought I'd have to dress up like the wicked old lady who gives Snow White the apple... BUT that part was given to another student and I was able to wear a beautiful gown! Yay!
{it must also be noted that I attended a french elementary school, so the play was actually called Blanche Neige!}

9.  First love note - kindergarten
A little boy slipped a note into my lunchbox that said "i love you"
My mother found it and thought it was cute, I was MORTIFIED!!

kindergarten photo

8.  River Phoenix speech - 8th grade
Every year we had an oral competition... the year River Phoenix died I did my speech on him.  I thought it rocked. 

7.  Stratford Festival - high school
Almost every year the honor roll kids were invited on a trip to Stratford, ON for the festival.
{yes, I was on the honor roll every semester!! go me!}
It was more about the shenanigans that went on at the hotel than the actual plays we saw... although we did see Macbeth one year and it was amazing.

6.  Much Music Video dances - high schol
'nuff said

5.  Participating in the 30-hour Famine - high school
Who would have thought starving yourself for 30 hours could be so much fun!
Met so many new friends and felt so good for doing it!

4.  Gym class - high school
Or lack thereof, I should say.
Man, I'd use every excuse in the book to get out of that class!!

3.  Being crowned Prom Queen - 11th grade
Yeah. Weird, I know.
I have no idea how that happened!!  Oh, and as a sidenote, I actually didn't even get a crown... I got a personalized keychain. Hm....

2.  After Grad - 11th grade
Yeah, the party after graduation was epic. I actually attended 2. 
My own until midnight, then I headed to another town where my boyfriend (the hubs) was celebrating!
The atmosphere that night was something I'll never forget... everyone was just soooo happy!  I don't think there were any fights or arguments... just a bunch of drunk seniors enjoying their freedom... real life was about to start!!

1.  Memphis' first day - 1st grade
The best school memory so far is of sending my own son off to his first day.
You can read about that here.

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  1. Personally, I would demand to know where my crown is. Keychain while nice is no crown.

  2. Ha ha, I'm so with you on #4 - I don't think that one medical condititon would have covered all those interesting excuses I made up ;-)
    BTW this is one really cool backpack! =)

  3. Nice to know I'm not the only "old" blogger out there! I graduated in '93. While it does seem like a long time ago, there are other times when I remember things and it seems like it was just yesterday! This is a fun idea, I'll have to get a post written up. :)

  4. I love the book bag. I just sent my oldest to 1st grade today...they grow up so fast!

  5. Ahhh, love this! Video dances were the BEST!!!!

  6. hi, i following the GFC blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.


    new follower bev

  7. you were so cute in kindergarten...can't blame that boy for sending the love note!! :D

  8. What a great topic. I would like to write a post on this too but school was so very long ago, it may take me awhile to come up with 10 things. :-)

    Oh, and what was up with getting a keychain instead of a crown? I'd say you were gipped. ;-)


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