Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Name Game

Apparently I'm having some sort of bloggy midlife crisis.
I'm craving a BIG change & it's driving me nuts.

I've thought about changing the name of the blog a few times. When I started, it was ALL about the kids... so Mom2MemphisAndRuby made sense. That's what I was... but as the blog has grown and I've branched out, and I'd like a name that reflects more of ''me.'' As you may (or may not) know, I have a photography blog called lena b photography. I love that it has my name in it... and I think it's cute that it rhymes! Ha!

I want something consistent with that, so I'm pretty set on ''Lena B'' something or other...
I was brainstorming by myself, and all of a sudden, ''Sassy Lena B'' or "Lena B Sassy" popped into my head. Love it! But am I sassy enough? Ha! I also kinda like "Lena B Punky"... but I'm not a "punk", really.  Another one I like is ''Simply Lena B''... cuz I am pretty simple, but I wouldn't want anyone to think simple meant boring. What a dilemna!

I'm thinking of adding a tagline like this....

"Fashion-loving, Photo-taking Mom2MemphisAndRuby" people would be sure they were in the right place {and also because I'll always be Mom2MemphisAndRuby}

Do you like anyof these ideas?

I have a proposition for you!
If you can come up with a clever name for me that I end up using, I will offer you a 1 year sponsorship on the blog!!

I'm working on a new blog banner & button and need a name ASAP! Help!

Also, once I get the new name & banner, the blog will need to be tweaked... since I'm a totaly computer clutz, if you are willing to help me with all the technial & re-design/re-branding stuff I will also offer you substantial ad space on the blog!! Please leave a comment or message me if you can help!

I'm really looking forward to everyone's advice & suggestions!!

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  1. Ooh how about 'Simply Lena'? Or 'Lena = Sassy'?

  2. So, this could be totally dumb, but I thought of "Walkin In a Rubied Memphis" (combines your kids' names, and the Elvis song to go along with Memphis!).

  3. Hey Lena what about "A little Rock a Lotta Love" ;)

  4. I think - The Sassy Lena B sounds really good! I just like it with "the" in the front.

    Or, how about Lena B Rocks, Lena B and the rockers, The rockin' lena b, genuinely lena, genuinely lena b, etc.

    Sorry - I have lots of ideas :)

    1. I like adding "the" if you do Sassy.

  5. Lena B's Galaxy. You can go retro-ish, funky, hint of reverend....just saying.

  6. How about Fashionably Lena B or Lena B Fashionably? Or stylishly? I may be back with more. Lol.

  7. Going off your Simply Lena B idea... what about Simply Me, Lena B (AND it kinda rhymes!) :)

  8. I like Lena B Sassy because it's almost like Lena "be" Sassy. You could even call it Lena Be Sassy and make the 'B' a different color!

  9. Or if you can think of something else you like or a quality that rhymes, you could do Lena B: Sass and _________.

  10. What about.... Mommy Time, or Mommy Lena can't wait to see which name you choose from the comments!

  11. Simply Lena B sprinkled with a little bit of sassy.

    Simply Lena B with a dash of sassy.

    Hope you find the name you're looking for!


  12. Simply Lena B with a dash of sass!

  13. Lena B. ...that's me!
    Love, Lena B.
    Sincerely Lena B.

  14. How fun! I like the idea of still coinciding with your photography background. How about "Lena B Unedited" or "Lena B, Candidly." Good luck! :)

  15. How about Lena B Completely or Completely Lena B.

    It rhymes and fits with your other blog title and yet it is the kind of name which means you can blog about whatever you want to.

    Lena B Completely - Fashion-loving, Photo-taking Mom2MemphisAndRuby.

    Sounds good to me!

    One little tip - check whether the address is available in blogger first or it will drive you nuts and potentially reduce your google stats. That's if you are changing the address and everything (which I would recommend btw).


  16. I really like "Lena B, (insert rhyming word here)." Lena B. Reality? Lena B, Eternally?

  17. Absolutely Lena B
    Wonderfully Lena B

  18. What about "Life with Lena B" or just " Life with Lena"

  19. How about "The Lena B" - adding "the" adds presence.

  20. Ooo! I like the sound of Completely Lena B

  21. I like ur idea of Lena B Sassy and Simply Lena B

  22. I also like your photography name and the fact that it rhymes. Following suit seems cool. Lena B, Authentically.

  23. Being Lena B.
    Xoxo. Whatever you decide it will be awesome!

  24. Hi!

    How about "Lena B, Actually." It's fresh, catchy (rhyming is always good) and you come across very honest and real, like: This is who I actually am. I dig it.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
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  25. What about Unsimply Lena B? Good luck with your choice! :)

  26. I can see this in my head:
    Lena B Unscripted

    Whereas the Lena B is one font and color, and the Unscripted is slightly transparent and at an angle underneath Lena B, with maybe a fringe ribbon as the background to Unscripted, or a sweeping brushstroke.

  27. I kind of like "Lena B" just by itself! I think it could make a really cute title with the right font!

  28. What a lovely blog. I found you through the GFC blog hop and am your newest follower. I also love your idea of asking for names. What about The Lena B View. I'd love for you to stop by.

    Kimberly @

  29. Lena B's Reality...clearly I like the word reality since its in my name too :)

  30. My Suggestions:

    Simply Me, Lena B

    Lena B: Memphis, Ruby, & Me

    Lena B & Three

    Lena B, Presumably

  31. Meeting Lena B
    Discovering Lena B
    Simply Sassy Lena B

    Fun...doing a Name change!!

  32. Can't wait to see what you change it too!! Here is my name Idea.

    - The unscripted life of Lena B
    - Lena B unscripted
    - The reality of being Lena B {Kinda like this is what my life is really like kind of thing}
    - Look at me, I'm Lena B {instead of Sandra Dee from grease}


  33. Certainly wishing I was a bit more clever with words right about now. Hope you find the perfect match.

  34. IF you feel sassy that's all that matters, Let's see how about

    Sassy and Classy, that's Lena B

    Sassy Funky Momma

    Lena B, Sassy Momma that's Me

    Lena and the Sassy Bee (play on words with your last name but you could do cute bee logos on everything)

    ok that's all I got for now :)

  35. Cheesy but
    Lena B the Mommy!
    Lovely Lena B!
    Lena & The Littles!



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