Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Great Baby Name Debate... and why I'm a bit of a snob!

  It's no secret.  I love baby names!

I think naming a baby is one of the most.important.things you'll ever do and I've been lucky to have the chance to do it TWICE!
Sadly, I'm 99.99% sure I'll never get to do it again... so that's a bit of a bummer.

I really believe that we become our names... so it's uber important to get it right!  Not often do you meet someone and think ''whoa, you don't look like a ''insertnamehere!'' You know?
Chances are if you name your kid Bob... he'll be a "Bob."  If you name your kid Madonna... then she'll grow into her name and hopefully live up to her namesake! ;)

Today I'm admitting publicly on the blog that I'm a bit of a baby name snob.
There are certain types of names that I'm drawn to that I love... and  then pretty much everything else seems very ho-hum, to me.
I hate being so opinionated about such a personal issue, but I definitely have my tastes when it comes to baby names.

This post is, okay?
Let's agree to disagree... baby naming is serious business, and we all love what we love.  So let's take it all with a grain of salt, deal?

I'm not proud of this, but I have been known to roll my eyes at the choices some people make.
  This makes me sound terribly pretentious... and I hope I don't come off as an almighty baby-namer, that's definitely not my intention with today's post!  ;)
  I know for a fact that some people think Memphis is a ridiculous names, and that's OKAY!  He's my kid, not theirs.  ;)

I love names that are different but not weird like Wednesday, Sparrow, Chance or Knox.  I'm also drawn to old-fashioned names like Alice, Pearl, Clementine, Eleanor, Josephine, August, Sebastian, Roscoe, Sullivan & Campbell.  ''Hippie'' names like Autumn, River, Forrest, Meadow & Poppy have always been high on my list too!  And let's not forget ''place'' names like Memphis, Dallas, Holland, Denver, London & Alabama!  I love these!

I guess you could describe by baby name taste as quirky or maybe even a bit semi-trendy, since off the cuff names are almost MORE common now than ever.  But these are names I've loved since I was a kid!  I even had a cabbage patch doll named Blossom!  

No matter what our style is, we have to remember that our kid will have this name FOREVER.
That's why this decision is so important! 
 Just for fun, I thought I'd compile a little list to help anyone currently thinking about baby names...
May I remind you that I'm useless in the kitchen and not very crafty... so this "tutorial" is about as good as it gets around here! 

Top 5 Baby Name Rules (according to me! ha!)

1. Choose a name that you love. As in, you would legally change your name to THAT name if you could. If you can't imagine growing up as an Olive, for example, then don't name your kid that.
{FYI, that's my top girl name right now... should I ever lose my mind and try for another one!}

2. Think outside the box. Don't be afraid to venture out of your ''comfort zone'' when thinking about baby names. You might be surprised at what's out there.  It's always nice to get a fresh perspective

3. Don't name your baby just to fit in with the current trend.  But if you're loving the trend, then by all means, go for it!! Just remember, do you really want your kid to be 1 of 5 Emma's in class (p.s. it's a LOVELY name, just a bit too common for my taste. I prefer a twist the like Emme or Gemma!)

4. Visit your family tree. There might be a special someone in your family with a pretty rockin' name! And what a beautiful & meaningful way to honor your family.  This is especially great for middle names! Memphis' middle name is Mitchell.  That was my grandfather's last name until he was adopted, so it's VERY special to me!

5. Most importantly... go with your gut. Don't listen to wannabe-baby-namers (like me)!  There is never a shortage of suggestions when you're pregnant!  Personally, when the hubs suggested ''Memphis'' I loved it immediately... but I thought the thing to do was to scour a dozen baby name books in search of something even better.  What a waste of money! lol  Don't be afraid to put the name out there... the more you use it, the more you'll know how much you really do love it. And don't let anyone discourage you from a name you love.  At least 60% of people we told, didn't think Memphis was the right name for us... but now they couldn't imagine him as anything else!

Are you baby name snob like me?
What are you favorite baby names? Are there certain trends you love/ hate?

I updated my Facebook status a few house BEFORE this post was published it was already getting a lot of buzz... this is about as controversial as Mom2MemphisAndRuby gets...
so there's a linky at the bottom if anyone wants to elaborate!

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  1. I agree! Naming your baby is so important! I am having a really hard time picking out names. If it's going to be forever, it has to be amazing! My husband and I also LOVED the name Olive. Unfortunately, one of our nieces was named Olivia which sounded too close to Olive. So, we ditched it and are now searching for another! I too love different names, especially uncommon ones. We try to stay away from the top 50 most popular names!
    Thanks for sharing, I love your taste in names!


  2. Loving this post. Such a fun topic. My top two for a girl are Oakley Ruth and Eliza Jane. As for a boy- Miles and benjamin

  3. My first daughter is going to be Natalie Rae. I think it flows well together and it's not too popular to the point where there is going to be like 5 Natalie's in her class, but it's not unique to the point where she can't find anything with her name on it.

    I haven't decided what to name a boy yet. The boyfriend wants a junior, but I do NOT like the idea of juniors. I feel names should be unique and if you are named after your mother or father, it loses it's purpose. Family names of more distant relatives are okay though :]

  4. yes! I agree that naming your baby is very important!! :) This early, well I am 19 and single, I already have a few names in mind. lol

    anyways.. thanks for hosting the gfc hop! I am your newest follower!
    I hope you can check out mine too~

  5. I lovvvve thinking about baby names. I am partial to the old fashion sounding names. We named our dauber Violet Jane thinking she wouldn't be one of 6 Violets in her class and then I see an article about how violet is going to be the top baby name this year. I guess I was trendy and didn't even know it.

  6. Well, I named my daughter Annaliese. My aunt was sure she'd NEVER learn how to spell it, but she conquered it. I don't know how unusual it is, but that is my "different".


  7. My older sister named her son Mavric. I love it, but she got a lot of negative feedback. So when I was pregnant we didn't tell anyone the name until she was born. And no one ever said a peep about Ella's name. I think once they see the baby and connect the name they are less likely to be negative about it. This was a fun post! =)

  8. My only rule on baby names is SPELL it correctly. Don't change the spelling of a common name so it can be unique.

    I'd hate to be a teacher with an Aiden/Aaden/Aeden/Aydyn/Aidyn in my class because holy cow the spellings!!

    Pick the most common spelling and go with that. Yes I'm okay with spelling it based on the sex. I tend to think Rylee is more girly and Riley more boyish.

  9. I love Celtic and Breton names like Gaël, Elouan, Killian or Gwenn.

  10. I love the names you picked. and I love the name Olive or Oliver. So stinkin' cute. We named our first Lilly Mae. We had Lilly picked out before we even got married, which may have been the problem. Now everyone's baby is named Lily (We still got the best spelling). Which I agree with the above comment. As a teacher it was hard remembering everyone's name,although I guess it helps if it is spelled a little different. I think another important rule is to make sure it doesn't rhyme with anything hideous. Luckily Lilly rhymes with Silly. Kids are cruel and rhyming names like Chuck is never fun!

  11. So my question is- how close does someone have to be before your aren't allowed to name your child the same name? I've had a baby name picked out FOREVER for my first girl, but someone in my circle used it this year! Do I just say too bad and use it when it's my turn?? Thoughts!

  12. Oh, Lena! You KNOW this is one of my favourite topics! haha!! I could name babies all the live-long-day. I agree that it's one of the most important things you'll ever have to do. And as you well know, I LOVE the names you picked for you kiddos. I linked up with my thoughts! :)

  13. i actually LOVE all of your names and am on the same page w/ the baby naming. although max (my babe) doesn't fall into those categories - sadly the hubs is on a whole other spectrum, so max was the compromise :)

  14. Love this! We have used the family tree to help us! And you just gave me sooo many new names I love!

  15. I grew up with the name one could ever pronounce or spell it and when I was little I used to pretend my name was Rachel...
    Now that I'm older I love my name. I love that it is unique and fun.
    My daughter however I didn't want to give her that same craziness I grew up with so I chose a name I love and is not too common ~
    Reagan Lizabeth (pronouned like the president!) You'd be surprised how many people mispronounce it,
    Oh well, goes to show will always be a topic of debate!


  16. I came over from Jill's.

    Our baby's name is Aubria Rose. I always loved Aubrey but wanted it to be a little more. Rose was my husband's sister's middle name that past away.

    I don't like when people spell names wrong just to be different. And I hate the whole adding - dyn to the end of a name. Or -lyn or -lee for a girl.

    I think Memphis is a great name.

    Just my two cents....

  17. Totally agree! My son's name is Ethan, which has gotten pretty trendy, especially because we live in a predominately Jewish area and I think there are 5 in our music class at a the local synagogue. We chose it because it was a name that holds SPECIAL meaning for my husband and I -- it's always meant so much to us, since we were children (we grew up together) and we knew ther was no other name for our son. Lo and behold, it got trendy. We dealt with it. I never thought I would, because as a Lindsay, I was always Lindsay P#2 or Lindsay P#3 because not only were there a zillion Lindsay's, but a zillion Lindsay P's! Boo! We have more "unique" names picked out for any future children, but I am happy with Ethan's name. Like I said, the meaning just means so, so, so much.

  18. My nanna was called Olive. My friend's brand new baby (today) is called Ilaria and my colleague has planned for Rufus or Constance. I love them all!

  19. i'm so glad there are other people like me who are obsessed with baby names! alot of your names are on our "future name list"...we will see if any make the final! :)

  20. I have always loved picking out names! My kids' dad and I did not have the same taste in names so we ended up going into the family tree. My son is Glenn, a variation of my mother's maiden name and my daughter is Fumiko, after her great grandmother. I was never in love with either name but my kids both love their names and that's what counts. I don't like all of the cutesy spellings and all of the
    -ayden boys names. Those kids are going to grow up one day and end up with childish names. I do love that the trend is going back in time now. I satisfy my naming addiction with pets now :-)

  21. Picking out a name for our daughter was tricky because I'm much more adventurous than my husband! We really liked Olivia but didn't want her to be the 5th Olivia in her class. I was really sold on Harlow but the hubs really disliked it.

    In the ended we agreed & LOVED the name Liberty Lee. Lee is my husband's middle name and our daughter will be the 6th generation with it (it's also his mom's middle name, hence why we gave it to a girl). We already know there are quite a few family members who don't like the name we've chosen - their reactions totally gave them away ha!

    I'm with ya - as long as we all agree to disagree, that's all that matters. Names are such a personal choice for everyone!

  22. Picking out names is hard enough as is! I love my kids names Indiana, Memphis & Atticus. There were and still are many people that tell me that they hate my kids names. But like you said with your son Memphis you couldn't picture them with any other name.

    My Memphis was almos an Olive, I love that name too!!

  23. I love picking out names, I have names for loads of babies, but most likely will not have as many names as I have, but that's ok. I grew up with a unknown name, I hated it growing up, but grew to love my name and it's unique-ness. I get called by my middle name, always have, unless it was the first day of school, but then the teacher called me Kizzy like everyone else. My first name is Timbarika. It's a mouthful, so I just go by Kizzy. I like being able to have a name that no one else has, it builds character and strength to be individual. But, I know some people with unusual names end up changing them as they can't handle being the odd one out, and that's sad really. I think one should just pick a name that means something to you and not worry what others might say and definitely think about what the name might mean to the child as they are the ones that are stuck with it, not you. Unless they change it themselves. My daughter's names are Saffron Olivia & Noémie Evangeline. Different, but pretty. I like older names for the middle names :)

  24. Hi, I'm over from Jill's ... and since it's all about baby names I just had to jump in and leave my 2 cents .... cause I love me some names!
    I totally agree with all your 'rules'. Both my kids have family names for middle names. We nearly names our daughter Paris, this was before Paris Hilton became famous and I'm so glad we didn't cause everyone would think that we named her for Paris H.

    Both my kids have unusual names (we live in Belgium) so they are often miss spelt or miss pronounce but I love their names.

  25. I am super obsessed with baby names. My husband is so over me talking about them, I can't mention them without him rolling his eyes and groaning. I used to bring up names wayyyy before we were even pregnant lol. I love your name choices, I wish my husband had your taste. It took us forever to agree because he didn't want any "weird names" hahah.

  26. I am a snob, in a different way. I HATE and I can say this here because I feel none of my friends will read it. I hate unisex names. I hate odd spellings of names....oof!
    I named my kids names that I knew the teacher would know their gender, no questions. And they wouldn't go through life with their name mispelled by every Tom in the world. Well, until people like Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell...GAAAH!!!

  27. My husband and I immediately fell in love with the name Kellyn for our daughter. When we found out baby #2 was a boy, it took us FOREVER to agree on something. We finally decided on Jude. I never knew any Jude's except the guy in the Bible and Jude Law. NOW THERE ARE JUDE'S EVERYWHERE! gahhh! Oh well.. I still love it :)

    Found you on the gfc hop! I'm your newest follower!


    Wow. I think this is the longest comment I've ever left!!! Phew

  28. I love this topic and I love your name choices! If I ever had more, I think they'd be Finn Henry and Poppy Georgina but I am very happy with my Kiefer and Angus :)

  29. I can't believe there are other baby name snobs out there in the world!!! Ok, I can believe it but I have never met any. Most people I know tend to stay in the Top 50 or 100 or whatever it is. I know a kazillion people that are on-trend, including my stepsons who are Seth and Jackson. (Side note: Seth's middle name is the totally kickass "Xavier," which is basically one of the coolest names ever and Jackson has "John" after my hubby.)

    He and I have discussed really meaningful family names for us, which include Liam Neil and Madeline Morgan-Anne as top choices. We also love Silas, Finn, Rebekah, and Emmaline. I guess you could say we're old-fashioned when it comes to names. We were both named family names, and it's important for us to carry on that tradition.

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