Saturday, September 1, 2012

Someone I Think You Should Know

I made a few changes to the blog recently... one being that guest posts would be open to XL & Large sponsors only.  BUT, it's my blog and I broke my own rule.
I invited someone here today that I LOVE just because I think you need to get to know her {if you know her already, then you can vouch for me when I say she totally rocks, right?}...
Earlier this year I won a custom portrait and I've been smitten with Karly ever since!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here today; Lena is pretty awesome, am I right??

I'm Karly and I run a little print shop called Three Bees Designs!
As a mother of 3 little girls and approaching 30 years of age, I honestly started to think that I was never going to find the one thing that defined me, that made me feel whole and important.

But then I realized, after almost ten years of photo editing and creating my own blog designs that the answer was right here in front of my face the whole time. So I started creating.

Texas Chevron State Love Print

Love Lives Here

I opened my shop back in June, once I compiled a nice collection of prints to start things off, and it really was perfect timing! Living in Mesa, AZ, we're basically in snowbird territory, so once it starts getting hot, everyone leaves! Since Rudy was working as a server at night while going to school during the day, our income was cut almost literally in half since May, and now that he is in his externship, he can't work at the restaurant at all because he doesn't get out of the medical office in time. This leaves me and my shop as the sole bread-winner until he gets a full-time job at the medical office.

Talk about pressure, ugh!

Paris is for Lovers

Watercolor World Map Print

The greatest thing about running my own shop is the fact that I control every aspect from creating my own designs, to printing them and sending them from my own home! I don't outsource any of my work to public printers, which means the 11x14 and 13x19 sized prints come straight from me as well!

Blueberries Digital Watercolor Print
Shine Charity Print for The Shine Project

Sadly, about a month ago my computer's hard drive crashed with zero warning and I very literally lost everything. It was devastating! I had to go buy a new computer on the spot with pretty much the last of our savings and have since been recreating all my prints. It's very frustrating working with a sub par computer, but I have been able to finish most of the prints I've created, and have been able to redo others as they've sold. I also had to replace a brand new printer a week after I got it, so it's been pretty crazy!

But, beside all that, it's been so wonderful and fulfilling to see people liking and buying my prints and even coming back for more! 

I hope you guys will come take a look at my shop and share me with your friends.
And! I have two bonus incentives for you today!
Right now I have a GroopDealz sale going on, which means you can get a completely custom chevron love name print for only $8! Go HERE to check it out.

You can also to go to my shop and get 10% off your purchase using code LENAROCKS!

Feel free to get in contact with me as well, if you have questions!
You can find me on Twitter or Facebook!

Blogging is a fab way to meet new people and discover new handmade treasures! 
Be sure to stop by Karly's shop and take a peak around!

p.s. anyone else starting singing this song when you read the title of this post?
Maybe it was just me... 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love her shop! Her prints are so awesome, I cant wait to get my own home and purchase some! Happy Weekend!


  2. I got one of her state chevron prints awhile back on groopdealz, and I LOVE it! It's nice to have my home state (Maine) on the wall in Arizona. I definitely plan on ordering an Arizona one soon, so they can hang side by side.


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