Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a FAIRly good time!

Once a year, the fair comes to town.
I loved it as a kid, for obvious reasons.
I love it as a teenager, for obvious reasons.

And then I fell OUT of love with it.
It just wasn't the same.
Until now.
The kids are at an age that it really makes for a fun weekend.
They're old enough to really enjoy all the festivities that come along with it, and for the most part, brave enough to try most of the rides.  Well, Ruby mostly... Memphis enjoys the game$$.
The noise of most of the rides & the large crowds is a little much for him... but he never complained, and did try some of the smaller rides!!

We live just a few minutes from the fair, so we made sure to eat before we headed over...
of course, there were the mandatory treats:
 beavertails, cotton candy & candy apples!!

It was the first time I've bought weekend passes for the kids.
I could never handle a whole weekend before now. Ha!

On Saturday, we had a Mommy & Ruby day.
It was sweet to spend a few hours alone with my baby girl.  She kept calling it our "fair date."
So cute!

Ruby is terrified of heights... but she wanted to try out the large ''jungle gym'' thing anyway. I watched her as she climbed higher & higher... she looked so nervous.
When she came down the slide at the very end, no sooner were her feet on the ground, she started crying. Broke my heart!  She told me she was so scared. I told her I was so proud that she did it even though she was scared and reassured her that she would never have to do it again, if she didn't want to.

She may or may not have gotten a special sugary treat for her braveness!

We skipped the fair completely on Sunday... I was exhausted!
So I brought the kids to a movie instead!

On Monday, Memphis decided to stay home so I invited my niece to tag along!  The girls had a blast!

As much fun as it was, I'm happy it only comes once a year!!

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  1. Fun! I look at your little ones, and I see Carter and Vanessa in a few years! Also, I LOVE Memphis' anchor shirt, and the "half tuck!" Very cute!

  2. Looks amazing, I love carnivals..they are so much fun!! Am pleased the lil' ones and you ;) Had such a grand time xx

  3. Ahhh, I miss the fair already!! I had more fun there this year than I have in a long time. It was a pretty great one. Glad that you & the kids enjoyed it too! :)

  4. Sounds like a good time. My kids love going too. Fabulous pictures. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  5. What a wonderful day. Thanks for joining our hop!

  6. Aw Yay!!! I love the fair! And how fun to get to spend a day just you and Ruby! ;)

  7. Looks like fun! We go to the one here in Fresno, it wipes us out every year!!

  8. looks like so much fun!! you must be completely faired-out though!
    i could really go for some of that cotton candy right about now... yumm!

  9. Great photos! It looks like fun!

    Thanks for participating in the Wednesday Walkabout!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells

  10. Love going to the fair! What on earth are beavertails? Seems like midwest fairs must have some different junk food, or else junk food by another name. Glad you had a great time! Your photos really show it.

  11. I LOVE FAIRS! Not the rides...just the atmosphere and all the photo opportunities :) These are great photos and it looks like so much fun!

  12. I love fairs! Too bad I don't have anyone to go and ride the rides with me :/

    <3 Jamie


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