Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's On Your Feet? vlog

Hope Squared

Really, a vlog where we talk about our shoes?
Heck ya!

click here if you can't see the video

Sorry the vlog was so long... I could have talked about my shoes ALL DAY. Easily.
And to think that's probably only about 20% of the shoes that I own! Eesh!

As mentioned, you can visit these past posts for more on my shoe obsession collection:

And don't forget to visit me on instagram for #ShoeOfTheDay fun!

At the very last moment...RIGHT before bed, Ruby decided she wanted to do a vlog like mommy...

click here if you can't see the video

Excuse the poor lighting! It was getting late!
She's so funny...
She has this awesome raspy voice to begin with, and when she gets tired it gets even raspier & squeakier!
The cutest thing ever!

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  1. Oh my goodness, cutest thing ever! I totally love your blue flats too :)

  2. I wish I had dress up shoes like Rubys.

    And it's not nice to know I'm not the only person in love with leopard print shoes!

  3. I love your tan flip flops. They sort of look like mine.
    Thanks for linking up.

  4. Hi Lena! You are so cool! Thank you so much for linking up with us and for checking out my vlog! Haha you ladies are all putting me to SHAME (Shame, I tell ya!
    ) with your awesome collection of shoes! Wahh. As soon as I can afford to I am SO gunna go out and get me some nude shoes. I've never owned a pair of any nudes, but like you said, they seem to go with everything... my kind of shoes! Also LOVE those payless yellow vintage-y looking shoes. Those are great!

  5. I have pink chucks that were barely worn and don't fit me now.. So sad! Ruby is adorable! I love that you include your kids in your blog like that.

  6. Your daughter is adorable! Cute shoes too!

  7. AW Ruby is a little doll! :) Loved her video! Yours was awesome too! Sweet kicks girl!

  8. Ruby is too funny! I love your vlog, those black wedges are perfect for an all year wedge! I really want to get a simple pair of wedges, because I am starting to really like them. I used to hate wedges. Thanks for always linking up! Love your videos (and shoes)!

  9. awww! Ruby is so cute!
    AND THOSE LEOPARD SHOES. Seriously, I love them.

  10. First - your outfit is amazing! Your so cute. And high five to BOGO sales.

    Those leopard heels - seriously? Gorgeous.

    YEAH chucks!!! Do your feet really grow after kids? I heard this before - how is this even possible??

    Eeeep and how cute is Ruby?? That husky raspy voice. Please ask her if she wants to co-host. Ha-ha.

  11. Ruby is so friggen cute! Love that video!!!

  12. OMG Lena! Ruby might be the cutest little girl ever! Her video is so great. I love that at the end she distinguishes her shoes by which are clean and which are dirty, classic! lol
    She's a girl after my own heart, bows, butterflies and sparkles :)

    great post!


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