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Tuesday 10 :: TV Boyfriends ::

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TEN:  Ross Geller
we all know that he shouldn't have done what he did when him & Rachel were on a ''break'' but there was never any doubt how much he loved her!

EIGHT & NINE: Keith Charles & David Fisher
{Six Feet Under}
A realistic gay couple I rooted for the entire series!  I have to give props to Keith... David wasn't the easiest guy to get along with!  LOVED them!

SEVEN: Joey Jeremiah
He had an off & on relationship with Caitlin throughout the series... opposites attracted and it was awesome!!

SIX: Cory Mathews
{Boy Meets World}
He was young, but when he fell for Topanga, he fell HARD! Ah, young love!

FIVE: Michael Scofield
{Prison Break}
Although they met under really bizarre circumstances, this is another "meant to be" moment and Michael did EVERYTHING he could to save Sara {and the rest of the world...}

THREE & FOUR: Brandon and/or Dylan
{Beverly Hills 90210}

Um, no wonder Kelly had a hard time deciding... I LOVED both guys, but I was on Team Brandon {if I'm remembering correctly... that was like SO long ago! lol}

and did you see the recent Old Navy commercial?  Brilliant!

TWO: Eric Northman
{True Blood}
I have to admit my love for Eric grew first from Sookie Stackhouse novels... and the show did not disappoint! I loved the season he hooked up with Sookie! 

ONE: Angel
{Buffy The Vampire Slayer}
The original "vampire with a soul" is, without a doubt, my all-time most favorite TV boyfriend.
He & Buffy were the best.couple.ever.
I really miss that show... good thing I own the entire series on DVD.

Anyone who watched the show... wasn't this one of the best scenes EVER!?

I'm really excited about the theme this week and I can't wait to go check out what posts everyone links up!

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  1. I am totally going to post my list later this week. How am I only going to keep it to ten?

    p.s. I love that Joy Jeremiah is on your list!

    p.p.s. I was on team Brandon - but then I rewatched it and fell in love with Dylan. He's just misunderstood.

  2. Ross & Corey!! yes!!! haha!


  3. To this day I'm rooting for Joey and Caitlin.

    I was totally team Dylan. He just needed the love of a good woman...and I felt I could totally provide that.

  4. I love that Michael Scofield is on this list! And it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely brilliant

  5. This was a tough one! I totally thought it would be easy, but I still keep thinking of more I should have included! lol!

    Love that Joey Jeremiah made your list!!!

  6. I'm so glad you included the real Degrassi! I miss the older stuff!

  7. Angel is my favorite tv boyfriend too. The Prom was the best. I.cry.every.time.

  8. I about DIED when I saw that new commercial with 90210. Loved it!

    And Angel... swoon.

  9. OOOOOH Cory Matthews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! LOVE IT!


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