Friday, August 3, 2012

Lena B... that's me

I think an ''about me'' post is important every now & then for my new readers to get to know me a bit better!

First of all, I just want to say welcome to all the newbies... I'm not sure if you stumbled here from another blog, through a giveaway or pure luck (ha!), but I'm happy to have you!  I try to interact with my readers as much as possible because I still can't believe how lucky I've been to be accepted into such an amazing diverse community of bloggers!  The friendships I've made and the women I've met is incomparable.

You see, I blog from a pretty small farming community in Quebec, Canada. 
It's the type of town where everyone knows everyone.  But I'm shy and really busy being a mom, wife & full-time nine-to-fiver... so I don't always have the chance to get out with friends for ''me'' time... so my blog is my ''me'' time. (is that sad?)

 Anyhoo, in a nutshell... Mom2MemphisAndRuby is my place to share our stories and document these moments in my life... but I also have a lot of fun with it by throwing in fashion, photography, fun linkups and giveaways.  I've been blessed with some awesome sponsors, so I have some wonderful guest posts sneak in throughout the months as well.  I think it's a great way to network and introduce my readers to some of my favorite people! 

Let's see... what else.
I'm 32 years young, and have been with my husband since I was 16!  Crazy, right!?
I love tattoos, nail polish, shoes, scary movies and the library.

I always stand up for the little guy but I hate confrontation. 
I believe every situation we go through teaches us a lesson, and I'm pretty good at seeing the silver lining in difficult situations.
I'm addicted to Instagram, True Blood and Diet Dr. Pepper.

 When it comes to my kids, I feel so blessed.
Our son, Memphis who will be 7 in October and he is the most precious and unique person I've ever met.  He was recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum, so we are taking each day as it comes.  He is so smart... and very funny.  You can read more about him here

Ruby, our 4 year old, is a little spitfire! Without a doubt the spunkiest and sassiest kid around!  She loves anything that sparkles and unicorns are her favorite animal!  She pops up on the blog in a lot of ''mini-me'' type fashion posts!  You can read more about her here.

 Oh, and most importantly I can't cook and I don't do DIY very often.
I prefer to support the handmade buisness by PURCHASING what someone else has already DIYed... ;)

Totally Random Things About Me
I hate cheese
I can't eat a sandwich someone else has made
I think I'd make a good "Big Brother" contestant but would die on Survivor and/or The Amazing Race
I love rockabilly AND psychobilly music
I haven't read The 50 Shades of Grey and not sure I want to
I was elected Prom Queen
I was on the debate team in high school
My middle name is Margaret
I make the best meatloaf
We named our kids after Elvis and The Ramones

I hope you will stick around to get to know me better... and leave a comment here introducing yourself & your blog/shop! 

And don't forget to enter the Kiki La'Rue $50 shop credit giveaway! It ends tonight!

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  1. So great to know more about you.
    Have a great day, Lena!

  2. Loved reading this. Have you checked out Volbeat? They are my new favorite band.

  3. I so wish i hated cheese. I love cheese. I'd melt cheese on pretty much everything. So many calories.

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower! I have to say we have a bunch in common after reading that! I hate cheese as well, would LOVE to be on Big Brother!, haven't read 50 S.O.G., & am a full-time working mom! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! I'm just now getting more into blogging but I'd love for you to stop by when you have a chance! I'd love any tips you can give me based on your experiences/successes!

  5. This is a great post :) Blogging is my "me-time" too. I live in a quiet rural area, so most of my friends are online as well. It's so nice to always have someone, even when you've never them. Technology, isn't it grand.
    Yay for kiddos with music names! (we have a Jude) :)

  6. I LOVE that your son is named Memphis! I was born & raised & still reside in Memphis :] Your kids are adorable and I can't wait to get to know more about you!

  7. "I'm shy and really busy being a mom, wife & full-time nine-to-fiver... so I don't always have the chance to get out with friends for ''me'' time... so my blog is my ''me'' time"

    Yup, that's me!! And, I too don't think I want to read 50 shades of grey!! lol!!

  8. Ha! LOVED this Lena! I am like you in that I love the library (was there for hours yesterday) and I always want to support the handmade businesses as I am DIY-challenged.

    But I gotta say...I LOVE cheese! My fridge is filled with every type :)

    Have a great weekend!!
    XO - Marion

  9. Hey even for us "older readers" this is a fun post. I learned a few things :) Oh and I don't want to read 50 shades either :/

  10. I was on the debate team too!

    What did you do?!

  11. Love this!!! Thanks for doing this post..I'm really intrigued by you :) and, btw, would it be tacky if I stole that idea about the blog posts about your kids? I totally wanna do that!! :) I have those 2 posts open in different tabs & will read them in a few minutes.


  12. It's so weird, I totally knew you were a debater, I don't know how though! What event(S) did you do?
    50 Shades of Grey has been such a big thing in the blogging community lately, but frankly, I don't think I'm old enough to appreciate it without getting grossed out. I really need to watch Big Brother. My friends were just telling me about it, and I'm going over to their house to watch it after my big test on Tuesday!
    Happy Weekend!


  13. You hate cheese?!?! I LVOE cheese haha

    And I love your tattoo! I can't wait to get more :)

    <3 Jamie


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