Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feeling Fall

Sweet Sweater Dresses

Anyone else getting anxious for Fall?
As much as I love my sundresses and flip flops, I am itching for some new autumn outfits!

I'm currently crushing on sweater dresses & cute booties!
Wouldn't the coral dress & teal boots above be just.about.perfect?

Fall around here is pretty special.
The changing of the leaves still manages to take my breath away year after year.

It's also a time to celebrate!
Memphis will be turning 7 in October... and we'll be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on October 16th {and our 16th year together on November 1st!}

So, although I am mourning the end of Summer... I'm definitely looking forward to the fun & fashion of Fall!  How about you?

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  1. The best things about Autumn is definitely the boots! I have done a little feature on your blog today - just so you know!


  2. Love those teal booties! I'm a summer girl at heart, but fall is such a great time of year with the cooler temps and beautiful landscapes :)

    Visiting from A Catlike Curiosity

  3. I love autumn - and all of those sweaters! Bring on the cooler weather, beautiful leaves, and the pumpkin spice lattes :)

  4. I'm ready to wear my sweater dresses and boots but I doubt it will get cold enough here in Florida :(

  5. I love love love the mango (?) top and the brown shoes. Although I haven't worn heels in a few years because of pregnancy and new baby ... I still do dream about them :)

  6. I love the gray sweater dress with the bow. So cute. I don't think I wear sweater dresses well. I blame this on my large backside and hips. These are so cute though, I may have to revisit the fitting room.


  7. I'm not one to wish away a season (it makes me a little sad that summer is starting to fade), but I admit to absolutely CRAVING fall right now...cooler temps, the leaves, the delicious autumn eats, and I want to get some new additions for my wardrobe too! I love each season as it comes, but I'm definitely looking forward to fall right now...

  8. I feel the same way! I LOVE, LOVE summer... but Fall has a special place too! :) I love fall fashions, MY birthday is in October too! And anything pumpkin is my favorite!

  9. I think my favourite time of year is just between summer & fall - where I can either wear a sweater or shorts still. Funny enough, I just posted a round up of fall sweaters today! =) We must be on the same wave length!


  10. i'm so ready for fall!

  11. LOVE those turquoise boots lady!!! So sweet!! I think that orange dress is to die for too, you know, I love summer...but I also love the colors and clothes associated with fall! Thanks so much for linking up to Loves on a Thursday!


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