Friday, August 17, 2012

Deja Vue: Where Do Babies Come From?

Sarah over A Cat-Like Curiosity featured me recently in a sponsor showcase... the coolest part was she took the initiative to dig through my archives for some of her favorite posts of mine. LOVED that she did that, by the way!

By doing that, she reminded me of a post a wrote a few months ago {February '12, to be exact!} that I think is pretty awesome! I love this story... so I'm sharing it again today for all of you!

This is the story of when Memphis asked me how babies were made!

When Memphis was 4 he started wondering exactly how babies were made. I think it must have had something to do with my sister being pregnant, at the time, and him being old enough to see the changes her body was going through... He was 2 when Ruby was born, so I think he sorta missed the whole point of why my belly was so big back then! Ha!

Catching me a bit off guard one day, the question came up about how mommies & daddies actually ''make'' babies.

I'm pretty open with my kids and always try to answer as honestly as I can in a way they can understand.... There are any number of ways I could have answered this... but for some reason, I blurted out that making babies is a wish a mommy & a daddy make together.

''They go somewhere special, alone, and hold each other and wish really hard for a baby.''

Aha! I loved it! The second I said it I thought for sure that would be it. No more questions. Kids like wishes, it seemed like a simple answer... we'd get down to the nitty gritty another time, right?

Well, right then & there, he looked at me me a HUGE grin on his face...

''Wow! Can I watch next time you and daddy make a wish!?''
Um, no... trust me kid that is something you definitely DO NOT want to see!

I was pretty quick that day because I answered:
''Of course not, silly... then the wish wouldn't come true! You know that when you make a wish, you never say it out a loud or tell anyone what you wished for!''

''Oh right!!' he said.
And that was it.
No more questions since then, so I think I'm off the hook for a little while!

Question now is, how did you answer your kids when the question came up?
Do you remember how you learned about 'the birds & the bees?' 

Interesting sidenote... I actually hung out with Tom Green one night.
He really IS as WEIRD as he is on TV.
{but that's another story!}

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  1. That was a genius, think-on-your-feet answer! I'm very impressed :)

  2. Great answers :) I have the feeling you'll be seeing your post link up today for my favie sponsor's posts post. (yes, I realize that sounds odd.) Take care, Lena!

  3. Hey, good answer! Now I know the answer to my question in this post


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