Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Memphis

Hey little man!
I can't believe you started first grade yesterday?!

Your daddy & I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday! I can't believe this day has come & gone already! Mommy's going to need a moment!

Last year was rough, I know...
But this year brings a whole new adventure and I have no doubt it'll be a great experience for you!
{you have a whole bunch of people behind you... I don't think you'll ever understand just how many people you have in your corner!}

Your brain is amazing & you have a cute little personality to boot!

You're a cool little dude.  No doubt.
Check out your new backpack!?

You are so proud that you are the only one in school with a shark backpack... 
It wasn't cheap... BUT the look on your face when you walked into school with that bag on your back was worth every penny!! Priceless!

Your little sister is proud of you too!  You don't always get along, but I know for a fact you're one of her favorite people!

Here's just a little reminder of the stuff you like right now!

You're awesome!
Keep up the good work, buddy!!
And could you use that big brain of yours to figure out how to stop time!?

We love you so much!!
Thank you for always being you.

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  1. Aw! He's so adorable and that backpack is AHMAZING!

  2. Omg Memphis is such a cool boys name! Loving the shark backpack too :)
    Thanks for following me, I have followed back x
    Sylvia @

  3. He has the cutest smile!! Watch out, girls!! :D

  4. Dawwww he's so cute! That shark backpack is awesome :D

  5. Precious...I hope he has a marvellous school year, love the bag too :) xx

  6. Oh my gosh! I love that backpack! How adorable is he :) I hope this school year is filled with fun times and lots of learning for him :)

  7. That backpack is awesome! And he is adorable. :)

  8. Memphis is one stylin' kid... Love his jeans, and LOVE his backpack! Best of luck to him in Grade 1 - he's going to rock it :)

  9. I hope this year is great for him! The hair cut and backpack Rock!!!

  10. awww so precious. love that backpack.


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