Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back To School

I can't believe it's August already!
Where has the summer gone?

For many of you, your little ones have started back to school... but here, the kids don't go back until late August/ early September.... which means I still have a little time left to get ready for the new school year.

I'm not going to lie. I'm nervous.
Memphis will be going into the first grade, and as of right now I have no idea who his teacher is or if he'll have the one-on-one aide that he needs.  If the school has funding for the aide, I'm keeping my fingers crossed he has the same one as last year!  He LOVES her!

All worries & doubts aside, the fun thing about "back to school" time is the shopping that needs to be done!
{yes, I know I just blogged yesterday about not spending any money... but this is more of a "wishlist" type post! so it's all good, yo!}

Memphis will need a new backpack...
and some new kicks....
And a couple cool graphic tees {his "signature look!"}


And of course, notebooks, pencils, glue, etc...
Which reminds me... I need to find his school supply list... where did I put that thing!?

It's right around the corner! Are you ready!?

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  1. I bought Bear's new backpack a while ago. He specifically asked for a one strap bag and I was worried we might not find one.

    I love Marshall's & TJ Maxx for school clothes. Nice unique stuff & great prices!

  2. I can't believe school is already getting ready to start! Summer went by so fast : ) I'd love it if you'd share your post on my blog's life lately link up!


  3. Big A also goes back to school in September (3rd grade) and unfortunately, he's stuck with his old things! I'm just consoling myself that we just bought him new stuff last year so it's fine!

  4. How fun! =) I need to do some shopping for Little Guy, too. He's starting Pre-K 4 in a few weeks!

  5. New Follower from the Monday Mommy Mixer
    Adore your Blog!
    misty @

  6. So cute! Back-to-school must be a little nerve-wracking for every mom, don't you think? I hope your little man has a wonderful year with very supportive staff surrounding him. So glad you linked up to the Mixer, friend. :) See you next week!


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