Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday 10 :: Wishlist ::

It seems like FOREVER since I've done a Tuesday 10 post!
Paige was kind enough to take over for July since my plate was a little full, but today I am linking up with her for this week's theme:  WISHLIST

an old VW bus
an e-reader of my very own! would love this kobo vox!
a good tripod
a macro lens
this kelly moore camera bag
tickets to Justin Bieber's concert (I'm a Belieber, yo!)
a fancy laptop
a pinky tattoo
a lip piercing
the perfect pixie hair cut

Can't wait to see what everyone else is linking up today!
Don't forget to stop by The Eloping Stethescope to link up your lists!

If you'd like to co-host Tuesday10 with me when it comes back to Mom2MandR in August, just message me or comment here!


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  1. Your wishlist is great!! Love the VW bus, great color too.

  2. Love your wishlist! I'm with you from bieber down to lip piercing! :)

  3. I so want a camper van too!!

    Visiting via the Wishlist Hop :)


  4. I love that camera bag. I have a Kindle Fire and it has definitely gotten me to read a lot more.

    Penniless Socialite

  5. Love the VW bus! I have always wanted one, but a purple one? Omg! And I literally just got the giggles because I was sure you were wishing for Beiber himself, like as an addition to the family! Lmao!
    Just so you know, I think you could totally rock that pixie cut! You are half way there with your new bob!
    Can't wait for more Tues10, I'm ready to co-host any time!

  6. I used to have my lip pierced and I miss it intensely! My husband not so much, him being the reason it became a retired piercing. Sigh.

  7. My best friend and I used to want a VW bus to spray paint pretty colors and travel the US in. We still talk about it from time to time.

    Hah, I filmed my first vlog today and discovered a tripod would be handy so I guess that's on my wishlist now too!

    Thanks for linking up this week Lena! :)

  8. I luv that you wishes for beiber tixs, made my day <3

  9. So random fact... The hubs badly wants a VW van to road trip in cross country to visit NYC! Dude... if we could swing it we totally would. ;)

  10. I had a macro lens on my list, too (along with a telephoto lens). I have one for my film camera (which I never use anymore), and had a lot of fun playing with it back in the day.

  11. i'd love to cohost sometime - and i LOVE that vw bus!


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