Wednesday, July 4, 2012


For as long as I can remember, I've wished I could wear glasses.  Growing up, I was "that" kid that would borrow a friend's pair for the day... all the while neither of us could see properly!  I had a secret hope that wearing prescription glasses I didn't need would actually hinder my vision and I would need a pair of my very own! Crazy, right?  

My mother, father & sister have glasses, but so far my vision is fine.  No eyeglasses for me!

Of course, now as adult, I realize how silly I was back then and I'm extremely grateful for my healthy vision... many people do need prescription eyeglasses, though. Even more so, they need cheap eyeglasses!!  Like everything else... I can't stand to pay full price for anything! What happens if I do need glasses someday, or if the kids or the husband's vision needs to be addressed!?

Recently, I was approached by the wonderful people at and offered a chance to write an article about their company.  To be honest, I almost passed on the opportunity because, as mentioned before I do not need glasses.  But then I thought about my readers that could benefit from this, and thought it might help to make someone's day...

It might makes someone's day to know that there is a wonderful alternative to buying eyeglasses...  buying glasses online!!  Besides their high quality frames and lens, they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee & a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program!

Sounds great, right?
It gets better! is offering my readers some amazing discounts!!
You can use code 4THJULY for 30% off prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses, FREE shipping + $30 cashback!!

You can also use promo code Blog10 for 10% off any prescription glasses at any time!

Here I am having fun with their virtual mirror!
{I swear I tried on at least a dozen frames... totes awesome, and it gives you a great idea of how you'd look! Love it!}

Go ahead, and give it a whirl for yourself!

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  1. People always told me I looked like a "sexy" librarian in glasses. A couple weeks ago my friend made me try her glasses on and she took a picture. I looked like a strung out stoner. If you've ever seen Wayne's World, I looked like the dude with the dark hair. Not flattering. I'm guessing everyone lied to me when they said I looked hot in them. Jerks.

  2. LOVE the hair! I found myself a little caught up in the virtual try on, fun. xo


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