Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Memphis, for a day

Mommy usually wakes me up, but sometimes I get up really early and I'm ready to go in a flash. I have a lot of energy first thing in the morning and I usually wake up talking… and then I talk & talk & talk until Mommy says I have to be quiet for a bit and eat my breakfast.

I like cereal.  A lot.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite… and I can't ever seem to get enough.

It's summer now, so I don't have to go to school.  I had a really rough year in kindergarten, but it ended on a good note (that's what my mom & dad have told me) and I'm really looking forward to the first grade next year!  

Usually, after breakfast I watch Netflix for a bit. My favorite show is SpongeBob SquarePants. I've seen every episode like a million times!  I also like watching River Monsters because I love fishing and Jeremy Wade catches the coolest fish… Fish on!  I have a really fun fishing game I play on the Wii too. I'm getting better at it every day! My favorite part is finding out how big the fish are… My mommy bought me a tape measure so I can see exactly how big things are. I like that.  Mommy & Daddy say little things like that make me special.  I know a lot of facts about different kinds of fish because I look stuff up on the internet and go to the library a lot too.

I like going outside to ride my bike or going to my Auntie Amanda's to swim in her pool.
{I wish we had a pool!}

By supper time I'm starving… I usually have 2 or 3 servings {if it's something I like} and then I ask for dessert.  And then a snack.  And then another snack. Mommy & Daddy say I don't really need 3 "after supper snacks", but I'm always so hungry at the end of the day!
{mommy says the pills I take make me not hungry during the day... that must be way I'm starving all night, duh!?!}

I love taking a hot bath before bed. Mommy usually wraps me in a warm towel in the bath and that feels really nice.  She says it helps me wind down from my day and relax… I have a really hard time falling asleep so I take something called "melatonin"… I don't mind, actually.  Mommy said it's the best thing ever!

I usually cuddle up with my parents on the couch and fall asleep next to them.  I like that a lot too.  I hate being alone, and I especially hate being alone in my room in the dark.  I'm not sure how I get upstairs, but when I wake up I'm usually snuggled up to one of them in their big cozy bed.  I love that.

♥ M

Memphis was diagnosed as autistic in May 2012 and although his diagnosis is handy in understanding him better, it hasn't changed who he IS to us… we cannot get enough of this little guy & wouldn't want him any other way!

Now... I don't get overly political on the blog. I do my best to keep controversial opinions to myself... but something really ticked me off recently.
50 Cent {the rapper} recently tweeted "yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic." "I don't want no special ed kids on my timeline. follow someone else." 

Holly Robinson Peete wrote an open letter to him, and said it much more eloquently than I ever could.
I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my son. Memphis is a green-eyed, blonde haired little charmer with the biggest heart {and a brain to match... kid is smart, yo!}
He is special. Yes, he certainly is.
Do you know someone who is autistic?
Please share their story... let's show the world what autism REALLY looks like!

Okay. Rant over.
{for now}

Memphis also has a little sister, Ruby… you can find out more about a day in her life in this post!  

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  1. I saw that comment too - disappointed wouldn't be strong enough. Hoping the backlash provides the opportunity for a little education for both this guy and others! BTW - love the pictures of your son! Beautiful photos, handsome little guy!

  2. Great post, Lena! Memphis sounds like a fantastic kid!
    Happy Day!

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  4. Awe, your son sounds like the sweetest little boy ever! Great post, great blog :) found you on the blogworking hop, and am a happy new follower :)

  5. I think he looks super cute... And 50 cent Needs to go sky dive without a parachute.

  6. I would love to have Memphis in my timeline. It would be an honor. 50 Cent has no idea what Autism is nor just how awesome the Autism community is!! Great post about a wonderful boy by his equally awesome mama!

  7. Love this! What a great mom you are! You go girl!

  8. Great Post Lena!

    I Know That Both Of Your Children Must Bring Great Joy To Your Heart!

    I Read Holly's Letter As Well. . .How Wonderful That She Was Able To So Clearly & Eloquently Address The Hurtful & Inappropriate Words Of Another Public Figure.

    I Understand The Special Joys & Challenges Faced By Mother's Of Children With Unique Needs & Personality. My Middle Child (now 22) has faced a life long battle, not with autism, but ongoing. He is a special young man, has taught me more than he will ever know, and is loved by all who have had the pleasure of becoming part of his life.

    Everyone is special in some way. . . Aren't we blessed to be the called Mom by our own special guys? I say yes, indeed, I would have Taylor change a bit, even in the tiniest of ways!

    God Bless!

  9. This post put a huge smile on my face today. Your son is perfect in absolutely every way. This was so well written & sweet. You can tell by his words that you're one amazing mother, girl :)

  10. This is beautiful and so was her letter. I don't know anyone really close with autism, but I had a few classmates when I was in school. Anyway, I think Memphis seems like the sweetest boy. Sending lots of love to him and you.

  11. He is so totally adorable! What a lovely little family you have!

  12. He is precious!! My daughter loves Spongebob too and can recite episodes. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a favourite cereal of mine as a kid too :) Such a wonderful post :)

  13. Oh Lena.

    This post warms my heart so much. I took a Stragegies of Inclusion class in college and got to spend a whole semester with kids with disabilities. As far as I'm concerned, they're no different and way cooler than I will ever be.

    Thank you for sharing this BEAUTIFUL post.

  14. I love this, great post! Memphis is beyond adorable! :)

  15. This is brilliant, Lena. Brilliant.

    I have a niece, Lila, that has aspergers. She is a joy and a delight, and from what I can understand, she has a lot of the same thoughts as Memphis, especially at night. She is SO SO SO hungry at night, and has a hard time falling asleep. But she and Memphis are different in that she prefers to be alone. When we're playing, she'll be engaging with me, and then all of a sudden she'll decide that it's time to be by herself, and she'll say, "Bye Aunt Jac" and stare at the side of my face (never my eyes) until I say, "bye Lil" and leave the room. It hurts, and it's hard, but I get it. She wants to be alone to read or investigate something that caught her attention. I get it. She's so smart, like Memphis!, and always wants to know more more more about everything. If you can't explain it as much as she wants, she'll leave the conversation and ask someone else or go google it.

    They're special. Very very special. And they make our lives bigger and better by being in them.

    hugs and kisses to memphis (and ruby too!!!)

  16. Yay Memphis! :)
    Rant on momma... I hadn't seen that, but thanks for pointing it out. He should be ashamed of himself (50 cent that is) (not Memphis, he ROCKS!). :)

  17. So very well said! And what a special little guy he is!! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  18. Thanks for sharing! My brother was diagnosed with Aspbergers a year ago at age 24. It has been a struggle for him but I would not change his wonderful personality for anything. Keep fighting for Memphis, he's totally worth it!

  19. Your son is so handsome and seems like a real sweet kid.
    About the tweet: that has to be one of the most insensitive things I have heard anyone say! I'm just appalled!! I hope he gets an education soon.

  20. Stopping by from the mommy brain mixer. I can't believe 50 cent tweeted that! That's awful! Your little one is adorable!

  21. Seriously love this post. What an amazing little boy you have. :) I have a little boy too that needs some extra special attention, but he has the sweetest heart of any one I know.Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from the mommy brain mixer and now following you. Have a great day!

  22. I think I just totally fell madly in love with your son. SO PRECIOUS. I absolutely adore this post! Thanks so much for co-hosting today, friend. You've been nothing but amazing. <3

  23. I love hearing post from other perspectives!! I CANNOT believe .. wait I can since hes a freaking rapper, but who the heck would say something like that??? ugh so insanely ridiculous! I'll follow your blog and I can't wait to read more posts :)

  24. Awesome post.... I am your newest follower
    Anissa from Chasing Hailey

  25. This is a beautiful post! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in an elementary school in Texas and have the privilege of working with autistic students. It is the most rewarding job I could ever work for. It is so refreshing to hear a parent with such a positive outlook on the diagnosis and to see all of the TLC you put into his daily life!

  26. Memphis sounds like a really nice kid. Don't let that diagnosis get to you. There are lots of happy successful people that have autism.


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