Monday, July 9, 2012

Links To Love

Have a minute?
Looking for some new blogs to read, people to get to know... 
I've compiled a fantastic list of links that I think you'll LOVE!
Grab a cup of coffee, tea, beer... whatever, sit back, relax and enjoy!

this cutie is my adorable niece, Piper... she's going to be a big sister any day now!! 

Would you wear a pineapple print dress?
Take a peek into this blogger's Hawaiian Honeymoon!!
Would you be nervous to call yourself a writer? What is your passion?

So jealous of this blogger's new toy cameras!
If I could sew, I'd definitely try out this ruffled shirt tutorial! Totes adorable!
A fellow Canuck's Canada Day fashion... a very chic Canadian!
This blogger celebrates her first wedding anniversary, let's show 'em a little love!
Ever wonder what you could do in Vienna!?
Never too early to start your back to school shopping

Leopard-print shorts!? Yes, please!
An update on one woman's journey through surrogacy!
Have you tried sourdough? This blogger shares her recipe & success!!
This blogger's been slacking... but it's okay!
Discover beautiful new handmade jewelry by this talented & lovely blogger!

be sure to check out this post about ME facing one of my biggest fears!

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  1. Woohoo, thank you for including my link miss Lena! I've already had someone stop by to say hey! :)

  2. Thanks for including me in your post! Hope you had a lovely Canada day and are having some of the same lovely summer weather we are in Atlantic Canada !

  3. I absolutely LOVE it! How neat!!!!! :) :) :)

  4. Lots of awesome links to check out!!! And thanks so much for the anniversary shout out!!!


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