Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just Joanna

Have I told you lately how much I love my sponsors?
I am blessed to have such wonderful blogs & shops gracing my sidebar this month...
{insert happy dance here!}

I'm especially excited to introduce you to one of my most favorite blogger people...

Ah, Joanna.

She is one of the sassiest, quirkiest, more talented women I've met so far. 
Not only is she a mother, actor, TV Host and photographer... but she does it all in her own incredibly fashionable way. 

She's such a cool chick, it's almost sickening.
She knows how to use a sword! M'kay?
And she's Canadian... like me.  And we rock.

When people ask me who my favorite blogger is, Joanna is right at the top of my list, without a doubt.
She is my favorite fashion blogger because her style is classic & fun AND realistic... and she recently posted an awesome vlog all about ''posing.''  Check THAT out here!

I'm also a little in love with her photography skills... she was even so kind as to stop by Lena B Photography with a fantastic Photoshop Tutorial!  I'm not even sure she realizes how much I appreciate her support & friendship!

I did mention she's an actor, too, right?
She's starring in the web series, Posthuman, which is set to premiere on SFNTV this coming Friday, July 13th!  Will you be watching?  I know I will!

Be sure to check out her blog!
And follow along on Twitter... she's witty too!  

Be sure to check that out... 

And she's also giving away, to one of my readers, a medium ad space on her blog ($30 value) AND a union jack notebook & matching pencil... how freakin' fantastic, right!?
I told you... the girl is all sorts of awesome!

The giveaway will end Friday at midnight!
Good luck!

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  1. I'm a performer too, but on the stage, not on film!

  2. I can sew a mean apron. Oh and I can survive on very little sleep. This is just prep for future babies.

  3. Designs. I think. Oh and photography!! :)

  4. I'm a good designer and have a good eye for color (which helps in my job, undoubtably).

  5. Uhhh...... I make cute babies! :D

    Ha, no but really... I'm not sure?!

  6. photography!


  7. scrapbooking :) Thanks for the lovely giveaway shes awesome!

  8. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

  9. I'm pretty sure photography would be my calling. ^_^ Miss you friend!

  10. I'm good at listening. I guess it's from growing up with a super talkative family!

  11. My special talent... hm.. I don't really have many talents. I'm creative and artistic..
    I've tried a lot of hobbies in my lifetime and all the creative ones seemed to be the most appealing: photography, painting, sewing, etc.

  12. Special talent---I can read while I run on the treadmill (crazy, yes!)

  13. Hmm... special talent. I dance Hula. I'm pretty good at making babies even with a span of many years of dealing with infertility between my 2 sets of kids. Does that count? lol.

  14. The ability to juggle three kids, homeschool my tween, run a successful painting business, and battle a chronic painful auto-immune disease. Maybe not a talent to most, but a daily accomplishment for me :) Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  15. I'm really good at singing and moving my tush!:)

  16. Ummm right now I good at breastfeeding. sometimes i feel like thats all i do. haha

  17. planning ;) not necessarily in regards to blogging though!


  18. I'm a pretty decent cook and not a bad actress (though I can't sing, so no musicals for me, boo).

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