Sunday, July 1, 2012

I ♥ Canada

Even though I don't watch, play or enjoy hockey OR listen to Nickelback, I've always been very proud to be a Canadian!
Today is our nation's day to celebrate and I thought I would share a few reasons why I love Canada!

Ryan Gosling & Ryan Reynolds {duh!}

A variety of seasons
Kids In The Hall
The Tragically Hip & The Barenaked Ladies
Margaret Atwood
Nice, clean cities
Friendly people
Justin Bieber
Tim Hortons

Of course, there are a MILLION of other reasons why I am a proud Canadian...
but these were the first few to pop into my head!
Did you know our milk comes in bags?  Apparently this isn't as common as I thought it was...

I found this video on YouTube that I though was pretty funny!
I totally do say "pop" instead of "soda"...

I hope all my fellow Canucks have a wonderful day!
Stay safe, eh?

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    I think you should come over to my blog today... just sayin' :)

  2. Happy Canada day! We are off to celebrate!

  3. oh yes, the ryans are a good reson to like canada!

  4. I miss Canada! I haven't lived there since '98, but I spent 25+ years there. I love all the things on your list. And it totally freaked my husband out when he discovered bagged milk! Enjoy your day and then go have something from Tim's and from Harvey's for me, ok?!

  5. As a fellow Canadian I can relate to all of the things on your list and the video too! My boyfriend still finds it funny that we have our milk in bags and make Timmy's runs daily!!!

  6. These are great reasons to love Canada ;)

  7. My hubby is Canadian therefore I kinda like Canadians ;)

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